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Getting Started


Hello I have installed the a12 version and it is up and working.  Hoorah

Frankly I have no idea where to get started with this?


Can someone please explain how I get this working; so I try to play Shrek and it just plays the movie without CinemaVision.

If I right click Shrek; I have in my content menu - 2 options which say CinemaVision.  It then presents me with all the children's movies in a list regardless which of the two options I hit.  There is a play on the right, and I get an Amazon Prime trailer so that's something - at least a start; not at all what I want but something; but then it plays Charlie Brown Movie not Shrek.

Q1.  How do I get it to load straight from Shrek and play Shrek? No menu, just straight into trailers & trivia then movie?

Q2.  Also I noticed how it didn't play any age rating.  So I have nothing in my ratings folder > BBFC.  Does it automatically download these or do I need to download from this website?

Q3.  There are a few BBFC bumpers to choose from, so do I install several, do i place zip files inside, or is it only one at a time and each time I want to swap between a bumper pack - I then need to write over the files?

Q4.  All the audio format bumpers are HD; is this forcing me to pay before I can try the software, is there dts-HD or Dolby Atmos which are SD - so I can try.

Q5. Same as Q3 - there are a lot of video bump ers; do I overwrite?   Say I eanted to download Nineties Tech, Molten Stone and Vintage Peaks - how do I select which set to use?  I hit download and it displays a a list of separate files, do we download each one separately or can we download a zip of them all and install into the video bumper directory (i.e not painfully slow waiting 60seconds and a little more slick)?

Q6. I have downloaded 2 files - coming.soon.streaks.mp4 & silence.your.phones.streaks.mp4 - which are very good (i really can see the potential of this - if it works how i think it should) - where do these files go in video bumpers, which folder?  Similarly I have seen "no smoking" & "a word from our sponser" & "preshow entertainment".  If you can help me where they should; it will help me understand the others.  Also "trailers now playing" and "trailers coming soon" do these share the same folder?  How does cinemavision distinguish between the two files - then playing trailers.  Or should I make another folder called trailers coming soon and now playing (or sub-folders within the trailer intro)? 

Folders I have:

  • Courtesy (is this smoking and phones?)
  • Feature Intro / Feature Outro (before and after movie?)
  • Intermission (this is done on a key sequence right?  Like the old intermission videos)
  • Short Film (???)
  • Theatre Intro / Outro (would this be like city cinemas, vue, odeon, cinemavision, or my own home cinema brand?)
  • 3D Intro, 3D Outro
  • Countdown
  • Trailers Intro / Outro
  • Trivia Intro / Outro


Thank you for time and patience answering.





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2 answers to this question

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Q1.  The issue seems to be that I use the Rapier skin, and have it enter smart playlists.  E.g. 1080p Atmos / 4K / Kids Disney / Kids DVD / 1080p Sci-Fi and SuperHero.  Basically as I enter the section - my current playlist becomes the smart playlist.  So when I then click Shrek for example; it loads all 200 movies in that playlist.  Is there a way to disable playlists all together?  I would prefer it just play the movie I am watching.

Q2. It does not automatically download. SOLVED

Q3.  I have seen the menu in Configuration for ages, and that allows you to select Random or a Set.  My question now is - is there a structure needed (e.g sub folders for all the different BBFC's?)


Q5 . This is configurable within the program CinemaVision; you can select a file or random. SOLVED

Q6. Could still do with a little help.


Any help on Q1's, Q3's, Q4, Q6 would be good - thanks.



Q7 - There are technologies Christie, DLP, Doremi, Harmon, IMAX, RealD - is there a place for these?

Q8 - Video bumpers if I download a mix of HD and UHD - can I choose not to play the UHD or do I need to remove them from the folder if on random?  e.g I download 2x Molten Stone - one in HD and one in UHD - will it autoselect UHD for 4k movies and HD for 1080p?

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