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How to Configure Trivia Slides

This guide will teach you how to set up Trivia Slides and configure some of the advanced features offered in CinemaVision.


The Big Picture

At the end of this guide, you will understand how to configure Trivia Slides to work in CinemaVision.

What you will need:

  1. Kodi installed and configured on an HTPC, with content scraped into the local Kodi database (not streaming).
  2. The Kodi CinemaVision Add-on installed, with a working Sequence (a working knowledge of setting up CinemaVision).

Trivia Slides Overview

CinemaVision uses the Trivia Module to display and control the trivia in your preshow. If you want to include trivia in your preshow, you must add a Trivia Module to your Sequence and configure it. CinemaVision currently has full support of JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP Still Trivia files, and limited support for Video Trivia files due to limitations with Kodi. Video Trivia will play, but you will be unable to play both a trivia slides and music at the same time, and some of the hotkey functionality (skip, back, etc.) do not work the same with Video Trivia due to limitations with Kodi. While we give you the ability to use Video Trivia currently, we will not officially support Video Trivia until both Still Trivia and Video Trivia can offer the same experience.

Downloading & Extracting Trivia Slides

We are now ready to download our content and extract it to the appropriate folder. You can also create custom folders to house content. For this guide, we'll download the following files to the appropriate folders:

Download and extract the file linked below to %CVROOT%\Trivia.

Once we have the content we want to use downloaded and extracted to the appropriate folder, we need to Update content again so that CinemaVision catalogs the new content (streaming or local) and any changes into the CinemaVision database for use during the Sequence. Be sure to Update Content any time a change is made to the files in the %CVROOT% folder.

  1. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  2. Select the Content menu.
  3. Select Update content.

Configuring & Using the Trivia Module

There are several hotkeys that allow you to manipulate your trivia during playback. Please keep in mind that the hotkeys below only work with Still Trivia Slides, as Kodi handles videos in a completely different way.

Hotkey Action
Up Arrow This performs a big skip (3 groups of slides) backwards through queued trivia slides.
Down Arrow This performs a big skip (3 groups of slides) forwards through queued trivia slides.
Left Arrow This performs a single skip (1 single slide) backwards through queued trivia slides.
Right Arrow This performs a single skip (1 single slide) forwards through queued trivia slides.
Page Up (Single Press) This will initiate a fade out of the music and trivia to gradually skip to the next module in the sequence.
Page Up (Double Press) This will immediately skip to the next module in the sequence without a gradual fade.
Page Down This will initiate a skip backwards through modules in the sequence.
Space This will pause trivia & music playback.

There are several settings available in the Trivia Module to customize the playback to fit your needs.

Setting Description
Format This will set the format of Trivia to either Still Trivia or Video Trivia.
Duration (minutes) This will set the total duration Trivia Slides will play.
Question duration (seconds) This will set the display duration for Question Trivia Slides.
Clue duration (seconds) This will set the display duration for Clue Trivia Slides.
Answer duration (seconds) This will set the display duration for Answer Trivia Slides.
Single duration (seconds) This will set the display duration for Single Trivia Slides.
Transition This will set the transition between Trivia Slides.
        Fade This will fade between Trivia Slides.
        Slide Left This will slide the Trivia Slide to the left between Trivia Slides.
        Slide Right This will slide the Trivia Slide to the right between Trivia Slides.
        Slide Up This will slide the Trivia Slide up between Trivia Slides.
        Slide Down This will slide the Trivia Slide down between Trivia Slides.
Transition duration (milliseconds) This will set the amount of time each transition will take between Trivia Slides.
Music This will set the source of the music that will play behind your Trivia Slides.
        Content This will play music files located in the %CVROOT%\Music directory.
        Directory This will play music files located in a specific directory.
        Single File This will play a single music file, or a Playlist (PLS) File.

Advanced Trivia Slide Configuration

Trivia Slide Configuration Files

CinemaVision no longer requires you to include a slides.xml file to configure your Trivia Slides. By default, CinemaVision uses a specific configuration for Trivia Slide content that replaces the use of a slides.xml file. To take advantage of the built-in method, you are required to name your slides specifically. In Question & Answer (Q&A) decks, the file name must be identical for each group of slides, so that CinemaVision scrapes the group in together and they are played in order. Questions will be played first, followed by Clues in numeric order, followed by Answers.

Trivia Slide Type Required Naming Convention
Question The filename must end in _q.
Clue The filename must end in _c when a single Clue is used, or in _c<number> when multiple Clues are used in a group.
Answer The filename must end in _a.
Single The filename cannot end in any of the tags listed above for Q&A decks.

Here's an example of how the Trivia Slides should be named to take advantage of the built-in method:

...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<single1_slide_name>.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<single2_slide_name>.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question1_slide_name>_q.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question1_slide_name>_c.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question1_slide_name>_a.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question2_slide_name>_q.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question2_slide_name>_c1.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question2_slide_name>_c2.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question2_slide_name>_c3.<extension>
...\Trivia Slides\<deck_name>\<question2_slide_name>_a.<extension>

Here's the same example with the variables filled in:

...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\SingleSlide1.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\SingleSlide2.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide1_q.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide1_c.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide1_a.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide2_q.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide2_c1.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide2_c2.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide2_c3.jpg
...\Trivia Slides\My Trivia\QASlide2_a.jpg

Of course, you can still use a slides.xml file to force CinemaVision to do specific things with your Trivia Slides, or use a specific naming convention for example.  The slides.xml used for the built-in method is shown below.

        <question format="(?i)_q\.jpg|png|gif|bmp" />
        <clue format="(?i)_c(\d)?\.jpg|png|gif|bmp" />
        <answer format="(?i)_a\.jpg|png|gif|bmp" />

Here is a list of supported Python Regular Expressions that you can use to modify your slides.xml file to fit your specific needs. These advanced methods do require some knowledge of syntax and the ability to read, and write code.

The use of slides.xml is intended for edge use scenarios where you are trying to achieve an order not attainable by the standard Question → Clue → Answer format. Please be aware that this method is prone to errors that may cause the Trivia Module to function in unexpected ways. We will do our best to help, but you will largely be supporting yourself should you choose to modify the slides.xml file.

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