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  3. No worries at this point. I thought I had read from the 1.1.0 news post that it was running on 18 now, but I see I misread that a bit. Handy thing about doing it on an Odroid, I've got 1 sd card with my main stable Krypton 17 build, and 1 card with the newer Leia build. The only downside about switching between them is that it's a pain to get the Harmony Hub to repair the bluetooth.
  4. Philips hue

    Much appreciated! If it's a bug, we certainly want to squash it. If you were having trouble with audio, I'd recommend going to Settings > System Settings > Audio and changing the decoder until everything passes through correctly. When I hook my Kodi box up to my AVR, I have to set everything to WASAPI to my AVR in order for everything to come through correctly. DIRECTSOUND isn't reliable for me. Maybe that's the issue you had.
  5. Hey @Moebius01! I've forwarded this over to our developer. We're not officially developing for Leia until it reaches Beta, so it may be a bit before this is fixed. I'd strongly recommend you install the latest stable version of Kodi if you want to use CinemaVision until we start developing for the next beta release.
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  7. I've been playing around with getting Leia up and running on my ODroid device, but despite updating the CinemaVision addon to 1.1.0, it still seems to have the "Demo Mode" tag stuck on it, even after pointing to the content directory. I'm able to open, edit, and even test sequences, but the context menu doesn't allow to play one with a movie. The context menu launcher comes up, and the movie appears in the list, but the Play button and the area to select which sequence are both grayed out. Only Cancel is active. Is this still a known issue, or is there something I need to look at? I did capture a log at https://pastebin.com/wyK7d3Mr but I'm not seeing much in there to go on.
  8. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Good deal! Glad you got it worked out.
  9. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Hi Many thanks, it was a mistake. I had the wrong Speaker Setup. I also changed my AVR and I had the wrong Speaker Setup. Now its showing Atmos on the Display. BR Massimo
  10. Philips hue

    Thanks for the reply. Sadly i don´t have any logs anymore. My audio was having issues with Kodi. so i removed Kodi. with these issues i also saw something like an external script error. This might be something to do with the lights. I will try to create a clean install with a CinemaVision scene including lights and will give an update if i get the same errors again. Regards. Tim
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  12. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Hmmm, ok. My Yamaha receiver just says TrueHD/Atmos, but in the infromation screen, it lights up the channels being sent and it lights up the height channels in addition to all the normal surround channels when it is Atmos.
  13. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Hi together Many thanks. I’m not able to set up the Shield TV to playing Atmos. Neither with Kodi either with Plex. With a cheap media player from China Atmos was running. In Kodi I have put the settings in «HDMI Passtrough». In the Shield TV I don’t have any possibility to set «HDMI Passtrough» or «Bitstreaming”. I tried to set "Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Fixed Volume" but it doesn't help. With "fixed Volume" or without the AVR is allways displaying "Dolby True HD" insteas of "Atmos". I also tried to set up the Shield in the "factory Setting" and different HDMI cable. I’ have the Shield 2017 with newest update 6.3 BR Massimo
  14. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Yes, the Shield TV does support Atmos. You have to enable Passthrough/Bitstreaming on it as well as in Kodi. On the Sield TV, it is Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Fixed Volume
  15. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    I don't have a Shield but a quick online search indicates that it should. Which Shield are you using and what is the firmware revision?
  16. Which light system too choose?

    HUE is probably the easiest as far as setting up and using goes, but it's also among the more expensive options. You can get by with much cheaper options if you're at least a bit tech savvy and are willing to spend a little time poking around guides and such. For my theater, I have 10 standard MR16 fixtures with dimmable LED bulbs and a GE ZWave wall switch, plus 65' of programmable LED strips connected to a Fibaro ZWave controller. Both of those are paired to a Samsung SmartThings (which is also paired to an Echo and my Harmony remote). I had to dig a bit on the ST forums to learn how to use WebCoRE, but then it was a matter of creating a few pistons for the light modes and using the URL calls from CinemaVision to trigger them. At sequence start, the lights and LED strips are set at a specific level (and color in the case of the strips) for the Trivia. After Trivia, lights dim to the next level for theater intro and trailers, then all lights off for sound intro and the movie(s). Also have it set to bring the main lights up to 10% on pause and turn them back off on resume. Lights come back up at end of movie (and still hoping CinemaVision can introduce a way to identify credits roll so a trigger could be done then). I could have done a bit easier with Hue, but it would have cost around $1300 or more (10 MR16s plus 65' LED strip plus controller). I achieved the exact same thing for about $300 including the SmartThings controller.
  17. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Hi Matt Many thanks. I've bought a shield. Doesn't support it Dolby Atmos? my AVR is showing DD BR Massimo
  18. Philips hue

