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  4. OTA

    Slides for MoviePoster

    I pop in at least a couple times a week and try to help where I can, but most of the questions are more technical than I'm comfortable answering.
  5. rmilyard

    Slides for MoviePoster

    I am still around but haven't heard anything about this.
  6. dyhometheaterguy

    still alive?

    Is this project still alive? I have not noticed much updates or anything lately and we are mid-way though 2018
  7. mccorkled

    Slides for MoviePoster

    Everyone seems to have disappeared in the last few weeks.
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  9. mccorkled

    Where Do "Now Playing" Files Go?

    That does not answer my question at all. Thanks for the reply though.
  10. OTA

    Where Do "Now Playing" Files Go?

    You can just make a directory and put them in there and point the a video module in the sequence to that directory.
  11. I am curious where you guys place your "now playing" files? I have a handful and they do not seem appropriate to place in the "Trailer intro" folder. In what sequence would you even add the now playing files? Before the movie? That seems wrong. The same question goes for "preshow entertainment" files. Thanks.
  12. marlon1925

    Philips Hue Help

    I replaced some first gen bulbs with the new ones. I noticed that the new ones are a lot brighter. Is there a way I could match the colors? Where do I get the color codes so I can set in the action files? Please help!
  13. We have been relatively quiet for a while and several months have past since the first pre-release Alpha build. Today we present you the second official Alpha build in this pre-release trilogy. It is a continuation of the first one which was released beginning of March and contains our continous battle against the dark side that consist of bugs and usability problems. View the full article...
  14. I thank all of the developers for their effort and I was able to replicate my setup from Cinema Experience (Gotham) to Cinemavision. I was able to control Philips Hues individually with the API. I really love this addon and this is the only add on worth paying for IMO. So I stumbled on this site 3 days ago and joined as a lifetime member to further develop my home movie/automation integrtation. I only have one wish which I already open a ticket for it. As I love watching traiers before the movie I can no longer do this without hitting C or I and select PLAY or Cinema (I also modified the PLAY to call Cinemavision on same window) But, the issue with this is that I have an Ipad mounted on the wall next to the door to my home theater with a Kodi remote app and I like to have anyone who uses it to be able to watch trailers too but they are not tech savvy to know where the CV menu is. I am hopeful that this is a very easy task if someone can guide me what to look for. Thanks
  15. Hi, i was was looking at one of the guides and it talks about installing the Cinemavision service addon from the KODI repository, but it is not there? Running Krypton. thx
  16. Hello, I love the previous Cinema Experience because there is an option to always play with Cinema Experience when everyone hit play. Now I am looking for this option and I can't find it anywhere. Is there a skin or option/script that I can edit so the play always calls for cinema vision? Thanks
  17. retret

    Trailer / Feature not working

    Nevermind, after spending 4 hours I have to set the source to "Directory" and CV scraper... Please delete this post
  18. I have Cinema Experiemce before and since it no longer works I am using cinemavision. Here is my issue, everything installed fine, I setup local trailers and it is good when I test using "C" but when I play the movie it will go right to feature. I tested apple trailers and it works fine. So why would a local trailers I have worked fine but not when I launch from content? Any ideas? Thanks much. Please Help.
  19. Moebius01

    New Atmos Bumper

    No, though Audiosphere is similar to Nature's Fury. I was able to find a version of it after dyhometheaterguy got the name. https://thedigitaltheater.com/index.php/dolby-trailers/ (mods, not sure what the rules are about links around here, remove if inappropriate) Even with only 4 Atmos channels, it still has some of the best separation I've heard in my theater. Granted, nothing will replace the original THX chord for pure awesomeness, but this has become my new second favorite.
  20. OTA

    New Atmos Bumper

    Are you talking about the Audiosphere bumper? I do like the first minute of the one dyhometheaterguy posted, but after that it almost looks like a mashup of other stuff. I recognize some parts of animated short "Escape" they made near the end.
  21. Moebius01

    New Atmos Bumper

    That would be the one. Or at least very similar. The part with the sphere and the sounds going around it (the object part I was referring to) was definitely in it. The two things I remember is that the sphere section was the absolute best demonstration of Atmos sound localization I've heard to date, and the Atmos bass note at the end seemed more powerful than on any other (made with the serious rumbley).
  22. DavetheMinion

    Star Wars: 1980 - The Empire Stakes Back (SD)

    Is there an issue preventing these slides from being downloaded?
  23. dyhometheaterguy

    New Atmos Bumper

    I believe he is talking about this video
  24. DavetheMinion

    A few questions to get CV working better.

