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  3. Yes, as OTA guessed, it's due to running the latest stable version of Coreelec an Android AMLOGIC boxes. I too have everything setup in a fairly futureproofed way hardware-wise for a least another year or two so I may be "stuck" on Kodi 18 for a while yet. Hope the eventual solution to the trailers buffering issue might be version independent! Fingers crossed. I'm also considering running a script to download a bunch of trailers offline as bullwinkl mentioned in his other thread. Only thing I'm wondering is if it would be feasible with such an arrangement for trailers to be deleted after being viewed. Anybody have any smart ideas for that? No I have it set to play one random "Feature Intro' video before the feature. There are several video files in the correct "Feature Intro" content folder, just as there are in the "trailers Intro" folder which works correctly. I wonder if the issue is just updating content in CV? (Can't check now - will be able to a bit later) - Is updating CV content something we need to do on a regular basis or only when the content in the folders has changed? Cheers
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  5. I bet they'll have some great deals on TVs for Black Friday. We need you on the 19.
  6. He may be in the same boat as me. I run CoreELEC on my Odriod C2 and the latest they support is Kodi 18.9 for that hardware. I don't have a TV that supports HDR, so there's no reason for me to upgrade to another media player until I get a newer display.
  7. What version of CinemaVision are you using? Have you updated the content in CinemaVision? CV was created with the expectation that you'll primarily have static content or go back into it to configure when you add something and update the content. If you don't want to do that you'll have 2 options. The first is to use the service. I haven't tested it in a while and don't know if it works properly in 18. I know it doesn't work in 19. The other option would be to name our files trailer1.type, trailer2.type, etc. And then just overwrite the files when you add new ones so that CV's content list won't need to be updated. Let me know if this works or if you need more help.
  8. Is there a reason why you are using Kodi 18 and not 19? You should be able to disable the Skin Helper Service, but I don't think it is the cause of the issue. It looks like you are a few version behind on it. Here is the latest version: https://github.com/kodi-community-addons/script.skin.helper.service/archive/refs/heads/master.zip On my end I need to try to get things set up in a way that I can recreate the issue to try to better understand what is going on. I've had days where iTunes trailers are slow and buffer, but they have never buffered to the point where they won't load at all. I'll talk about it with the developer @DexDeadly and see what we can come up with. What are you referring to as the feature intro? Is it the ratings or do you have the video set in one of the bumpers? In the log it looks like you don't have any files for it to display. Here's the section: [VideoBumper] u'Trivia Intro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [Trivia] 10m [VideoBumper] u'Trivia Outro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [VideoBumper] u'Courtesy' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [VideoBumper] u'Theater Intro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING Do you have the file in the correct location? Have you updated the content in CV?
  9. I fixed (I think) the skin helper service problem by making sure it, and all related add-ons, were downgraded to official Kodi repo versions. But, as you suspected, the seemingly random buffering of certain Apple trailers continues. Weird. Wonder what the variable could be. Also, don't suppose you have any idea from my previous log why feature intro bumper didn't play? Thanks so much
  10. I would like to play local trailers that i have in a singular directory. I want to be able to just dump trailers in and delete them from this folder to control what trailers could play. i plan to have a revolving 10 files. The issue is that if i select the directory nothing plays. if i select an individual file it will play fine. the actual files for the trailer are not named in any particular way. I did try adding -trailer to the file name just to see but that didnt help
  11. Thanks a lot for looking into it further . Any idea what next step could be to troubleshoot / fix Skin Helper Service issue?
  12. I tested the trailers from the log in my system and there aren't issues with the specific trailers, so there's no way to make CV avoid them. I still need to look into it further. Also, I noticed that every time you play a trailer you are getting errors for Skin Helper Service. I don't necessarily think that's the reason for your problem, but it is an issue.
  13. thanks bullwinkl , looked over your thread and yes, I do think it's probably the same issue. The weird thing is that around half of the Apple trailers play flawlessly and half will buffer endlessly even if quality is limited to 480p. If so we could still work around the problem if we could identify which trailers are problematic and have CV avoid those ones? If not, I'm also rather interested in your mediahuman trailer downloading solution. Would be awesome if you could share the scripts you use. Is it possible to have the downloaded trailers deleted not only after a month but also after each one is played? That would also provide a solution to the other issue i have (mentioned here) with trailers repeating across the two separate kodi installations in my house. Cheers!
