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Understanding CinemaVision Modules & Sequences

This guide will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about CinemaVision Modules & Sequences.


The Big Picture

CinemaVision uses Sequences to create the flow of your preshow, providing you complete control of your movie theater experience. Sequences are made of Modules that serve specific purposes and control unique functionality. CinemaVision comes with default 2D and 3D Sequences built in, just in case you don't feel like building your own. Let's dive into what the Modules do!

The Modules

Modules serve specific functions for your preshow. Each Module contains settings unique to that Module, and global default settings can also be defined for each Module type in the CinemaVision add-on settings. Modules can be put in Sequences in any order.

cinemavision_addon_action.png Action Module

This module will broadcast a command to your home automation solution, a script, an add-on, or an application installed on your HTPC. It currently works with any home automation solution that has a RESTful API, or can be manipulated using HTTP calls or Python scripts.

cinemavision_addon_audioformatbumper.png Audio Format Bumper Module
This module will detect the audio codec of your feature presentation and play the appropriate audio format bumpers for that audio codec.

cinemavision_addon_command.png Command Module
This module will allow you to customize your sequence using conditional statements, which can be used to have the add-on automatically jump forwards, or backwards in the sequence without any user interaction.

cinemavision_addon_feature.png Feature Module
This module represents your queued feature presentation. If this module does not exist in your sequence, the feature(s) you select will not play.

cinemavision_addon_trailers.png Trailer Module
This module will allow you to customize the number, quality, and source of trailers to be shown.

cinemavision_addon_trivia.png Trivia Module
This module will allow you to customize your trivia slideshow.

cinemavision_addon_videobumpers.png Video Bumper Module
This module will allow you to play any supported video file, as well as any stream from this list of websites. While a large number of streaming websites are included, we will currently only address issues with larger streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The Sequences

The Sequence is what makes your preshow work. It's the order of items that you want to play before, and/or after your feature presentation. There is no limit on how long your sequence can be, and each Module is independently customizable which means the possibilities are endless. Sequences can be created and modified using the Sequence Editor. To open the Sequence Editor, simply launch the CinemaVision add-on. CinemaVision comes with default Sequences built-in for each type of media, but you are free to create a new Sequence from scratch if you want to. There are also have Sequences on the website that you can download and use. Feel free to share yours!

There are several hotkeys that perform different functions when in the Sequence Editor.

Hotkey Action
C This opens the Context Menu within the add-on.
Escape When editing the settings of a Module, this will go back to the Sequence Editor without saving changes.
Backspace When editing the settings of a Module, this will go back to the Sequence Editor saving changes.

Lets talk a little bit about how to design Sequences. Lets say, for example, that you only want to play two trailers from iTunes before your feature. How would we set that Sequence up? Like this:


Here's a breakdown of how to set up the Modules in order of appearance:

T Edit the Module and change the number of trailers played to meet your needs, disable all of the scrapers except iTunes.
F No action needed for this Module.
C Edit the Module and change Command to Back, Argument to 2, and Condition to Feature queue is full.

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