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  1. Today
  2. Hello @lilomaster. I'm confused. If your projector automatically enters 3D mode when KODI enters 3D mode, can't you just run 2D trailers until the 3D feature starts? I don't run 3D on my KODI, so maybe I don't understand how it works. Does KODI enter 3D mode regardless of how you have your CV configured when you start the sequence?
  3. Yesterday
  4. Is it possible to trigger specific Kodi commands through action scripts? I specifically want to turn off the 3D interface when start playing trailers and turn it on again after the trailers are done, this is because my projector takes 5 to 10 seconds in showing the picture everytime I pass from 3D mode to 2D mode and vicersa. If I use the embedded function to turn off 3D everytime a clip ends, it will turn off the 3D and then turn it on everytime a video bumper ends. If I keep 3D permanently on during the whole sequence, trailers look overlapped, since Kodi plays them as if they were SBS files. Rather, O prefer to control when the overall 3D in Kodi turns on and off with specific commands (or actions) in specific points of a sequence. My projector automatically enters into 3D model when Kodi enters into 3D mode. Thanks in advance
  5. What a wonderful piece of software! I my country, cinemas are mandated to display brief clips at the very beginning with some safety recommendations for people at the cinema. They usually indicate brief instructions on how to behave in case of an emergency, what to do and not to do in order to avoid accidents, and how to identify emergency exits and points or reunion of the venue in case of an emergency. I got some of the clips of two of the most famous local cinema chains and add them to the very beginning of the Cinemavision sequence, in order to make the presentation more real in terms of our local cinemas. I will show some of them in a brief video, later.
  6. Last week
  7. FYI, if it's the Random Trailers script, I think there is a dev working on a new version of this at https://github.com/fbacher/Kodi-script.video.randomtrailers . You may want to talk with them?
  8. Here are some updates: We have completely translated CV to Python3 including some dependencies that we couldn't find updated anywhere. That took longer than expected. At this point, it's still not working because of changes to other scripts CV uses. We are trying the updated versions and have to change the code to work nicely with these. Youtube trailers won't work because the script hasn't been maintained or updated for a long time. I will keep this thread updated as soon as I have any more news.
  9. Earlier
  10. welp i was wrong. It seems to do it on certain sequences like I created a new sequence and it doesn't do it but on an older one I have it does on my videos. I'm thinking about starting over cause this just seems weird.
  11. So you moved it from the projector to your OLED and it works fine?
  12. It's stopping and buffering. Like I have a trivia intro video and it stop and buffers constantly now. I have not done any updates because CV does not work on Matrix. Update: So I tried it directly on my TV which is OLED and no buffering....weird. I'm so confused now
  13. So nothing changed? No updates to Kodi or CV? Is it freezing or is it buffering?
  14. All of them. Seems to buffering the videos which is odd because they play off local storage. I use my projector mostly when I use CV.
  15. Any changes since it was working as expected? Which modules are freezing? The trailers or all of them?
  16. Anybody experiencing freezing and buffering during the sequences? I have not had it happen before but I have lately. I don't know if it the display I'm using or what but it buffers like its streaming from the internet and ruins the experience
  17. Working with a12 on 18.9 thanks for the file link! Anyone know if I can have it run echo routines?
  18. I mention "for now" because of the add-ons that haven't been updated and will not work properly in Kodi 19. No blames assigned here
  19. I think you're splitting hairs here and getting stuck on semantics. Nobody is blaming the Kodi team for upgrading to Python3.
  20. @rdsp I think it is not fair to say that Kodi is "BREAKING" any Add-ons. The Add-ons still fuction like they did before. But if the Platform that the Add-ond run on (=Kodi) changes then is is simply a matter of fact that the output of the Add-ons is affected as well. It was not Team Kodi´s decission, that Python2 is not supported anymore and nobody is forced to upgrade to Matrix before your most beloved Add-ons are adjusted.
  21. No fearless leader here but yes, we are still plowing through It's taking a while but we'll get there. I suggest everyone, if they can, stay away from 19 for now. It will break many other addons, not just CV.
  22. Any updates from our fearless leaders? Even just to know they're still plowing through would provide a little hope.
  23. Oooh that is good news. I will save myself the stress of trying to install and await thank you
  24. No, it is not compatible with 19.x yet. It is being worked on.
  25. Hi I have a fresh install of V19 and i tried to install it. it says it failed to install dependencies does it work? is there a way to get it to install? thank you for your help
  26. I wish, ran the movie night tonight and it was about 3/4ths of the slides were blurry. On the upside the entire sequence ran without a crash (coming attractions bumper, 2 trailers, policy bumper, audio format bumper then the movie). I was shocked. But still working on the blurry slides.
  27. After reviewing the log from another poster, it would appear it marks the images as watched.
  28. Glad to hear you got your slides sorted. There's been a few topics about the video blacking out. Looks like your running CV 1.1.1. Check out the below thread and see if it helps. I think there was also a mention of something weird if the timing of the trivia was changed, but I couldn't find it. Cinemavision no longer working on v 18.9 Leia properly - CinemaVision Add-on Feature Requests - CinemaVision
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