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  3. Zidoo x9s player problem with CV

    Absolutely. If the player you're using is Kodi's VideoPlayer it will work just fine. Zidoo will have to modify the ZidooPlayer to use the same calls that we use for Kodi's VideoPlayer in the same way that DSPlayer modified their player to work. I'm not sure what's required, but it'd be worth reaching out to Zidoo to see what they can do to help you.
  4. I don't have a Vero 4K, but our developer might have some insight into what's stopping if you upload some logs for us to review. Here's a guide:
  5. We're experimenting with using GIFs as dummy files instead of full-on video files, and it looks promising. If we get that working, it should eliminate the need for anything to be re-encoded, which will hopefully work for you guys. Would anyone be willing to test that once we get it working?
  6. Videos hang and sometimes play with no sound.

    Thanks for the heads-up! I'll add this to the Leia list.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll add this to the Leia list.
  8. CinemaVision doesn't seem to kick in

    Hey @CraftyClown! Glad you got it going, sorry for the late reply. Currently, no. We do have plans to integrate that functionality into the CinemaVision Service Add-on but it hasn't been built yet. Putting it in the Service Add-on was a compromise we came to with the Kodi team in order to get the other CinemaVision Add-ons in the official repository. It should be coming soon, our developer is working on the Service Add-on, and some improvements to the main add-on. That's a limitation of the skin, but it is on our list. The Kodi team was kind enough to include a Cinema Mode button in the Movie Information screen for us, I don't think adding this functionality is a big ask. I'm hoping we can get it added to Estuary, but beyond that it'll be up to the other skinners to add support for the functionality as well. That's possible, but we need a debug log from you to be able to tell what's going on here. Can I get you to upload one for us to review? Please follow this guide to upload your debug log for us to review:
  9. Hi. I purchased a Vero 4K a few months ago and promptly installed CinemaVision and set up a number of sequences. For some reason, however, running a CV sequence is often hit and miss. At some point during the trailers or bumpers it'll occasionally end abruptly, resulting in the OSMC "sad face" indicating that something went wrong. A few times I could hear the audio from a trailer or bumper but the screen was black. Other times it's fine from start to finish. Does anyone else use a Vero 4K by chance who can offer some insight as to what could be happening?
  10. Kodi http requests @action files

    Dear all, does anyone know the http request commands which i have to add to an Action file in order to let kodi pause video Playback and resume it some seconds later? What i want to do is to switch off the philips hue lights slowly. After this is done, the Video starts. At the Moment the Video starts while the lights are going off slowly... http://api/internal-ip/sername/groups/7/action PUT:{"on":false,"transitiontime":90} kodi: pause sleep://8500 kodi: play Does this work? Best, Helge
  11. Last week
  12. Hey Justifier, Just wanted to thank you for your work troubleshooting the issue of Cinemavision/DSPlayer compatibility. Coming across your posts did indeed save me a huge amount of time getting things working. I'm not sure if you still visit these boards but I have a question for you if that's cool? I've configured things pretty close to the way you did, in as much as I use filter merits to handle all streaming material (apple trailers) as well as mpegs, movs and MP4s and I also re-encoded the three Cinemavision dummy files, however I only changed their frame rate to 23.976 and left their resolutions as is as to the best of my knowledge that shouldn't affect refresh rate. I was wondering if you are using any bumpers or files other than trailers? Despite my trailers now playing cleanly, my audio bumpers and film classifications are erratic at best and sometimes cause the feature to not play at all
  13. CinemaVision doesn't seem to kick in

    Hi, if you look at the information screen for the movie, you will see a CinemaVision option. Click that to use it. It does not intercept normal playback.
  14. Hi there, I've downloaded your fantastic looking addon and set it up following the guides on here, however when I play a movie the movie plays without any trailers or bumpers etc. I created a new sequence which is marked as active and that sequence should play 3 trailers, an audio bumper and then the feature. I have all the audio bumpers downloaded and in their correct folders and I have the addon set to that folder. Any idea how I can troubleshoot this? Cheers EDIT: Ok, so I have it working now. I didn't realise I had to trigger it from the context menu. This does pose some further questions however; 1. Is there no way to set it up so it auto triggers with any movie I select? 2. CinemaVision doesn't seem to appear in the context menu for any movies in my widgets, only the main movie library. Is this a limitation of CinemaVision? 3. Functionality seems to be erratic. One movie I played the DTS bumper never played and then the next movie I played the Dolby digital bumper played but the movie did not. have I set something up incorrectly? Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  15. Philips Hue Set Up

    Hi all, one question with regards to Philips Hue and the provided Action Files: Can i manage more than one Group in an Action file? I know that "0" stands for all Groups, but in my configuration there is one Group which I do not want to apply changes to as this Group contains Osram plugs....
  16. How do I set the default sequence?

