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[Kodi News] Plex Add-on for Kodi

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By now, you’ve probably heard that Plex has brought their experience to the Kodi platform, and now it’s finally in the repo!

In case you didn’t know, Plex is a great way to organize and consume media on nearly any smart device you already have. Plex Media Server walks you through how to setup Plex easily.  Once you are set up, you can also share your server with friends and they can share with you as well. Full media togetherness!

Check them out at: plex.tv and here’s a quick start guide.

Plex is the leader in this space, so we were excited when we met them at CES last year. They immediately mentioned the possibility of bringing the Plex experience to Kodi since they considered this something both of our communities could benefit from and were willing to dedicate some resources to bring this opportunity to life.

This add-on leverages Kodi’s immense work in getting the most possible out of the hardware with the ease of use of Plex. It allows the user to access Plex from a fully configured Kodi setup, with the exact same experience across all Kodi supported devices.

When building this add-on, one of the major components discussed was to bring the Plex UI to Kodi. Everyone worked at making the experience as fluid as possible to make sure every type of user can feel comfortable, if they’ve used any other Plex apps before.


Plex for Kodi brings a truly best-in-class Plex experience to our open source platform. While very functional, this is a beta release and there is still work to do, namely bringing Plex Companion (which allows casting and the remote on the mobile app to workand adding some other features that are highlighted here.

Note: It could take up to 24 hours for the add-on to be available to everyone. If you don’t see it immediately, you can try a force refresh on the repo, or just download the .zip file before in the forum for the time being.

Currently in Plex Pass for testing and bug fixing, the intention is for the Plex for Kodi add-on to be available to everyone as soon as we run out of planned features and don’t see any major bugs. The code is on GitHub and we encourage others to take a look and please send a Pull Request if what you’ve added is beneficial to everyone. Can’t promise it will get into the add-on, but we’re excited to see what the community can come up with and we appreciate the contribution.

Please share your feedback on their forum, which is accessible for Plex Pass users:


This project truly showcases the power of the Kodi add-on ecosystem and how far you can take customizability to make the experience as close to native as possible. ruuk did a truly amazing job building this for Plex and the Kodi Team is proud of this collaboration.

If you’re a commercial entity who is interested in having an add-on built, please reach out to us at interest-at-kodi-dot-tv and we can help connect you to the right people to help bring your idea to life.


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