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    am i missing something looks like the render is broken apart?
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  4. I don't know if this helps or not - here is what I found after some testing - if I set it to: sleep://1000 It works - I get a one second pause and then the next command executes. I did a radical color change so I could see what was going on. Anything above that (e.g. sleep://10000) and I still get a 1 second pause. It's almost like the coding for the "test" mode is stuck - that it's converting whatever one puts into the command to 1000 ms.
  5. No, CinemaVision wants it in the protocol://protocol data format (see attachment) - unless you're suggesting that the parser build into CinemaVision needs to be modified?
  6. Looks like they changed the format? Keep me honest and do a quick search. I may be wrong. sleep://51000 = time.sleep(.51000)
  7. Hi, so does that mean the "sleep://<time in millisec>" feature doesn`t work at all anymore? I also need the function for the automatic process. That would be the "knock out" for me. Best regards onedin
  8. Dear community, After several hours looking for guids online, I haven't gotten to a solution. Consider me an absolute noob in programming, protocols etc. although at the top level I have a basic understanding of how things work. I have a Nvidia Shield pro (2019) with Kodi installed and CinemaVision. I have just a few lightbulbs in the room (5) which I'd like to control through CinemaVision. As I understand (correct me if I'm wrong), an API is needed so that the Ikea gateway can be controlled. The first thing I found was this Git: https://github.com/home-assistant-libs/pytradfri. I tried to understand it, but I can't get it to work. I just have no idea where to start. I also have no idea whether this Git is any help or not. If it doesn't seem possible to control it directly through 'Ikea's' route, maybe an alternative by controlling the integration with the Google Home app (so not the Google Home device), which controls the lights too (which I don't understand completely; Ikea's own app isn't capable to control it out of the home network, while it works through the Google app). Any other suggestions are more than welcome
  9. I'm not familiar with that skin, but from what I recall, it's the skin developers that are responsible for integrating CV. You have to use the launcher if your skin doesn't support it.
  10. Hey, I was wondering how I can get Embuary to play nice with CinemaVision and have the 'play' button activate cinema vision instead of the traditional 'play'? Is there any easy way to do that, maybe force kodi to treat all plays like 'cinema vision' ?
  11. TRIVIA Netflix and Chill.zip
  12. ELPTheater- Thank you, so I don´t need to search more. Hope there is someone who can fix the problem 😉
  13. Jens - I tried your sleep://##### function in my own scripts - and definitely got an error in the log - so I'd say you're correct - python seems to be having an issue with parsing the sleep command in the action.
  14. Ah okay, but I need the pauses for the time between different Commands.
  15. Yeah - I don't use any pauses like that - here's mine: http://10.0.0.XX/api/xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx/groups/4/action PUT:{"on":false,"transitiontime":30} http://10.0.0.XX/api/xxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx/groups/1/action PUT:{"on":true,"sat":0,"bri":60,"hue":10000,"transitiontime":30}
  16. Thank you @ELPTheater but I don´t understand it. Can you give me deeper information how your command looks like? Here is my Example of the old sleep function that works for me over years: #Waiting 51 sec. sleep://51000 #dimm the philips hue light http://192.168.188.xx/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxgroups/1/action PUT:{"on":false,"transitiontime":30} #waiting 1 sec. sleep://1000 #dimm other light http://192.1xx.xxx.xx.xx/control?key=011
  17. Hey Jens -- Running Kodi 19.3 on an NVidia ShieldTV with CV and the pause action works for me. It's pretty simple - I'm just having it do a PUT to my theater lights (Philips Hues) with a long transistion from black to 60% light. Mine doesn't use the sleep command, so perhaps you are asking about that specifically - but for just pausing the movie and bringing up the lights - it's working for me.
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