  14. I'm fairly certain this isn't so much a Cinemavision issue as it is an Apple being stingy with bandwidth all over issue. Here's a thread I started from a couple of years ago about the same thing.
  15. A note to anyone using the TVTunes add-on. You may need to disable TVTunes as I suspect it clashes with CinemaVision when attempting to play Trivia slides with music. Other than that, I've encountered no issues. Great work!
    Tested the 1.5 beta yesterday and it's working quite well! It's such a great feeling to finally see CinemaVision up and running again! Since I use MPC-BE (to keep using madVR) as an external player for Kodi to play MKV files only and not MOV and MP4 (in other words, Kodi's internal VideoPlayer will play all trailers and bumpers with refresh rate matching disabled while MPC-BE plays the main feature with refresh rate matching enabled in MPC-BE itself) I did not need to test the refresh rate action files with my projector, but everything I did test worked well. Note: I did have to disable the TVTunes add-on, however, because it made the sequence crash just as the first trivia slide came up on screen. I suspect that TVTunes may be clashing with CinemaVision as both are trying to play a music file. 🎶 The only thing I would recommend for a future build is to give an option to choose a specific trivia folder to use for each sequence. Keep up the great work! The wife will love it when she sees trivia and trailers and our home theater intros again on our next movie night. beers clapper
  16. Hi Matt, Thanks so much for looking into this! So kind of you - so awesome that you and others keep this going - This addon is so vital - amazing how few people take the time to set up and appreciate these things these days! Anyway, I'm running CinemaVision 1.1.1.a12 version on Kodi Leia Coreelec here's the paste: https://pastebin.com/SiktiWEK Here's a description of what happens in the log, including a few odd behaviours even outside the one I mentioned: 1.) First time Cinemavision was asked to run (via context menu on library movie "Vacation Friends") it went to black screen for a while then returned to Kodi movies library view without ever running. (this is unusual - not sure why it happened this time!) 2.) I then repeat instruction to run Cinemavision via context menu on same movie. This time it runs successfully 3.) Trailers intro bumper plays successfully. 4.) Trailer 1 out of 4 buffers unplayably til I press skip. Trailers 2 and 3 stream just fine (I press skip after 20 seconds or so of successful playback) . Trailer 4 out of 4 buffers unplayably til I press skip. 5.) Feature intro bumper is not played despite being selected in my Cinemavision sequence 6.) Ratings bumper and then feature work fine. 7.) Cinemavision reports error when i try to upload log to pastebin, and i had to do so manually. Thanks so much again if you can shed any light on this.
  17. What version of CinemaVision are you using? Post logs of a time that it played fine and a separate log when it didn't and we'll take a look.
  18. Has anybody else experienced this? I haven't been able to identify which ones work and which don't. I have only Apple as my streaming trailer source and at least half of the trailers buffer so slowly that they are unplayable. Wonder if this is a common issue?
  19. I'm not aware of anything that will allow you to edit the Atmos files. It is a crazy process to make them and they require a license fee, which is why you don't see any editors. Most things will convert it to 7.1 or whatever. Let me know if you find the file(s) and I'll be happy to help out in any way I can.
  20. They are actually Atmos. I was going to edit one of the longer ones to be shorter. Can't recall which one it was, but it was a newer one. I may not even have it anymore since demo-world.eu stopped hosting.
  21. Version 1.5.0


    Here is the long awaited beta for CinemaVision for Kodi 19, which has been updated by @DexDeadly. Please post any issues in this forum: https://cinemavision.tv/forums/forum/23-cinemavision-beta-testing/
  22. Please post any issues you encounter with CinemaVision for Kodi 19 in this forum. You can download the script and context add-ons here:
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  24. What bumpers are you trying to edit? Are they actual in Atmos our just about Atmos?
  25. if you just trying to cut things out try https://online-video-cutter.com/
  26. I did not. I just let it ride.
  27. Did you ever find a solution to edit your Atmos bumpers?
  28. I RedCarpet Club bumper packs now have 1 zip instead of individual files for download.
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