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CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.37 Beta

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We've just released a new version that continues to squash bugs that have been brought to our attention. We also removed the log uploading via the Kodi Log Uploader script. The website, XBMCLogs.com, has been down for a while and isn't showing signs of coming back. We'll be adding in support for Pastebin in the next version. In the meantime, please use Pastebin to upload your logs manually. Please get to testing, and let us know how it works out! We'd like to put a special call out to anyone who has a home automation solution. We haven't got the ability to test it all, so please test it and let us know your feedback, and even post your working scripts to the forum. We'd appreciate it!

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If you're looking at the download, scroll all the way down to see the change log. There's quite a few fixes and additions in this version.

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Or if you want to be lazy :D it is here:

- change:  Trailer setting 'Limit rating' moved to module as 'Rating Limit' with options for None, Max and Match features
- add:     Trailer module subsetting 'Limit rating: Max' which allows choice of ratings from the default rating system
- fix:     Possible fix for encoding issues when using trailers from the Kodi Database
- fix:     Changes to database handling to hopefully prevent 'OperationalError: unable to open database file' errors
- add:     Add 'APPLY TO QUEUE' option to playlist dialog
- change:  Rearrange some settings sections and make wording on some settings clearer
- add:     Added 'Content' as a source for Trailers which will play trailers in the CinemaVision 'Trailers' directory
- fix:     Rating style setting was always showing MPAA styles
- add:     Playlist dialog now also shows the year if available
- add:     Ability to use context menu on a collection
- change:  Removed xbmclogs.com option from settings (site down - for good?)
- fix:     Possible fix for crashes with mediacodec? Needs testing
- add:     Added the ability for skinners to pass 'movied=<id>' as an argument
- add:     Added the ability for skinners to pass 'selction' as an argument (will play current listitem)
- add:     Added the ability to add a line to action files for http headers -> HEADER:{"header_key":"header_value"} <-JSON string

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