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    • Just a quick question, Do you know how the OSMC Vero 4K work? I think it using the internal player, so CV should work there right? 
    • Original post from Reddit I’ve setup Kodi 18 Alpha and CinemaVision on Xbox. I use it for the great DTS/Dolby audio prerolls, trailers, hue lights, etc.  It works but it is missing the Action Modules. I need these to be able to have the lights turn off when I start a movie. Any thoughts?   As requested I've got a log file from Pastebin and attached.   kodi_cv_log__kodi.log.txt
    • Hey everybody,  I just spend 3hours trying to figure this out, but I couldn't do it, so maybe you can help! My goal is to have an action that via the Harmony Hub changes my receivers source. I use https://github.com/sushilks/harmonyHubCLI to connect to the Hub and it works great. So as you can see in my .cvaction I call a shell script, that part works. However what does not work is the whole execution of the shell script. As you can see I'm executing a nodejs script within the shell file, this works like a charm when testing it through ssh. The output of the node script gets logged and more importantly the receiver source is being changed. However when calling the shell script using the action file it does create the log file but only prints "Executed", it does not print the output of the "node harmony....." command. Furthermore it does not result in the receiver changing the source. Since the command does not even get logged, not even an error message, I have concluded that it is not being executed. But why?   Any help would be greatly appreciated, Paul   Edit: I also tried using a python script with the library "Naked" to execute the node script. Again it worked when doing it through ssh but no result when doing it through the actions. Edit 2: It appears to not even be executing "default" linux commands like mkdir. Once again, when running the script through ssh it creates the folder, but when doing it through actions it does not. However it does update the log file so the sh script is being partially executed. switch.cvaction switch.sh
    • I reset the KODI db and I've not seen this happen again with it starting to play a random movie in the trailer playback stage. However, trailers are still an issue. Originally I had the content folder, KODI DB, and iTunes selected for trailer scraper sources. Every time it always played trailers from the KODI DB, so I enabled only the iTunes scraper. That forced it to finally play iTunes. I then enabled the content folder scraper, for which I have about 16 trailers downloaded, but it stilled played only iTunes trailers. I then enabled only the content folder scraper, and then it played no trailers during the default 2d sequence. I'm testing this on a new KODI install.  I'm not seeing any errors in the log, so what would cause this?
    • The ZidooPlayer is better at f. ex 4K HDR and it's really fluid. I made a post over at Zidoo to see if I get any respons. 

      I just made a quick video showing the issue. (I cut down on the intros to make it short) I start with the ZidooPlayer, and then I try again with the Kodi player.    https://youtu.be/lop5IBeuyq0

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