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Featured Downloads

  • DTS-HD Master Audio Pack (HD) By CinemaVision

    • 0 reviews
    • 11,184
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    About this pack All of the DTS-HD Master Audio bumpers in this pack originated from HD sources.  Video bumpers included in this pack DTS-HD MA - Animated Logo (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Anthem (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Behind the Sound (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Listen (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Listen 2 (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Living World of Audio (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Living World of Audio 2 (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Living World of Audio 3 (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Orchestra (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Orchestra 2 (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Paint Symphony (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - SFX (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - SFX 2 (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Sound Unbound (HD)(DTSHD7.1) DTS-HD MA - Total Immersion (HD)(DTSHD7.1) About DTS-HD Master Audio DTS-HD™ Master Audio offers up to 7.1 discrete channels of lossless audio. Along with adding two extra rear channels to the standard Dolby Digital and DTS formats, DTS-HD Master Audio discs are encoded with more audio information per channel. In fact, it's identical to the movie studio's original master. That means the improved directionality and more precise effects makes it even closer to the experience of being in a movie theater. How to use this pack Copy the files to your "/Audio Format Bumpers/DTS-HD Master Audio" directory  
  • Dolby Digital Pack (HD) By CinemaVision

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    • 10,549
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    About this pack All of the Dolby Digital bumpers in this pack originated from HD sources.  Video bumpers included in this pack Dolby Digital - Audiosphere (HD)(DD5.1) Dolby Digital - City Redux (HD)(DD5.1) Dolby Digital - Countdown (HD)(DD5.1) Dolby Digital - Countdown 2 (HD)(DD5.1) Dolby Digital - Silent (HD)(DD5.1) Dolby Digital - Spheres (HD)(DD5.1) About Dolby Digital Unlike earlier forms of surround sound, Dolby Digital 5.1-channel audio is a discrete multichannel surround sound system. With six discrete channels, sounds can be placed very precisely, for improved dialogue clarity, imaging, spaciousness, and realism. You also get a dedicated subwoofer channel, for plenty of deep bass. This format has several different names: Dolby Digital DD (an abbreviation for Dolby Digital, often combined with channel count; for instance, DD 2.0, DD 5.1) AC-3 (Audio Codec 3, Advanced Codec 3, Acoustic Coder 3. ATSC A/52 (the name of the standard) How to use this pack Copy the files to your "/Audio Format Bumpers/Dolby Digital" directory    
  • CinemaVision Add-on Development Release By Ragnarok

    This is the latest development release of the CinemaVision add-on for Kodi and is not considered stable. You can download the latest stable release from the official Kodi repository. We Want You
    ... to help us test CinemaVision conditional sequences! Conditional sequences have been one of our most requested features, and after several iterations and a lot of development, we're proud to show you all the feature. Here's how it works: In the Sequence Editor, press C on your keyboard to bring up the context menu. From the context menu, choose Sequence settings. To enable conditional sequences, select Conditions and make sure that Active is set to Yes. Set any of the conditions that will trigger CinemaVision choosing this sequence to play. Type: 2D, 3D and eventually TV Year(s): Triggers the sequence if your feature presentation was made in the year(s) defined. Studio(s): Triggers the sequence if your feature presentation was made by the studio(s) defined. Director(s): Triggers the sequence if your feature presentation was directed by the director(s) defined. Actor(s): Triggers the sequence if your feature presentation was acted by the actor(s) defined. Genre(s): Triggers the sequence if your feature presentation is in the genre(s) defined. Date(s): Triggers the sequence if the current date or date range matches the date(s) defined. Time(s): Triggers the sequence if the current time matches the time(s) defined. Press Backspace on your keyboard. Press C on your keyboard to bring up the context menu. Save your sequence. This isn't our final UI, but we wanted to put this feature in your hands sooner to get things tested thoroughly. Please let us know if you find any bugs or have any issues. Backup Stable CinemaVision
    If you have been running a stable release, we highly recommend that you backup the script.cinemavision directory located in your userdata\addon_data directory. This will make it easier to roll back to a stable release after you test for us, so you're not dead in the water. Reporting Issues, Errors and Bugs
    CinemaVision is constantly evolving, getting better and more feature-rich with each release. That said, issues, errors and bugs happen. Reports can be made as a Support Request on this website, in this thread on the CinemaVision forums, or in this thread on the Kodi forums. Since we can't fix the problem if we can't understand what's happening, please be as detailed as possible in your description of the problem. A debug log is ALWAYS required, along with the steps needed to re-create the issue. Follow the guide below to create and upload your log for us to review.  
  • Accelerate (HD) (DD5.1) By Circo

    • 0 reviews
    • 2,124
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    Themed pack of video bumpers that include the following scenes 3D Intro Courtesy Feature Intro Feature Outro Intermission Trailers Intro Trailers Intro 2 Trailers Intro 3 Trivia Intro Trivia Intro 2 Trivia Outro Demonstration  

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CinemaVision began in 2014 as a collaboration to create content for use with your home theater, offering movie trivia slides and video bumpers. It has since grown to be THE PREMIER WAY to create and customize your preshow experience. Download the CinemaVision add-on for Kodi today from the official Kodi repository, and easily create a sequence of trivia, videos, trailers, home automation triggers and more that will bring the experience of a movie theater straight to your screen!


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