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  2. I have already posted the same problem here: https://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/1406-dolby-atmos-and-dts-x-flags-in-kodi/ My impression is that nobody of the CV Authors seems to know, were the Audio Bumper information is supposed to come from to have an effect in CV: - The Kodi Audio Flag - The Filename - The media Information of the video file ....
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  6. anybody got a 4k version I could download?
  7. hello, happy owners of сinemavision. i really like this addon. i must say right away that everything works fine, except for 2 points: 1. i select the movie-context menu-cinemavision and the sequence is played in full, except for the bumper MPAA and the movie immediately turns on. although in test mode the MPAA bumper is reproduced. 2. in my template (embuary matrix) osd is displayed every time a new video starts. i'm reaching out to the community for help! guys, all hope is on you. please help me figure out the display of the rating and find the parameter in the xml, which is responsible for displaying the osd at the beginning of the file playback. p.s. btw... made screensavers in this style (hdr and sdr). if you like it, i can post the rest... theater intro, courtesy
    slow download speed, forced login etc, i grabbed them all but these areseriously not worth the effort as they are the same as the ones freely available on youtube. Data harvest for freely availabe files.
  8. Hi all, Is this still in active development or is 1.5 the final version? Also does it work correctly assuming all of my content is locally stored with the newest kodi build for windows?
  9. I have exactly the same problem. Can't figure out how to improve it, and I'm also getting some youtube errors popping up when it fails.
  10. Interesting how this being brought up because I was using Plex the other day and wondering how cinemavision could used in it. Any work to get this in plex would be great because that would be yet another platform for us to use.
  11. What about an Out-of-server option? Like Rollarr or Plex-Automatic-Playroll? So it seems that this isn't going anywhere, & it seems the reason is waiting for official Plex integration. But I can almost guarantee that that'll not happen. But there are other apps that do this... kinda... But lack the kind of customizations I would want personally. https://github.com/TheHumanRobot/Rollarr https://www.reddit.com/r/PleX/comments/rkvn4w/coming_soon_automated_plex_pre_rolls_v2_with_gui/ I've seen others but they were pretty much the same. The Problem is that they don't give the ability to mix. Like I'd want a random short followed by a random Plex Logo Intro, or a Trailer or 2 followed by a short followed by an Plex Logo intro video. The ones I've tried all sit outside of the Plex Server & run as a scheduled task to update the PreRoll randomizer list every month or on holidays or at different times of the day. Could this not be done for CinemaVision? I heard about you from someone who heard my saying why I didn't like the one I just tried & he said I should check out CinemaVision. It looks perfect... aside from the small probably of not supporting Plex... Just a thought
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  13. Go into your calibrate screen in your system menu.. Zero out your overscan composition on your Top left and Bottom Right 0,0 Pixel ratio 1.0... Make your Trivia slides what ever resolution is on Calibration Screen Also if you have photo shop you can make a batch process to convert all you image files by itself instead of one at a time ... but if your Red Carpet Club on here I believe all the photos are already 1920 by 1080 in that section
  14. natasha


  15. Another update. I think I figured out where the problem is. I'm almost certain the issue is with itunes trailers. If I use the other scrapers it works fine, albeit with atrocious quality. It must be 360p max (even though I set it to 1080p). With itunes only selected most of the time trailers fail to play, if I try enough times (and I have to restart Kodi each time) trailers will play using itunes but it's just the same 4 or 5 trailers problem I mentioned in the original post. So I'm assuming that's on your end? Some kind of access issue? If anyone could investigate would be much appreciated.
  16. Welp I did a complete reinstall of CV and now it won't even play trailers at all. It just says one or more items failed to play, check the log. I go to check the log and that gives me an error too. I guess it's RIP cinemavision. Right after I shelled out money to buy the Philips Hue kit so I could use it with cinemavision.😢
  17. Yeah I know how to change resolutions within Kodi. So what you are saying is, that I have to change both display and picture at the same resolution? What if I play 4k media?
  18. I have those settings turned off. I only have itunes trailers selected because the quality of youtube and tmdb trailers is unwatchable even at 1080p. That shouldn't be the issue though because i've always used just itunes for trailers. I think reinstalling CV will help but I keep forgetting. I watched a movie last night and sure enough for the 100th time it played trailers for Morbius, The Matrix Resurrections and that damn Gru movie 😁
  19. turn down the resolution for your trailers to test see if its taking to long to pull the 1080 and timing out ...
  20. CinemaVision crashes when trailers are loaded, it's hit and miss but mostly from iTunes (also if I only use iTunes, I get the same trailers over and over) and then it also crashes when it tries to launch the main feature. I am using PLEX via plexkodiconnect to run the main feature. Again it's hit or miss if it works. I've noticed CV doesn't ever crash when playing locally stored files though (pre-rolls and bumpers locally on my server) Not sure what I can do to troubleshoot it. Running CoreElec (Kodi) 19.4.0 and CinemaVision 1.5.0
  21. You have to make your resolution the same size most common 1920 by 1080 and You also need to adjust your kodi screen size to 1920 by 1080 also ..Do you know how to do that ?
  22. Greetings everyone. I am a big fan of Cinemavision. I use it quite often in my cinema. I just got one trivia related question though. I am looking to insert some of my own images into the trivia folder. Let's says they are ads for some brands. The only issue I got is. When one add follows up the other. And if the first add isn't full width I see the second image underneath. Is there a way to avoid this. So that Cinemavision loads one image at a time. Hopefully somebody has the answer to my issue
  23. you have max rating and match genera selected ? what scrapers are you using? all of them?
  24. That's the weird thing. When I ran a test sequence it played different trailers. I have had it set to mark trailers as watched after since the beginning and this feature has never worked. Even months ago before this issue when it played a variety of trailers I would still run into the same trailers occasionally. Anyway I guess I will try deleting and re-crating the sequence and if all else fails I'll reinstall CV.
  25. sounds like the trailers are not being marked watched .. ive never had this problem , are you fast forwarding threw the trailers? have you tried loading a test sequence telling it to play 10 or 20 trailers see what it does if it still repeats the same movies?
  26. are you streaming the audio ? like a pls file ? or is a track you on your kodi Mp3 or something ?
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