    2 and 4 I have answered by myself. I now have a few more questions, specifically about conditional sequences. First, it would be great is one of the conditions was based in full or in part of the file name. So if I want a sequence for only Star Wars movies I don't have to add tags to each of them because they are all already named, in part, Star Wars. Second, it would be nice to be able to select trivia slides from a specific folder. Like above if I want to make a Star Wars conditional sequence I only want Star Wars trivia slides. Third, like trivia slides it would be cool to be able to select from library trailers by certain tags, file/folder name etc. I have a conditional sequence for Best Picture Oscar winners and seeing trailers for other BP winners would make it perfect. Is Ragnarok still out there???
  25. DavetheMinion

    Refresh Rate hold

    Older thread bump. I have this working well for 2D sequences but for 3D the projector wants to refresh for every video. Is there a solution for 3D? Also, when the projector refreshes for the feature in 2D and the handshake between projo and HTPC through the receiver happens the KODI OSD shows up and is annoying for 5-10 seconds. Can this be resolved somehow?
  26. DavetheMinion

    Mother and daughter modules

    Is it possible to make a mother module with several daughter modules nested within? Example, for my pre-show I would like to run some trivia slides, then a funny commercial, then back to some more trivia, then another commercial, and so on for a 30 minute pre-show time. I'd like to be able to skip these nested modules with the up arrow but if/when I decide it's actual showtime I'd like to skip the entire mother module with the Page Up button. Is this currently possible and if not can it be worked into a future version? Maybe make a module that will run another module?
  27. DavetheMinion

    Red inactive status on sequence page

    Still can't get any CV sequence to work because I can't change the inactive status. The add-on is now broken for me and that's very disappointing.
  28. Since the March update the CinemaVision add-on was behaving relatively well, however with the OSMC April update released a few days ago for the Vero 4K, the movie trailers often play with a black screen only, though the audio is playing fine. I noticed that if I touch anything on the remote that activates the GUI (for example, the progress bar, player process information, player debug, etc) that the video will immediately appear. For a bit of context in terms of what I have CinemaVision doing, here is how I have my sequences set up. In the sequence: A json command is first sent to the Vero 4K to set ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE to OFF. (This is to eliminate the time it takes for my projector to sync up between each trailer/video bumper. All trailers are downloaded from hd-trailers.net). Next, trivia slides are shown with a movie soundtrack (mp3) playing in the background. When it's time for trailers I’ll select Next on the remote to continue the sequence, which then reduces the lighting and begins playback of the queue of movie trailers (the ones I download are always 1080p @ 23.976 fps, AAC stereo). The refresh rate of my projector will stay at 59.94, as it should. At this point the screen will go black, as it should, just before playing the first movie trailer but will instead stay black while the trailer plays. (Sometimes the first trailer will play fine, but then when the screen goes black after the first trailer ends it will stay black until I manually engage the GUI to “awaken” it). I noticed that unless I bring up something manually on the screen it will tend to stay a black/blank screen while playing the remaining trailers and video bumpers in the file list, however when it gets to the json command (immediately before the main feature) to switch the ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE setting to ON START / STOP that the main feature will usually play fine once the projector syncs up. Not sure if a log would help since the sequence in actually running from beginning to end, only I can't see the trailers and bumpers, but here is the OSMC/KODI log: https://paste.osmc.tv/obojosujas Any idea what could be happening? Is there a way to have CinemaVision tell the screen to “wake up” or "silently" activate the GUI before each video in a list/queue is about to be played?
  29. DavetheMinion

    Which light system too choose?

    I second using Z-Wave. Once you get the controller (the Micasa Vera is a great choice) you can add modules for all sorts of things. Just replace existing light switches or plugs and you can control everything through the app and then program CV. Check out the Clanhold Cinema video on YouTube for a quick demo. The house has been outfitted with mostly Z-wave everywhere now.
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