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CinemaVision Add-on Development Release for Kodi 19 1.5.0

   (2 reviews)

About This File

Here is CinemaVision for Kodi 19, which has been updated by @DexDeadly.

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Just updated to Kodi 19.2 and took the opportunity to install Cinemavision 1.5 beta to give it a test drive since I've been running without it since 19 came out. It took a little tweaking (my sequences are pretty complex - including a bunch of actions for automated lighting and curtains) on my part to get it going. I tried with a couple of my existing sequences and just got a black screen. This previously has been caused by the "music" part of the trivia module (generally, the playlist no longer exists) but that wasn't the case here. I also tried to import an old sequence as opposed to loading --  in the end, I just wrote down the sequence and rebuilt from scratch. Just including these steps in case it helps others. After creating the sequence from scratch, it worked great. I'd second @MidnightWatcher's comment on selectable Trivia folders -- and/or have them based on the criteria. I'm very glad to have this back - it truly makes all of the difference in the world when it comes to the home cinema experience. Great work and huge hat tip to @Matt and @DexDeadly for keeping this project alive. Your work is very much appreciated!

One other request (maybe bug - I'm not sure, because I may be remembering wrong) - I thought that the context menu showed up if you pulled up the context menu on one of the posters on the main screen under the "recently added" section. This would be nice to just select based on the movie posters that your audience sees, rather than needing to drill down in the MOVIES menu, then select the context menu from the movie you select. Presently, that's the only place I see the Cinemavision context item.

Also - does anyone know if any of the old .pls playlists for the trivia module still work? I found it really convenient to just set the trivia up with one of those where you're not having to worry about the length of time it plays. According to the logs - they error out with "can't be found" - so if there is something I'm missing or we could update the .pls files - that would just be a plus.

Thanks again!!

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· Edited by MidnightWatcher


Tested the 1.5 beta yesterday and it's working quite well! It's such a great feeling to finally see CinemaVision up and running again!

Since I use MPC-BE (to keep using madVR) as an external player for Kodi to play MKV files only and not MOV and MP4 (in other words, Kodi's internal VideoPlayer will play all trailers and bumpers with refresh rate matching disabled while MPC-BE plays the main feature with refresh rate matching enabled in MPC-BE itself) I did not need to test the refresh rate action files with my projector, but everything I did test worked well. Note: I did have to disable the TVTunes add-on, however, because it made the sequence crash just as the first trivia slide came up on screen.  I suspect that TVTunes may be clashing with CinemaVision as both are trying to play a music file. UPDATE: Turns out I was using an old 2.0.1 version of TVTunes. Version 2.0.4 now appears to be playing a little better with CinemaVision! Hat tip to @Matt for digging into this! :) 🎶

The only thing I would recommend for a future build is to give an option to choose a specific trivia folder to use for each sequence.

Keep up the great work! The wife will love it when she sees trivia and trailers and our home theater intros again on our next movie night. beers clapper

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