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[Beta] Moti for Kodi - iOS Kodi Remote w/ CinemaVision Support

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Announcing Moti for Kodi Beta - iOS Kodi Remote w/ CinemaVision Support!

For the last few months I've been working on my own iOS remote app for Kodi and it's finally nearing completion!  I'm currently working to add the finishing touches, and CinemaVision support!

I want to make the app as solid as possible before release, so therefore, I'd like to recruit some beta testers.  Initially I would like 5 testers, ideally with different iOS devices to get a good spread.  To participate, you need to have an iOS device, with iOS 9 installed and an Apple ID.  

If you'd like to help out, please post to this thread, with the iOS device(s) you have and are willing to test on.  I'll be starting the beta over the weekend.



Finally we are a go!  Sorry for the massive delay - I guess I've learned never to post until it's done!

BETA TESTERS - If you are interested in helping me test this then please post or PM your apple id email address, and download the TestFlight app to your iDevice.  All testers will get a code to download the app for free once it is released.

This is a beta so not everything is implemented yet and there will be bugs.  TestFlight will give areas for testing for each build I send out - follow these please so that we concentrate the testing around the right areas.

Version 0.5 is making its way to TestFlight now! 

Here are some screenshots:

Home Screen


Kodi Instance Picker


Movie Picker


Movie Details View


TV Show Picker


TV Show Season Picker


TV Show Episode Picker


TV Show Episode Details View


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First test version is now with Apple.  It usually just takes a few hours for them to approve and process the new builds.

Let me have those Apple IDs, if anyone wants to help with the testing!

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On 11/28/2015 at 8:01 AM, tonesmalone said:

No takers? Everything is ready to rock.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

How is the test version coming at Apple?

7 minutes ago, danb708 said:

i want to participate i have an iphone 6 plus

Anyone who wants to participate should PM @tonesmalone to be sure he knows they want to be involved. :D

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