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  3. And which Kodo Release do you have?
  4. Thank you, that looks much better than I was able to find on Youtube.
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  6. I just made a post about something very similar except mine would play at 100% like my music trivia and video bumpers but I have my settings at at 75% so it completely ignores my settings
  7. Since I’ve updated from 19.2 to 19.3 I've the problem that Trailer, Audio and Video Bumber are played with a really low Volume, Before (19.2) it has been played with the correctly volume
  8. Sorry wrong topic Since I’ve updated from 19.2 to 19.3 I've the problem that Trailer, Audio and Video Bumber are played with a really low Volume, Before (19.2) it has been played with the correctly volume
  9. So typically on my trivia I have the music set to 75% and video clips set to 75% before the main feature, I noticed that it plays at full volume and ignores my settings. Anyone else having this issue? is it a bug that needs to be fixed because I never had an issue before
  10. Oh, cool! I am definitely looking forward to that. My original backup plan was to get a raspberry pi with Home Assistant on it, which I thought (it's been a few weeks ago I looked into this) would be a solution. However, the fastest I can maybe get one would be April/May because of the shortage. But a solution without the need of extra hardware would be a better outcome also for those who don't want/need a Home Assistant added to their setup, so I'm looking forward to that possibility!
  11. I don't have anything solid to add on to this -right now-, but I will be looking at this myself here in the near future. My house is largely all Tradfri stuff including the room I plan to use as my makeshift home theater so this is definitely on my agenda to solve.
  12. Jumping back in to mess with CV again especially now that Librelec has solid 4k HDR+bitstreamed audio support RPi 4 now. Got CV up and running fine with some of my old config and everything seems to operate fine. One thing I noticed and I'm not even sure if it was a thing at all or maybe it is some incompatibility with the Libreelec/RPi 4 combo. But at the start and end of the trivia slides module, it doesn't fade in/out despite this being set in the config. It just cuts straight to the next module. Thoughts? Haven't had a chance yet to get a test setup going on my PC to replicate.
  13. Hello everyone. This is a simple stupid question as I must be doing something wrong. I have Kodi Leia installed and the latest Cinemavision. I can go into the editor and change and set things up, but in the time line it shows the modules as INACTIVE in red. When I try to run what I have created all I get is a black screen as it wont play or run anything. As they are listed inactive I think. The test module works, everything is in the context menu and I can run Cinemavision from the menu in front of a film. But nothing happens at all as its not activated as I said. I have tried everything, every button and option but nothing seems to set each module I make as ACTIVE so that it will do what I want it to do. Can anyone advise me on whats missing? Thanks!
  14. Hi, i have Kodi 19.3 and the CinemaVision Add-on Development Release for Kodi 19 1.5.0 installed. I can create a Sequence and setup all the things but if i test it or play a film with the sequence it only plays the first Module. I setup - Trailers Module = Play 2 Trailers from my NAS NFS Path (inside CV Main Content Path) - Audio Format Bumper Module = Play one specific Trailer (Atmos Trailer) - Audio Format Bumper Module = Play one specific Trailer (THX Trailer) - Video Bumper > Countdown = Play one specific Trailer (DTS Countdown Trailer) - Feature Module The Sequence stopp all time after the first played Trailer. What did i do wrong? Also inside of CV when i use the "play" button it only plays the one Module i have selected. (Sorry iam from Germany)
  15. I've experienced this situation as well. Glad I'm not the only one aware of this. It especially happens when I set it to run KodiDB trailers. So I don't know why. I haven't even found a solution either.
  16. Is it possible to have the trivia match the movie? I have the trivia for the Matrix movies and I would be cool if those trivia had a bigger chance of being displayed when watchin a Matrix movie.
  17. Hmm.. all I know is when I was originally trying to use genre and ratings filtering, sometimes I wouldn't get trailers at all. There weren't any trailers that matched the requirements, so I kinda just took all that stuff off.
  18. Just to mention: The above described Problem is still there in 1.5.0:I Created a new Sequence, safed it as "MCU" wich led to the file MCU.cvseq. Then i modified the sequence, safed it under a new name MCU 4k (File: MCU 4.cvseq). But the load window displays this sequence as "MCU (MCU 4k)" and not like expected "MCU 4k". ....still pretty confusing.
  19. Where is the Discord server link for Cinemavision?
  20. The problem is how it's not updating to show recent trailers like Sonic 2's trailer. Which it was able to do when Spider-Man No Way Home's 2nd trailer came out.
  21. Yes. Though when I choose to match rating, it goes to the YouTube trailers of Movies in my collection.
  22. I don't have 19 installed, so I can't really try and reproduce your issue. You may want to join the Discord and see if there's anybody that can assist.
  23. Do you have the trailers set to match the genre of the movie you're watching or rating?
  24. For some reason, Cinemavision won't play the most recent trailers that came out online. I've tried a lot of methods, like updating the content, to updating Kodi, and it still doesn't play the newest trailers for upcoming movies. They keep playing the same trailers I've seen over and over. Including movies I just recently watched in theaters. Same with those showing in theaters. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  25. Hi, i’m using Kodi 19 on MIbox, the Trivia cards just keep playing even if i choose 1 Minute display instead of default 10 minutes. I can move forward or backwards with the trivia cards but it never stops after 1 minute, anyone else facing the same issue?
    Hi There, hoping I can get some guidance on how to install this latest version - I get a message saying script module 2.2201 could not be installed - I have V19.3
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