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  2. OTA

    CinemaVision Video Bumpers (HD)

    It works for me. I think there have been some permissions issues with the hosted files for a while. @gamephoenix Is there any web admins that can take a look at file permissions? There have been a couple of recent members trying to download things that can't seem to access them. Actually @Matt seems to be the Admin that's mostly on any more. I'll tag him too and see what he says.
  3. Today
  4. OTA

    Anyone have cinema curtains?

    If you aren't wanting the screen on to navigate Kodi, the only other thing I can think of is some kind of remote option, maybe by using an app on your phone or another computer. I guess you could also use Alexa. I've seen videos on YouTube where people have configured it. They ask Alexa to play a specific movie via Kodi and it does it, but I don't know if you can use CV this way.
  5. Skanob

    CinemaVision Video Bumpers (HD)

    Hi All, Just wanted to confirm if I'm the only one with the issue with the pack above is not permitted for me to download? I thought it was available for all members..? Thank you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. wickedlemon3

    Anyone have cinema curtains?

    Haven't settled on anything yet. Having to navigate Kodi on screen after the curtains open would kill the experience though.
  8. I think that should be iTunes, but wouldn't hurt to confirm.
  9. OTA

    Anyone have cinema curtains?

    I plan on doing this with a projector a few years down the line. I initially only planned on using CV to change my curtains for masking my 2.35:1 screen to 16:9 as I can have an action file change the scope using tags in the .nfo. I didn't think about how to initially open the curtains. You'll have to likely open them without CV. Maybe using a trigger on the projector to open the curtains when it's powered on, or use Alexa like how I power on my subwoofers now? What curtain system are you running?
  10. OTA

    Auro-3D Pack (HD)

    The download works for me, so it may be a permissions issues. If you want, you can download them directly from http://www.demo-world.eu/, else you'll have to wait for an admin to fix the issue.
  11. Hello everyone. It seems this issue still exists. I cannot use your method for 100% because i got files that are also in mkv format. Does the '' Kodi-DisableRefreshRateSync.cvaction '' Action not work with the combination of madVR/dsplayer? Perhaps there is a somewhat newer solution that i don't know off?
  12. Last week
  13. wickedlemon3

    Anyone have cinema curtains?

    I'm working on a project to have a pair of (real) curtains open when a movie starts. I'm concerned there doesn't seem to be any way to start a movie using CV without being able to see the screen and go through the whole context menu options, which obviously won't work. The whole idea of home automation/cinema experience seems at odds with the way CV has to be started. Has anyone set up a system like this? If so how have you got around this?
  14. Whenever I try to play one of my 3d .iso movies in Cinema Mode I get a "CinemaVision Error: Check the log for more information" message. 2D movies seem to work fine and my 2D and 3D default sequences are identical except for an extra countdown clip right before the feature in the 3D sequence. Log: https://pastebin.com/G6wnkQMJ
  15. doomedtx

    Trailer Rating Match Features 1.1.1a12

    Sorry I just saw this reply. I'm away from my Kodi machine for awhile but will check when I can. As far as I recall, I didn't change trailer sources. It should be using whatever the Cinemavision plugin uses for a default trailer source.
  16. djvagelis80

    Auro-3D Pack (HD)

    can i download this file?
  17. djvagelis80

    Auro-3D Pack (HD)

  18. Earlier
  19. Flora

    Downloads becoming unavailable

    Try again later.
  20. Dear Users, In the upcoming Kodi 19, tvOS will be added as new platform. It will be fully featured, supporting top-shelf* and the Siri remote, with support for both the Apple 4 and 4K. Similar to iOS, it will require jailbreaking or side loading. We wanted to thank Memphiz for the base on which this effort was completed and to davilla from MrMC for his support. Thanks also to team members sy6sy2 for being brave enough to start tackling this, and to kambala and Fuzzard for contributing the lion's share of the work. Unfortunately, in order to keep things maintainable, we have decided that iOS 32-bit will no longer be supported from Kodi 19 onwards. We understand this will affect our users, and we don't make this decision lightly. As a small team of volunteers, we have to balance maintainability and the time it takes to add new features in the future. It's also important to note that iOS 32-bit users are not being abandoned: they will, of course, have Kodi 18 to run on indefinitely. From Kodi 19 the oldest iOS devices supported will be the iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPod touch 6th gen. Cheers, phunkyfish * top-shelf is not available with the free dev certificate Tags: Apple tvOS iOS Pre-Release View the full article...
  21. What are you using for your trailers source? YouTube or iTunes? If it's YouTube, maybe it doesn't know the trailer MPAA thus it's considered unrated? Have you tried changing it to a different source to see if it works any different?
  22. doomedtx

