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    CV on ZDMC

    Is there a way to make CV run on ZDMC? For those who not know: ZDMC is a modified version / fork of Kodi developep by the folks from Zidoo that uses by default a external player that is fully adapted to work with the Zidoo Hardware. This leads to pretty supreme Video+Audio Playback performance. But unfortunately the external player seems to interfere with CV. Using the latest Version ZDMC 19.4 on my Zidoo UHD3000 with CV 1.5.0 only the very first element of the Sequence is played and after a few hickups CV returns to its main screen. Has anybode here managed to make this combination work?
  4. btw. i had the same problem with CV not playing trailers just using local trailers. But also in this case: deactivating the "match genre" and "match 3D" optoion was the solution.
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  6. Is it possible to set the video zoom level with an actionfile? I'd love to set zoomlevel for bumpers and trailers differently than the main movie. Kind of like setting the refresh rate?
  7. Your family's home entertainment area is probably used for much more than movie night. If you and your children spend a lot of time in your home theater, you need to light more than just screen entertainment. Using a smart lighting system gives you a lot of energy to fine-tune each option to perfection. You can design your home theater lighting for any occasion by calling it up at any time with your smartphone or smart speaker. This entire system can be connected to a smart outlet at https://www.amazon.com/smart-plug-wifi-plugs-alexa/dp/B09KTYH3MJ. I think you will be able to create the comfort you need.
  8. first when you say module do you mean Movie ? if you are trying to play more than one movie you have to Query them in kodi... and for your other problem with bumpers or trailers it sounds like you have a bumper or trailer that it cant read and it will exit back to kodi when this happens ...Or you dont have your databased scanned in ...that would be my first thing i would check with the new update to CinemaVision you can now change the volume on each section Triva , Trailers, ect in the menus are you sure this isnt turned down there ?
  9. If you tried taking off ratings and genre off and the newest over watched let it run a few trailers and then switch it back always works for me you can edit some files in the data base "" if you take a look at the 404 code, for whatever reason sometimes there's an extra "h" being appended to the "h1080" in the url call. Test above by changing "hh1080" to "h1080" from the 404. present workaround: modify the line of code adding that extra h. This can be found in line 111 of script.cinemavision/lib/cinemavision/scrapers/itunes/__init__.py Change url = re.sub(r'(480p|720p|1080p)', r'h\1', url) to be url = re.sub(r'(480p|720p|1080p)', r'\1', url) You can do this by modifying the source zip (for kodi 19 here https://cinemavision.tv/files/file/676-cinemavision-add-on-development-release-for-kodi-19/), re-zipping, and installing your modified zip file with this change. I haven't fully verified other impacts, but this 2 min fix allows 1080 iTunes trailers to be played Credit -snojj for fix
  10. Does anyone have a solution for my problem? I created a Sequenze but after the first Modul CV stop playing and bring me back to kodi. Need help please
  11. sometimes it gets stuck try taking off ratings and genre off and the newest over watched let it run a few trailers and then switch it back always works for me ( if that doesnt work theres a work around but ill have to look it up )
  12. its not to watch the shows its to plan movie nights with friends and family...
  13. there are people working on it but are not sure exactly how its going
  14. yea philip hue json scripts still work fine have issues with movie trailers sometimes getting played the same ones instead of pulling new ones ... and its running on kodi 19
  15. What i mean is what build of cinema vision you running?
  16. been working fine for me what version are you running ?
  17. Hi, The trailers dont work for me either, but i'm doing the following as a work around which is actually a lot more stable imo. I download Apple HD trailers to my CV Trailers directory, using this python script. I set it up to run daily at 00:05 using cron, then once a week I delete them all with an ssh script on cron, then repeat the process. This way i've always got the most current trailers https://github.com/aag/apple_trailer_downloader
  18. Hello all. It was a long time since i were activ in the forum since last. Is cinemavision stil up an running, is trailers, (random from the net working), how is the status of everything? :) Is philip hue json scripts still working? Is it kodi19 one should install?
  19. Is CV still operating? The trailers scrappers don't seem to work. I only get the same 3 trailers to play from the TMDB scrapper, but that's only from the editor. If I try to run a sequence from a video addon only the trivia portion works. Can anyone help? Oh, I'm running on Nvidia Shield
  20. Sometimes it doesnt complete the segment, but it could be because of something im doing also this happened occasionally on 18.9 as well, Im not super concerned because its infrequent, but i am curious to know if this project will continue when version 20 of kodi comes out.
  21. CinemaVision (1.5.0) works fin on Kodi 19.4 (LibreElec) What specifically is not working for you?
  22. Can anyone say if this project is dead or alive? It seems it doesnt work with 19.3 or 19.4 and 20 is right around the corner it seems from the kodi team. I really hope this isnt DOA it is a huge part of the experience.
  23. It will be greate to create a combo service like netflix mod apk that could include all the content from streaming giants.
  24. Use the Yacine TV app to watch movies and shows.
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