    Thank you so much! That did the trick.
  17. Audio Bumper Condition Script

    If you're on a Windows box I'll do you one better. In Kodi, open Settings, Audio. In the Audio Decoder section set Audio output device to WASAPI: <AVR_Name>, scroll down to the Audio Passthrough section and Enable Allow passthrough along with all of the audio codecs that your AVR can push. If you enable TrueHD and your AVR can decode Atmos, it should change everything on the AVR automatically.
  18. Nice catch! We'll start officially developing for Leia once it hits beta. I'll add this to the list!
  19. Sequence editor blocked

    Hey there! We need a little more information from you. Please follow this guide to upload your debug log for us to review:
  20. How do I set the default sequence?

    Hey there! It's a little different now that we have Conditional Sequences. To set the default Sequence only for any content, unless there's a conditional match that fits better: Open the Sequence Editor. Press C on your keyboard. Select Sequence Settings. Set Active to Yes. To set the default Sequence only for 2D content, unless there's a conditional match that fits better: Open the Sequence Editor. Press C on your keyboard. Select Sequence Settings. Set Active to Yes. Set Type to 2D. To set the default Sequence only for 3D content, unless there's a conditional match that fits better: Open the Sequence Editor. Press C on your keyboard. Select Sequence Settings. Set Active to Yes. Set Type to 3D. When I say conditional match that fits better, I mean if you've created other Sequences and set conditions like Genre, Actor, Studio, etc. In that case, if you were to have a conditional sequence that looked like this: Active: Yes Type: 2D Studio(s): Marvel And you also had the 2D default above, when you watch Alien in 2D it will use the default sequence. When you watch Iron Man in 2D it will bypass the default sequence and use the Marvel sequence because it matches both Type and Studio.
  21. Suggestion for community chat.

    Not a bad idea at all. We were hoping the chat would fill that gap but not too many folks use it. Admittedly, I've been pretty absent from it lately as well. We have YouTube and Vimeo channels (that I need to freshen up and upload new content to). Anything you all would like to see happen with them?
  22. Slides for MoviePoster

    Haven't heard if started to work on these. I would like to add to poster PC.
  23. Hi everyone, I'm able to create new sequences with audio bumpers, multiple trailers, etc., everything that I want in them. But I can't figure out how to get any of them to automatically play when I start a movie. I've tried deleting everything, and using the | Default 2D | as a base, but when I make edits to that it forces me to save it as something else. It puts up something like script.cinemavision.default2d as the file name, but when I go to play a movie, it only plays the included | Default 2d | sequence. How can I set one of my custom sequences as the default that plays before a movie? Thanks!
  24. Hello, I'm runnning a Kodi from Debian 17.1 form Debian 9.3 official repository. When i set a content path on Cinema Vision the sequence editor is blocked and i can do anything. Everything works fine, my already created sequences plays correctly, but i can't edit or create new ones. If the content path is null the sequence editor works, but i can't save anything since is in demo mode. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi, I tried using the chat feature of the website and it appears quite dead, no offense. I know there must be a lot of people with knowledge of your add on who would love to share info with others or ask questions of others who use the add-on as well. You might want to think of setting up a discord channel so that people have a place to hop on and chat and talk about Cinemavision and the kinds of things people want to do with it etc. Also do you have any plans to create a Youtube channel?, I know some of the content such as demos of the themes and MPAA ratings etc are on there. Just a thought. Thanks. TimT
  26. Hello, Is there any way to get Kodi not to popup the video in the sequence that is playing when it starts. I would love to have it play with no indication that its switching to another file at all other than the fact that whatever plays next starts on screen. Keep up the great work, your plug in is a very worth successor to CXP and I look forward to using it for a long time. TimT UPDATE!!! Fixed: This was due to using Leia rather than Krypton. After installing krypton the problem has ceased.
  27. Hi, I had modified my default sequence to play three trailers. But every time I played a movie using the add on it only played one trailer. It wasn't till I modified the defaults that I was able to get it to play three trailers by setting the count in the trailers section. Thanks TimT UPDATE!!! Fixed: This was due to using Leia rather than Krypton. After installing krypton the problem has ceased.
  28. Hi there, I have issues when playing sequences where the various videos that play as part of a sequence seem to hang and stop or they play and sometimes have no sound. There seems to be no pattern as to which files do this. I basically have to fast forward or rewind to get the file to play or play the audio correctly. Any ideas? Running Leia on an Nvidia Shield. Thanks TimT UPDATE!!! Fixed: This was due to using Leia rather than Krypton. After installing krypton the problem has ceased.
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