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  1. Today
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words. I run 4 sequences, but they are not similarly named and I don't use the queue editor, but I'll try and check mine tonight and see what it looks like.
  3. So it works if you disable the audio bumper module in your sequence? Referencing your screenshot, THX is not an audio bumper, it's a technology and won't be applied automatically by audio detection.
  4. Which version of 1.1.1 are you using? Your previous sequences should work just fine with the new version.
  5. Short summary after 1 day testing: All information here is related to CV 1.1.1a12 on Kodi 18.7 on a Android Mediaplayer Zidoo x20. I could not find any significant issues up to now, no crashes, sequences can be created, edited and played from the sequence editor and from the Movie Menue. The only thing i find a bit strange is how sequence names are displayed: 1) in the LOAD Window from the sequence editor 2) in the SELCT Window from the Que editor (when starting sequences from the Movie Menue 3) In the SEQUENCE NAME Window from the Sequence Editor. Exampe: I created one Sequence with just a curtain AVI before the feature (Theater Intro) and saved this as "curtain oly", then realized my typo, hit "save as" again and saved it as: curtain only. This sequence is displayed as "curtain oly (curtain only) in 1) and 2). 3 Just displays "curtain oly" Then i took the same sequence, added a THX Clip as Theater outro before the feature and safed it as "curtain+intro". This sequence is displayed as "curtain oly (curtain+intro) in 1) and 2). 3 Just displays "curtain oly".......This cannot be intended. right? This is realy confusing because when working in the sequence editor you never know what sequence you are actualy working on. I checked the file names in the sequence folder and they are all correct (like entered under "save as"). But it seems like 1) and 2) use some kind of "original seq name (new seq name)" logic. To add some more detail to above mentioned Problem description: The strange behaviour with the "doubled sequence name" only occurrs: - When you edit an existing sequence and safe it under a new name or - When you change the name of an existing sequence in a file browser and then load this sequence again. ...at least that is my experience so far. Can anybody else here confirm my problem description? Or am i the only one with this problem??
  6. Yesterday
  7. Disregard this post. I'm 99.999999% sure that it's the audio format bumper that is screwing everything up. I need to better understand how the audio format bumper works when you opt to read the audio format and play the corresponding bumper for it.
  8. Last week
  9. I was able to capture a scenario where 1 trailer played and then off to a black screen where the video seems to play beyond it's timespan ...again, I seem to get really erratic results each time. in this case it seems to be where playing the next video bumper (audio format bumper) it seems to stall out, any intervention on my part interrupts the sequence and forces back to the library. After a bit more testing, I don't think the issue is with the tmdb scraper like i originally thought. I think it has more to do with the audio format bumper. After it gets to the bumper i get a black screen, but the after effects lead to a/v sync issues across the board within kodi. Only way I've found to correct it so far is to completely shut down kodi and start it again.
  10. I was able to replicate the issue and capture it in a log where it plays 1 trailer (configured to play 2) and froze with a black screen at the end. Video counter continued to play, but never bumped to the next video in the sequence. Bug? Uploaded my kodi log for review kodi.log
  11. @OTA Sorry for the late response, just saw this post. yes, I believe i do, it has also been set up to use the API for youtube (which was kind of a pain, but it is for sure working) Not sure if there is anything specific within the plugin that i need to configure. But it seems to have 3 different behaviors. 1. the sequence fails completely and kicks me back to the movie library. 2. Black screen- audio plays, sequence fails shortly after 3. video and audio plays for a trailer and then a sequence fails. Seems to be random on which outcome i get, but i have never been able to successfully get through a single trailer.
  12. For several years I had cinemavision working quite brilliantly with no issues whatsoever. After some procrastination, I decided to update both Kodi and cinemavision. That was a huge mistake because now cinemavision doesn't work at all. There is new things called auto select and set conditions that I have no idea what to do with. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated Regards
  13. Earlier
    Great Work !!
    Needs put to one file But not bad .,...
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
    Needs put to one file But not bad ..
  14. I can see how that would be a pain. According to @shredder you should be able to just make sub directories under single content path.
  15. Yes a whole other set of directories at root So i have to scan the directory every time i switch sequences .. But its the only way i have found to have separate trivia ..
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