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problem cinemavision with projector and avreciever


hii..im from indonesia..sorry my english too bad..

i like using cinemavision for watching movie on lcd tv..its best experience..

but, when i connect pc to avr onkyo and projector..ihave problem..

i have 3 or more video bumper before watch movie..1 video bumper can play on projector, but when to the next bumper..my projector searching input video (hdmi)(my projector display infocus logo) but my CV still running (to next video bumper)..

what is problem..refresh rate? or else..

(when using lcd tv,,my cv good)  exemple..video bumper curtain>blank(black bacground)>dts hd bumper>etc...

can i delete blank bacground..its my problem to..

thank for cinemavision..its best experience..

i hope u give me solution for my problem..

im sorry..my english too bad.. :)


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Try using a CVaction file to disable refresh rate switching until the feature film.


IE Action Disable refresh rate switching

play trivia

play trailers

enable refresh rate switching

play feature. 


Search the downloads section for pre configure action files to disable and enable refresh rate switching. This will fix your problem. I had the same issue my projector was slow to lock on to the new rate and I would miss most of the video.

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thanks for fast respons..

i have finished download section for config. action..

my CV..i need advice to insert CVaction

audio bumper x3>>trailer x3>>audio bumper x3..

insert CVaction

( CVaction file to disable refresh rate )audio bumper x3>>trailer x3>>PLAY MOVIE(Feature)>>audio bumper x3..(CVaction file to enable refresh rate)     OR  

 ( CVaction file to disable refresh rate )audio bumper x3>>trailer x3>> .(CVaction file to enable refresh rate)PLAY MOVIE>>audio bumper x3..

can you explain kodi disableaddon cvaction (function)..where CVaction placement)

Note: You'll need edit the file so that it matches the IP address of your device, which you can find on KODI's Info screen:

if my ip must change To

	{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Settings.SetSettingValue", "params": {"setting": "videoplayer.adjustrefreshrate", "value": 0}, "id": 1}

sorry to much question..im nubie for coding..just try (never give up) hehehehe..

thank for help..need for advice..thank you very much..



Edited by satrya

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You want the second


cvaction disable refresh rate>>audio bumper x3>>trailer x3>>cvaction enable refresh rate>play movie


and yes that is where you put your IP

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