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About this pack All of the DTS bumpers in this pack originated from HD sources.  Video bumpers included in this pack DTS - Animated Logo (HD)(DTS5.1) DTS - Anthem (HD)(DTS5.1) DTS - Behind the Sound (HD)(DTS5.1) DTS - Listen (HD)(DTS5.1) DTS - Listen 2 (HD)(DTS5.1) DTS - Paint Symphony (HD)(DTS5.1) About DTS Like Dolby Digital, DTS® provides 5.1 channels of digital audio. However, DTS uses less compression than Dolby Digital. As a result, some say that the sound produced by DTS is slightly more accurate than the sound produced by Dolby Digital. While most audio/video receivers will have both Dolby Digital and DTS, fewer discs and video games are encoded with DTS, compared to the number encoded with Dolby Digital. How to use this pack Copy the files to your "/Audio Format Bumpers/DTS" directory