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How to Update Content in CinemaVision

This guide will teach you how to update your content in CinemaVision.


The Big Picture

At the end of this guide, you will understand how to update content in CinemaVision.

What you will need:

  1. Kodi installed and configured on an HTPC, with content scraped into the local Kodi database (not streaming).
  2. The Kodi CinemaVision Add-on installed, with content downloaded and extracted to the appropriate directories.

Why Update Content

CinemaVision uses a database to catalog and reference all of the content (Trivia Slides, Video Bumpers, etc.) that you make available to the add-on. That database is used by the add-on to build your Sequence, and must be maintained as content is added and removed. During content updates, any missing items are removed from the database, and any new items are added. If you do not perform a content update after adding new content, the add-on does not know that the new content exists and will not play that content.

How to Update Content

Update Content from the CinemaVision Add-on Settings

  1. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  2. Select the Content menu.
  3. Select Update content.

Update Content automatically using the CinemaVision Service Add-on

  1. Install the CinemaVision Service add-on from the Kodi repository.
  2. Open the CinemaVision add-on settings.
  3. Select the Content menu.
  4. Configure the Automatic Update settings.

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I do this, but nothing is downloaded. The directories are all on my NAS, but they are all empty. I am using CV and CV Launcher with Kodi. Please help me.

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