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  3. JimC

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    Hi rdsp...... I had been wondering if Cinemavision not working in Kodi Leia 18.4-.5 had ever been addressed.so I went digging again on this forum. Your zipfile script worked beautifully. Cinemavision is baaaaack, thanks!
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  5. shc

    How to Configure CinemaVision

    Thanks for this guide I added my smb source in the Kodi File Manager, and I have the needed permissions (I was able to create the Folder). But how can I add this source as Content path? When I open the "Content path" Setting, I see "Home Folder", "Network File System (NFS)", "Root filesystem" and "Windows Network (SMB)". Is the added source somewhere mounted?
  6. Sorry about the delay. I've attached an example of a .nfo file for Hunger Games that has Atmos. It's the first tag in the tag list. movie.nfo
  7. I figured out why didnt work. now is good
  8. MartinsVision

    Add-on for playing cinema vision automatically

    Thanks for your help,, i was just wondering because i use the Yatse remote for kodi and was looking for away when you scroll threw the movie list on you phone (Yatse remote) that you could play CinemaVision when you selected the movie .
  9. Sure thing. I use .nfo files for all my movies. I also use it for IMAX versions of movies as I have a dedicated IMAX sequence too. Here is a link about tagging from Kodi's Wiki. I use tinyMediaManager to create my .nfo files. I'll attach an example this evening when I get home.
  10. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I'd be interested in giving the tags a go - OTA - can you provide a sample of how you tagged your ATMOS files?
  11. leejk

    Tiny Home Huge Setup

    Looks nice. Is that Artic Zephyr?
  12. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    KODI 18 does correctly detect the sound format; so CV doesn’t use KODI’s information? I guess I’ll have try tags then. thx
  13. Kore v2.5.0 Released! Team Kodi are proud to announce the release of the latest version of our Kore Android remote application. Team members and other contributors have added several great new features which we think users will love. The changes for this new version includes: Improved PVR section: new search option, sort recordings and hide watched items. Add support for sharing local files to Kodi, by using the side menu "Local Files", or by choosing Kore as the share target for a file. Allow changing Kore's language in Settings. Add new sort option for albums, movies and tv shows (by year). New color themes (Sunrise and Sunset) and tweaks to the others. Show all the available playlists (in the playlist screen), even when nothing's playing. New translations (Korean, Slovak) Bug fixes and UI tweaks. The full changelog can be found here. Kore is available as a free download from the Google Play Store, and also from F-Droid. Tags: Kore Android View the full article...
  14. Good to know! I wasn't aware that was one of the new features of Kodi 18, but I'll admit I don't read the release notes too often.
  15. iamforksu

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Thanks for the assistance and info. Great that development on this is ongoing again!
  16. In your first post you specify this directory /home/user/Cinevision but CV is looking for /home/osmc/CinemaVision CV is finding your trivia but everything else isn't coming up, did you put content inside the folder before or after CV created all subfolders inside the main one? Check the contents of home/osmc/CinemaVision. If everything is correct try resetting content database under Settings - Advanced
  17. jrubenol

    Not Detecting Content Path Being Set

  18. Make sure Debug is turned on in CV settings. Run CV and set content path, then upload your log in CV Settings - Advanced.
  19. jrubenol

    Not Detecting Content Path Being Set

    Yes and yes. Permissions are just home directory - Kodi can write to .kodi fine, so shouldn't have an issue write/read throughout home directory.
  20. After some testing I can confirm that the Content Scraper is not working as it should. TMDB fetches trailers from Youtube so having it on is what caused Kodi to try to play YT videos. For now the workaround is having the direct folder path as source either on CV settings or in the trailer module for each sequence. I'll try to look into this to see whats going on. Thanks for the detailed info!
  21. iamforksu

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Thanks - I have some new details to report on trailer issues. YT issue: I am seeing the symptom now you mentioned in logs, the trailers are attempting to play from YT. I temporarily removed the YT add-in to make this more apparent during testing. I confirmed Kodi Database and Apple itunes were already disabled in Content Settings as you mentioned. I turned on/off just to be sure, and was still able to reproduce the issue consistently where it attempts to play YT trailers. I then noticed that under Trailer settings, the option 'Source: Content Filter (Scrapers)' was set to 'Content, TMDB'. This option is to me a bit confusing to me in name and I am not sure how it interacts with the Trailer Scrapers options in Content settings. Anyway, through testing I have come to realize that it is part of the issue with the YT trailers attempting to play. If I disabled the TMDB option, leaving only Content option YT trailers no longer attempt to play..... so this explains how YT was coming in to play at least. Not sure if this is functioning as intended or not. My locally stored trailers however were still not playing....... Directory option: This works 9 times out of 10 if I store all trailers directly under selected folder, not in sub folders. It seems there is an issue with recursive scanning. I am 99% sure this was previously allowed, as my trailers have always been stored in individual folders. Content option: I have never get this option to work on 1.1.1a12, even if all files are stored directly under CV\Trailers folder...... it simply skips trailers and moves on to next steps. https://pastebin.com/fjYr6eNf
  22. Check to see if youtube-dl is up to date. The addon itself doesn't have a lot of settings and the default should work.
  23. Try disabling Kodi Database and Apple Itunes Trailer Scapers in CV settings under Content. Your log shows kodi trying to play trailers from YT. Also Under Trailers experiment with setting Source to Directory and set your Trailer Folder directly under Source; Directory Trivia is not working perfectly atm You have to provide logs, on my end both Atmos and DTS-X are being detected with tags in file's names. Kodi 18 should be able to detect 3D sound formats but tags are a sure way for CV to work.
  24. rdsp

    CinemaVision Trailors

    If you're using local files you can be creative with your folders. I.e put new trailers in the trailer folder and use other folders for other trailers. Then just set up a sequence fetching videos from the different folders. I know its a workaround but CV does not support what you're asking.
  25. Open CinemaVision, choose the default 2D sequence and turn on Auto Select. As for the context menu you can Google a way to use it in a Shield. I'll leave a link below to a video explaining CV so that you can start making your own sequences and getting the best out of CV, There is also a guide page I'll link below as well. https://cinemavision.tv/guides/category/cinemavision-kodi-add-ons/
  26. Did you hit Update Content after setting the Path? Do you have read/write permissions to the folder you chose?
  27. The Service addon can be downloaded from the Download Files Section but I don't believe that feature was ever implemented. CV allows Kodi skins to start CV directly but afaik there are no skins that use this. You can however set a favorite sequence and have CV run it without opening the pop up but you do have to use the context menu to play a movie with CV.
  28. rdsp

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    They differ by a couple of lines of code.
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