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  4. Seems to be working much better on my pc. It seems like I was running into some issues on my shield, but I really didn't spend much time on it to really find out for sure. I will let you know how it goes. Thanx a ton man
  5. Its in your menu settings ,, if i remember correctly its under advanced settings "clear trailer history or something " i will check when i get home ..
  6. Love to see that the update is still progressing. I would be happy to volunteer my setup for testing!
  7. I would like to see more of this. I just spent anour dialing it in. Watch your quotes and colons. My lights wont stay on. They just flash on for a few seconds and then off. Not sure why yet. Using hassio kodi 18 and a variety of bought and custom built IOT devices.
  8. New update: We've manually updated most of the addons used with CV, not all but most of them and we're very close to start testing. I know its taking a long time but this process is very time consuming and we're doing it on our spare time. As soon as we have a testing "stable-ish" version I'll upload to anyone who wants to give it a go. There is no guarantee but I'm trying to push the release of a stable version for this summer. Thank you for your patience
  9. Did anybody get this to work? I been tussling with this for a while. So I created a sequence with just audio bumper module and feature. I played a Dolby Atmos movie with the sequence and it still gave me the Dolby TrueHD video? I have atmos in the filename and the atmos track is the only audio track. What could possibly be wrong?
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  11. Try installing this version of CV. https://cinemavision.tv/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2857
  12. I'm running 18.9 It seems like it's because of the type of files MP4 but it shouldn't be, because I've downloaded everything I'm using from this site. Even the music for the trivia dosen't work all the time. It's hit and miss. Was wondering if the build that is being used could cause issues as well.
  13. This is indicative of a CV incompatibility with the version of Kodi you are running. What version of CV and Kodi do you have?
  14. Not sure if anyone can help, but I'm having problems getting any of the video modules to work. I have the content paths set and all I get is a black screen. My trivia works fine. Every now and the I might get a video module to play, but when I go back and try again it doesn't work. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I haven't noticed. But if you're right, and trivia doesn't repeat, and potentially other things don't repeat, how does one reset that?
  16. I have a similar configuration. I run a SQL database for multiple users and host my media from my NAS, though it's a SMB share. Unfortunately, I only have it running on a single device, so I'm not hosting my CV files from the NAS but the local file store. I was planning on installing Kodi to the kids' firesticks so they could stream in their bedrooms, but I've never gotten that far. Theoretically it should be fine either by manually setting the path in your sequence or possibly using symbolic links. What version of KODI and CV are you running? What device are you running it on? I'm running CinemaVision version 1.1.1.a12 with Kodi 18.9 on an Odroid C2 with CoreELEC installed.
  17. Hi OTA! Yes, that is exactly the goal.. Any given action file, having the SAME PATHS embedded in them (ie; to the NAS supplied "movies" share) would work identically on all systems regardless of physical location.. But mostly I just want to use that remote NFS share in my living room.. As noted, some action sequence modules allow me to configure using the "NFS://$IP/$PATH" but others seem to only allow me to see the local FS.. I'm not even clear how the NFS sources are handled, really - like I can't see a mount point anywhere even when I'm playing something from that source, so I can't, say, use the local FS mountpoint to reference those file indirectly.. Anyway, thanks so very much for your response and I hope this clarifies my goal.. Sincerely, -ET-
  18. So, you're basically just wanting your CV directory structure on your NAS and to call that from multiple Kodi boxes? Just want to make sure we're on the same page.
  19. If you downloaded Kodi19, CV is not yet compatible due to the requirement of Python3. See below topic. As far as I know, there are no "official" developers anymore and it's being worked on members of the community, so please keep that in mind while being patient. Kodi 19 - CinemaVision Add-on Support - CinemaVision
  20. Hi i downloaded today Kodi, but the cinemvision add on i cannot find?
  21. Greatings! I have been struggling with CinemaVision in my environment. That environment is a group of RasberryPi media stations running LibreElec and using NFS to source video data and MYSQL to allow shared database between the livingroom, garage, etc.. Works fantastic for years now. Then I discovered the old Cinema Experience, but I simply could never make that work for me at all and gave up for a year or more. THEN, I stumbled upon CiniemaVision and signed up with a lifetime subscription right away. This lead me down a path that was somewhat disappointing and confusing... So, you MUST put cinema vision data in a working datasource, right? (Why?) Okay, I do that on my NFS server without issue, download some bumpers, and stuff and give it a try.. But SOME setup options point me at my NFS sources, and some only allow me to see the local FS, where this is no data at all.. Stuggled with this intermittently for weeks and finally decided I was at the same place as CinemaExperience - dead. After a few months of stewing on my membership money, I decided to do another test and built ONE standalone "local disk" version of a media player. Imagine my shock when everything just worked.. Soooooo.... Back to my actual living room, where I am NOT going to setup a needless redundant local copy of my video sources.. How to make it work? I tried, just now to make a copy on my local /storage folder, then configure that as a DATA SOURCE, then light up CV to pick the default directory now located in that local data source. It doesn't see the new source - it SEEMS to ONLY see the first "sources.xml" entry.. Okay, REARRANGE the sources so CV is at the top of the list? <sources> <programs> <default pathversion="1"></default> </programs> <video> <default pathversion="1"></default> <source> <name>CinemaVision</name> <path pathversion="1">/storage/cv/</path> <allowsharing>false</allowsharing> </source> <source> <name>movies</name> <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> <source> <name>movies_ldo</name> <path pathversion="1">nfs://</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing> </source> ....etc Reboot, and.... No change - CinemaVision INSISTS on using the first NFS mount listed as "movies" and will not BUDGE to any other source, even though I have six of them configured, including the local FS copy of CV data.. When configuring ACTIONS, some action dialogs refer to the configured NFS source, but OTHER dialogs force me to view the local filesystem only. This results in action files that can't be configured (can't see the files required) or simply hang at best, and wedge the entire system at worst.. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is anyone else out there using a NAS/MYSQL solution like I am? How do I get CV to use the source I WANT vs, well, I'm not sure HOW It's making the source selection at all at this point.. I certainly isn't paying any attention to sources.xml that I can see.. Help? Sincerely, -ET-
  22. seems like Trivia Slides for me don't repeat and looks like the API is calling it to be marked watched .. But i have had Trailers repeat on me ... I think its harder for some reason for the API to call marked watched on Trailers for some reason , Just like marking movies watched in something like Trakt (a movie watch list manager if you dont use it ) it to will crash kodi sometimes on a watched movie call ... I've noticed that if i keep my database refreshed the api has been pretty good at marking watched status on both trivia and the trailers
  23. While that may be true, I believe that may be a per-session event. In other words, in my experience I will see, say, a trailer one night, and that same trailer on night 2.
  24. Bullwinkl Thank you for helping me with this. I was able to get everything working on kodi 18.1.
  25. OK, so if it's showing that, something else has installed python 3 on your machine and added it to your system path. Unfortunately, this means any fix I give you might break whatever on your system needs python 3 installed. You can follow the steps on this page to check out your environment variables and see if you can remove whatever path you've got pointing to Python 3, but odds are it WILL break whatever installed it. https://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/features/test-runners/add-path-environment-variables Note: Just follow the instructions on how to get to your system path environment variables...don't add the test studio installation path listed.
  26. Open up a command prompt on your computer and type this: python --version And see it tells you.
  27. No I don't have Python 3 installed by any other software on this computer. Is there a way to check the python directory for the right path?
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