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How to Add Ratings Bumpers to CinemaVision

This guide will teach you how to add Ratings Bumpers to CinemaVision.


The Big Picture

What you will need:

  1. Kodi installed and configured on an HTPC, with content scraped into the local Kodi database (not streaming).
  2. The Kodi CinemaVision Add-on installed, with a working Sequence (a working knowledge of setting up CinemaVision).


CinemaVision uses the Feature Module to display and control the ratings bumpers in your preshow. If you want to include a ratings bumpers in your preshow, you must add a Feature Module to your Sequence. There's no need to configure the Feature Module in most cases, as it defaults to using video ratings bumpers, which we'll download in this guide. CinemaVision currently has full support of JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP images, as well as support for the video ratings bumpers you'll find here.

Downloading & Extracting

We are now ready to download our content and extract it to the appropriate folder. You can also create custom folders to house content. For this guide, we'll download the following files to the appropriate folders:

Download and extract the file linked below to %CVROOT%\Ratings Bumpers.

Once we have the content we want to use downloaded and extracted to the appropriate folder, we need to Update content again so that CinemaVision catalogs the new content (streaming or local) and any changes into the CinemaVision database for use during the Sequence. Be sure to Update Content any time a change is made to the files in the %CVROOT% folder.

  1. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  2. Select the Content menu.
  3. Select Update content.

If you don't live in the United States, you probably use a different movie ratings system. CinemaVision currently supports MPAA, BBFC, DEJUS and FSK ratings systems, but will include more in the future. If you'd like your ratings system added, or a specific look that's not available, let us know.

To configure CinemaVision to use BBFC or any other ratings system, do the following:

  1. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  2. Select the Features menu.
  3. Choose the Default ratings system that fits your needs.

To configure CinemaVision to use a random or specific ratings bumper style, do the following:

  1. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  2. Select the Features menu.
  3. Configure the Rating style selection so that it fits your needs.
  4. Configure the Rating style so that it fits your needs.

Note: This can be configured globally using the steps shown above, or configured on a per-module basis in the Feature Module settings.

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