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CinemaVision Status 2020

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The following is from @Ragnarok regarding the current status of CinemaVision.

The latest and greatest stable version is 1.1.1 currently. It took us a while to get that approved for the official repository. I'll be working on bringing our new developer up to speed over the next month or so, and then we can start with new features and completing the features we have in the current pipeline. I'm hopeful and excited that @0raid is taking the reigns and will be able to give us fresh new perspectives and integrations. Our original developer, @ruuk, will still help with direction and steering but will be stepping back from an active development role to focus more on his job and family.

Now for some more good news! The website is back online and snappier than ever. We've successfully migrated to our new server, and while I've got a few weird things going on that I need to address with our CMS, it should be fully functional. If you have any trouble, please let me know.

And for the record: This project was started, and is maintained, with the best intentions. The subscriptions you all purchase are used to ensure this project is sustainable and allows us to purchase new templates for the content we distribute. I know some folks snapped to a decision that the project was dead, and that we grabbed the cash and split. That's on me, honestly. A lack of communication while I dealt with personal and professional changes in my life led to those conclusions. I know that it's been dormant for about a year, but I am working on planning out a new wave of content and updating our current content as well. I've got some new ideas that I'll be workshopping with the team and our new developer. 

In the interest of transparency, here's where we stand: With your support, we've been able to keep CinemaVisions' expenses fully paid which allows us to continue to deliver all of the content on the website, and give folks a place to collaborate on their own content and share it with the community. We've done our best to keep expenses low, and save as much of your donations and subscriptions as possible. We can keep the lights on for quite a while, and as long as the project is able to pay for itself, you don't have to worry about it disappearing. We really appreciate the continued support as we ramp up the new development cycle. This really is a team effort.

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