    Trailer Rating Match Features 1.1.1a12

    Thank you for the reply. I don't think that's the case here, because with match rating turned off I've been offered multiple G-rated movies. I'm just leaving it off for now and skipping any trailers that I don't want the kids to watch.
  23. Hi there, I am on the latest development build of CinemaVision and that was working until quite recently. The box I use for media playback, the Vero OSMC box, keeps Kodi up-to-date automatically and CinemaVision has recently stopped working. That's somewhat to be expected with any addon, but then I noticed that the last official development releases were back in October. My question is: what's the status with CinemaVision at the moment? Is it being 'full-time' developed, as it were, or more of a part-time thing? I'd like to set expectations as to when (or if) I might get functionality back.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    Classic c Cl classic carlton screen advertising cinema sting.
  25. Here's an old thread on how CV handles MPAA ratings on trailers. I'm presuming it still works the same. If I recall, somebody had a similar issue where they were wanting to play x amount of trailers and it was only playing y when filtered to genre and rating. I think it was determined that the trailers source just didn't have any trailers that met those specific filters.
  26. I've come back to CV after a few years and am using 1.1.1a12 on my LinHES / Kodi 18.1 system. I have a fairly basic sequence that plays 10 minutes of trivia, 3 trailers, audio bumper, rating bumper, feature. I have no locally-stored trailers and haven't modified the default trailer settings. I'd prefer to have trailer ratings match the feature, but I'm having mixed results. If I select an R-rated movie, 3 R-rated trailers play just fine. However, selecting a G-rated movie "A Bug's Life" causes no trailers to play with both Rating Match Features and Match Genre turned on. Match Features on and Genre off results in the same trailer for Apollo 11 playing followed by a skip to the audio bumper and then feature. The youtube addon seems to be throwing an error here that might be related to my LinHES / Kodi version, but I'm not sure. I tried removing and re-installing the YT addon 6.6.0 without success. Paste of the log from starting the sequence on the G-rated movie to the end here. I tried disabling Match Features and re-enabling Match Genre. That played 3 different trailers before "A Bug's Life," one of which was a cartoon. None of those trailers happened to include the green MPAA rating card at the beginning, so I'm not sure if they were all G or not. I'd rather 3 trailers play rather than none or one, so I'm leaving match features disabled for now. Is there something else I can do to get this feature working? Is there some other YT addon I'm supposed to be using?
  27. Jens

    Kodi 18.6 supported?

    Hello, I finally got Kodi 18.1 running with the current CV version on my Nvidia Shield TV, and wanted to ask if the current Kodi version 18.6 is also supported by CV. Maybe someone is already running? Thanks in advance.
  28. And.... here we are again. The latest Kodi release in the 18.x "Leia" cycle, with more (count them!) and better (measure them!) bug fixes for your various delight, delectation, and delirious... discussion? 18.6 is here. More nasty (and not-so-nasty) problems fixed, more bugs squashed, more happiness and love for all. This release is all about backports: where practical, we've brought bug fixes forwards from the forthcoming 19.x release, so you get the benefit sooner rather than later. As usual, you can find full details of closed pull requests on GitHub, so explore that if you want the details, but the summary would be... Audio Fixes around visualisations Fixes around pause/resume Fixes around TrueHD crashes Workaround firmware bug (AMLogic v23) (sidenote: there are many more Android audio fixes that can't be merged into 18.x "Leia" because of old AMLogic workarounds) Fix to correctly resume audio-only MPEG-TS streams Correct headphone enumeration (Android) Build System Updates for missing includes Updates for Cmake (Windows) Updates for device handling and packaging (macOS) Games Fixes for launching disc images and .zip files Fixes for black screen for RGB emulators (Rpi) Interface/Look-and-feel Fixes around TextureCache Fixes for windowing, refresh rate, mode change and others (Android) Fixes for floating/split keyboard (iOS) Fix for artist slideshow (Estuary) Fix media view from addon given content Playback/Display Fixed race condition for OnPlaybackStarted Fixes for MIME type (Android) Support for DolbyVision streams via addons Fixes for maximum width and height/vertical-shift (Android) Fix for scanning in sub-directories Fix size of EAGL layer on external screen (iOS) Fix for glTexImage3D (Linux) Fix for seeking issues Reset playlist on new file playback PVR Fix for multiline episode names Other/General Fixed incorrectly formatted region time Pass JSON serialised path settings to python scrapers Fix file access on auto-mounted sources Fix seeking with FileCache lockup Fix passthrough on USB devices (Android) Fix crash if profile.xml gets broken Fix cache forward size on EOF The nature of point releases is that most of these changes won't be visible to most people unless they address a specific problem you've stumbled across. That said, they're all real bugs, and real fixes, so thanks as always to all who found a bug, took the time to report it and, in some cases, provided a fix. The full v18.6 changelog can be found in our GitHub milestone. If you want to read back on what was actually changed in v18 itself, you can find the corresponding articles in the blog posts - Kodi 18, Kodi 18.1, Kodi 18.2, Kodi 18.3, Kodi 18.4 and Kodi 18.5. Application deployment on different platforms (notably, Google Play and the Microsoft Store) varies due to circumstances outside of our control. It may thus take a few more days to appear everywhere, so just stay tuned. Tags: Release Announcements View the full article...
  29. OTA

    Expected behavior

    I noticed this the other day as well. I haven't used CV in a while as the kids just like to go, go, go when it comes to movies. I'll double check and see how mine responds. What skin are you using? Okay. I had some time to check mine out. I guess when I installed the new update, it re-enabled the queue editor. If you go in to CV settings under playback, you'll want to enable the hide queue editor option and it plays like it used to for me. Hope this helps.
  30. OTA

    Add On Doesn't work

    Can you provide logs?
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