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  4. Excellent! So right now, CinemaVision can only work with content scraped into your Kodi Library. In the future we do have plans to engage Plex and (hopefully) get them to integrate CinemaVision into their platform as well. Create some buzz on their site if you're interested in that kind of support! The more of you that say something, the better our case for integration will be when we're ready to present it to them.
  5. Thanks for the reply , I did , but worked out what I was doing wrong ! Was trying to play on TV box - but "feature" (movie) was on Plex media server network which it wouldn't pick up . Switched to External hard drive connected to TV box and worked like a charm. Absolutely Fantastic plugin
  6. Do you have a Feature Module in your Sequence?
  7. Have to say this part has been driving me nuts! I've managed to get intro and trailers working, but I can't get it to play the feature. I'm assuming there's something painfully obvious I'm missing here. I've queued movies which show in the cinema vision launcher on my Kodi box , but they just don't play !
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  9. You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  10. Hey, just wanted to let you know it worked. I'm all set up and running. Thanks... You are much appreciated
  11. I also found out that you can add <tag>whatever you want the tag to be</tag> in the .nfo file and Kodi will automatically add it to the tags list. This is how the other movies were already listed as being IMAX versions.
  12. You beat me to it! We didn't add file name tags because someone pointed out that Kodi supported actual tags.
  13. Okay, so I've figured out how to do this using tags. My Kodi already had an existing tag for "imax version". Kodi will allow you to add movies to tags, so all my IMAX movies I just added to that tag. In the sequence I set the condition to tag and manually typed "imax version" as there is no search option, they aren't in alphabetical order and I wasn't scrolling through hundreds of tags. You will have to manually add each of your IMAX movies to the tag, but I only have a hand full at the moment. I apparently had a couple I didn't realize were IMAX as they were already tagged in Kodi. I'll go back and watch them later to verify the aspect ratio changes during playback. If they end up being incorrect, just remove them from the tag.
  14. Great news! Do you have a rough timeframe for the release?
  15. BTW, thanks for this @Ragnarok!
  16. @BernieBl I host my own web server that is running on an Ubuntu 16.04 VM where I also run Emby, which has CIFS mounts to the Hyper-V host where I run StableBit DrivePool for my file storage. For the web site, I downloaded a free HTML5 template and modified it and added PHP code to display 10 random movies from my collection for voting. It is set up in cron to be generated each week, unless a certain variable is set to false. In order to vote, you must RSVP and it tracks how many seats are left and allows one vote per RSVP. The email addresses and votes are just stored in plain text files on the server and get deleted each time the script runs. Each movie in the list is linked to a search for the title on There is a BASH script I wrote that is what cron runs. It actually selects the movies and generates the web page. Another script runs in cron the day before the movie to determine the winner and update the page. Here is the link if you want to take a look.
  17. I haven't been able to reproduce the iTunes issue on my setup, however, I have been playing around with a makeshift alternative. I know that playlists aren't technically supported, but what I've found is if you add a video module in your sequence and link it to a CVURL that points to a YouTube playlist, it will play the first video in that playlist. It won't play anything else, but if the playlist is updated and a new video is first, it will play that video.
  18. It's next on the list! We've been working on bug fixes, but it looks like we're mostly finished with that. That's a great idea for Kodi in general! You might try chatting up the folks behind Chorus 2 to see if you can get any ideas for how to make that webpage. Scheduling the start of your Sequence is something we will be adding with the CinemaVision Service Add-on. I'll talk to our developer about adding in calls that will allow you guys to pass a schedule to the Add-on via the Kodi API and see if that's possible.
  19. We're working on a few things to resolve and work around this. New scrapers are coming.
  20. See below! @OTA is right, you'll need to create a Bash or Shell script for Linux to be able to communicate directly to your projector. A quick Google should point you in the right direction. Once you have a working script, you can execute that script using your Action.
  21. Glad you got it all going! Sorry that Wink was a pain. Hopefully they get their shit together and put out a user friendly product in the future.
  22. OtisPresley - This is also exactly what I am trying to do. I just started working on a local webserver, but will surely be at a loss on how to configure the rest. I would like to feature 3 movies and have friends vote on the one that they would like to see. Would you mind sharing some ideas/technologies used on how you built yours? Also wouldn't mind taking a look to see what it looks like although you may not want to share for everyone to vote. I would be satisfied just to have a way to schedule the day and start time of a movie in Kodi, but this integration seems interesting as well.
  23. Hello Everyone, I just started using CinemaVision a few days ago, and this is precisely what I have been trying to figure out. It would be nice to be able to do this from within Kodi as well as via the API. The API call could either start immediately by taking in the movieid, or it could be scheduled by also taking in a date and time. The reason for this is that I have a website where people can vote on what movie they want to watch, then a script runs to determine the winner and update the site. It would be cool if the scipt could also start playback by scheduling a cron job, or if it could schedule the movie for a particular date and time.
  24. Will do... Thanks
  25. Can you try installing it from the official Kodi repository and see if it still produces the same error? Installing it from the add-on settings should be pulling from same repository, but let's see what happens when you try installing it without using the add-on.
  26. Not installing from repository... From the Cinema Vision add-on settings. The error in the logg viewer says "unable to find plugin context".
  27. Followed the Guide that you sent me to look at Ragnarok. Have set it up successfully in my home theatre room. SmartThings is very easy to setup and understand. I sent the Wink Hub2 packing back to the store it came from. Thanks.
  28. You're trying to install the context menu from the repository? Can you be more specific on what errors you are getting?
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