    Hey! Sorry for the delay. I've sent your error over to our developer to see what he thinks. Could we also get a debug log from you?
  19. Thanks for the kind words! We're actively working on the 2.0 release which includes a total face-lift with some new interface customization options, and a ton of new of new features and optimizations. You're the first person to come to us with this use case, but it's certainly possible. While you won't be able to do what you want with the current Features Module (it doesn't allow you to specify your feature because we expected to play items from your queue to make your Sequence dynamic), you can use the Video Bumpers module to play your two movies back-to-back and then fill out the rest of your Sequence accordingly. Your other option is to use the Conditional Sequences feature to tag the main Feature, and use that tag to trigger a custom Sequence with the associated short film content and any other content you want to use all built in. You can do that with the Video Bumpers module. What you'll want to do is put the related intermission videos in their own directory, edit the settings of your Video Bumpers module, set Type to Directory, set Random to No, and set Count to the number of videos you want to play back-to-back. We don't have full support for playlists built in, though that is coming. CinemaVision can control anything that has an API that you can trigger. OpenHAB is a good example of that integration, and we have a guide for how to integrate CV and OpenHAB all ready for you. Actions are pretty easy to use, and can control things using scripts, web APIs, executables and a host of other ways. I've not seen anyone using Alexa or Google Home with CinemaVision, though I would imagine it's possible. My suggestion is to look for API documentation for the solution you're buying, and post it here for us to take a look at. We should be able to tell you if it will or won't work.
  20. Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    I tried a lot of other options and in my setup they all seemed to have issues in some area. The shield has been rock solid for me since the day I installed it. I highly recommend it.
  21. Kodi Animated Logo

    Version 1.0.0


    Picked this up a while ago, not my creation but have been using this an an intro on my Kodi system.
  22. Hi i'm running Cinemavision on a Cheap player from China (Mecool M8s Pro+). The Kodi app crashes often during playing a CinemaVision Intro. Do you think it depend on the Mecool player? would you sugest an other player e.g. Nvidia shield? Many thanks BR Massimo
  23. Philips hue

    Would be nice to receive a reply by now.
  24. As many of you may have noticed, Google has decided to remove autocomplete support for the word Kodi. While the team finds this move disappointing, we've determined a real solution for the problem. While Kodi no longer autocompletes, XBMC still does! As such, starting today, we are officially changing our name back to XBMC. But we're not stopping there. We've had a good long run being a multi-platform system, but at the end of the day covering six or more platforms has become far too much of a stress. Android support alone taxes our resources in a way no volunteer development team can ever reasonably be expected to handle. And all the other platforms just makes this worse. So, in an executive decision that we believe the entire community will support, we at Team XBMC have decided to fully embrace our roots. Starting today, we would like to announce that we are exclusively supporting only the Xbox One. We will be disabling support for all other platforms in the forum starting immediately and will begin shifting our website to reflect this change in the very near future. The work to make Kodi for Xbox a premier platform has finally paid off! Making this decision was not easy. For example, there was a lot of debate about whether to fully embrace the name XBMC, or to change to XBOMC (Xbox One Media Center), but at the end of the day, we thought tradition should win out. Also, the current numbering scheme was developed for multiplatform support, so we decided that our upcoming release should be renamed AND RENUMBERED from Kodi 18.0 to XBMC 3.0.0. It just makes sense! We will be reskinning XBMC 3.0.0 to something a bit more appropriate ASAP. But we’re excited to say that because we are only supporting a single platform, we anticipate full release this April, or at the latest early May! In addition, we're excited to announce a limited 3 day sale for this rename featuring XBMC shirts, mugs, and stickers! Thanks for sticking with us all these years! And Android, OSX, iOS, and Linux... see ya later! View the full article...
  25. Philips hue

    I got it working. Only i get a weird error. I tried to create a new file, but the same error. I don't get that error with my previous set up cvaction files. This is the error: https://imgur.com/a/sTDi0
  26. Philips hue

    Try this. Replace "hue":10000 in what I have in my post above with something like "hue":46920. This should give you a blue color. I dont have colored bulbs so I can't check. For more ideas on colors options you can try here. https://www.developers.meethue.com/documentation/core-concepts about half way down is the info about colors Supposedly HTML color names work as well so you could try these as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_colors so something like "hue":green should work. Go ahead and test this and let us know how it works for you. If you need anything else feel free to ask
  27. Philips hue

    Hi there. i was also struggling with the tutorial on CV. Now this explanation was way better in my opinion. I got it running and i wanna thank you for the big help out there. I just got one question. Is there any way i can create a custom color for the Action files? And whats the easiest way to accomplish this?
  28. Philips Hue Set Up

    Hi there. i just brought myself i Hue starter set. I am having the same issue as u do. Sadly Huemote, seems to be only available for IOS. I am using Android. I was wondering if u got everything worked out. And maybe we can get some help with this that would be very nice. Kind Regards Tim
  29. Which light system too choose?

    Hello. As the title says. I am looking for a light system with the most options. I mostly gonna use it with CinemaVision. I mostly want the lights to be dimmed and On/Off on certain sequences. I only checked Philips Hue for now. Which looks like the way to go. Since there are guides on CinemaVision dedicated to Hue. I would like the opinion from people from CinemaVision, that all ready use something like Hue
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