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Top Box Office - 1980-2014

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Hello, this is my first post. So I first want to commend the CinemaVision team for creating a very complicated add-on for Kodi and making it so user friendly. And with the website, it all is presented in a very professional way. Color me impressed. 

I noticed the community upload section and found many, many awesome creations to add to my library. As a Thank YOU for these user's time and effort I thought I would also share some of my creations. Hopefully someone will find them a suitable addition for their CinemaVision experience. 

My first set of slides is a set of the Top 10 Box Office winners from 1980 to 2014. Be gentle as this is my first attempt at creating custom slides. I figured since the Box Office is all about earnings, I would do a money oriented theme. Not much of a stretch since it is an obvious theme choice but suitable in my opinion. I had also seen some similarly themed Box Office slides at http://www.squareworld.com on my quest to find additional slides for CinemaVision. I enjoyed those but wanted to create my own version and do it for 1080p. So kudos to them for some of the inspiration for my theme design.

Obviously, pulling in all of this information and typing all of this could lead to some unnoticed errors. If you spot anything off, please let me know and I will get the slides corrected. 

Special thanks to BoxOfficeMojo.com, TheMovieDB.org, and U.S. Money for source material. 


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Removed 2015 due to year not closed yet.
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Thanks for the kind words! It's a lot of work, but we enjoy doing it. We're always open to ideas and suggestions, so lay it on us if you have any.

Great work! Fair warning, though... We also have this data in our Blockbusters decks, and you will have to update the latest years slide (if you want correct data) until all of the movies close at the box office and stop making money in theaters. That's why we haven't yet updated our deck, because SW7 is still going strong, and breaking records. :) Welcome to the community, and we look forward to seeing what you bring next. If you want any help or advice, we're happy to help. You can usually find one of us in chat if you want some real time communication.

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Thanks for making these, they look great!!! Keep up the hard word work and like Ragnarok said; One of us is usually in chat if you need help or just want to talk graphic design or anything really.

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