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    I have seen a previous request to integrate CinemaVision into Plex. Given Plex's current direction to monetize everything, and provide worthless features like news, that is extremely unlikely to occur. The best case scenario is that they buy you guys Which is also the worst case scenario, as they would only have the integration on certain apps, get a minimum viable product out the door, and promptly move on to something else, ignoring Cinemavision from a support standpoint. However, there could be a backdoor way to use CinemaVision with a Plex server and client - OpenPHT. OpenPHT is a community driven fork of Plex Home Theater, which happens to be built off of Kodi. It is feature rich, customizable and supports many feature and capabilities that the official Plex client for windows does not. I recently switched to OpenPHT from my Roku clients, due to it's limitations (primarily around Plex and Roku's inability to play DTS-HD.MA 7.1 audio.) The OpenPHT developers are currently working on version 2, which will be built of a new version of Kodi. Now seems like a perfect time to integrate OpenPHT and Cinemavision I have posted a feature request over at the OpenPHT section of the Plex forums, to drum up interest from that side. https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/296492/feature-request-cinemavision-integration/p1?new=1
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    Hi all, I am trying to start a Cinemavision sequence via the Kodi RPC API. The only thing I can manage is to get to the CinemaVision home screen by using the following JSON RPC message: { method: 'Addons.ExecuteAddon', params: { addonid: 'script.cinemavision', params: [ '' ] } } I wonder what the supported values for the key "params" are. I could not find any documentation on that. My goal is to pass along the name of a preshow sequence and to start the preshow according to the given value. --> Is there a description on the supported values for the key "params" for CinemaVision? --> Is it possible to trigger the playback of any sequence (a specific one, or just a default one) via the Kodi JSON RPC API? Best regards, Frank.
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    Right now, all the CinemaVision Service Add-on can do is run content updates in the background without any interaction from you. We're working on adding all kinds of features to it, like the ability to make CinemaVision your default when you play content, scheduling the start of your Sequences, and more.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This themed deck of trivia slides is for the 2017 film, Pirate Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell noTales. The deck includes a number of slides from several different categories including: Facts 3 Question & Answer 16 Multiple Choice 18
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    I can write a guide on integrating CinemaVision with HomeAssistant. This opens a door of possibilities with regards to automation since HomeAssistant, like OpenHAB, can be the gateway for interacting with other platforms.
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    It was way to the right, off the screen. I sent you a screencap via IM.
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    I have the same issue with Kodi 18 builds from Milhouse (LibreELEC on x86_64). But besides the issue described above, with the pause screen, I have some other issues. The sequence editor does not seem to work as expected. Two observations: - The "demo mode" banner does not disappear, even though I have set a content-path and the content also actually works correctly. - The menu to add a new item in the sequence between the existing items does not render, I am able to select and add new items but I have to do this "blind". Trivia slides have some issues: - Even the ones that are supposed to be 1080p are not fullscreen on my TV. - The "pause" screen still shows (with the pause icon in the center of the screen, and a strange rectangle in the top-right corner). Screenshots are attached. Logging can be found on https://pastebin.com/P8mn1Q1m I hope this is the correct thread for this kind of stuff. But if it's not please let me know. Also in case more information is needed.
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    Hi ladies and gents, new to this app, kind of getting the gist of it all and then i hit a wall. Currently im stuck on the whole philips hue intergration. I have downloaded ragnoroks philips hue action files. But i have no idea how to get them to work with kodi or install them???? Any help on this would be amazing Im using pc format with kodi 17. Many thanks in advance.
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    I will try to help you the best that I can. For the action files that you downloaded, you will need to edit them so they will work with Hue. Save the files somewhere where Kodi can have access to them. I have mine in a folder called "actions" which is in a folder with the rest of CV folders and files. The first thing you will need to do is find the ip address of the Hue Hub. You can use this to find the ip address of the hub. https://www.meethue.com/api/nupnp Once you get your ip address you will need to go here http://<bridge ip address>/debug/clip.html Change <bridge ip address> to the address of your hub. For example This will open the Hue API page for your hub. On the Hue Hubs API page, you will see a line labeled "URL", make sure it says /api On the line labeled "Message Body" put in {"devicetype":"newuser"} Then push the link button on the Hue Hub. Within 30 seconds of pushing that, click on the button labeled "Post" on the Hubs API webpage. In the "Command Response" box you should get something that looks like this [ { "success": { "username": "IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL" } } ] Save the generated username in a text document, you will need it again. In this example my generated username is IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL. Now go back to the line labeled "URL" and change it to say /api/Genrated User Name Goes Here/groups Put your generated username where it says "Generated User name goes Here" Should look like this /api/IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL/groups Now click on the Get button, this will give you a response that will list your groups. If you don't have any groups you can create one in the Hue app on your phone. Groups will make it easier to control multiple hue bulbs at one time. Now open one of the cv action files so you can edit it. I am going to use Hue Trivia Lights for my example. You should a line in there that looks like this. http://<hue-bridge-ip>/api/<hue-bridge-user>/groups/<hue-light-group>/action PUT:{"on":true,"sat":255,"bri":160,"hue":10000,"transitiontime":30} Change the <hue-bridge-ip> to the ip address of the hue hub. Change the <hue-bridge-user> to the generated username we made. Change the <hue-light-group> to the name of the group you want to use. You should now have something that looks like this PUT:{"on":true,"sat":255,"bri":160,"hue":10000,"transitiontime":30} Save the file. Now go to Kodi and open the CV addon and open it. It should go to the screen you can set up the sequence. On mine, the first one is "Trivia action". Select edit and change the file path so it points to the file we just saved. Click on "Test" after you tell it where the file is at. If everything works correctly you should see your lights dim and get a new window that opens up and has a green "OK" which means the test worked. You can select no to "run abort action". It won't work until you set that up. Repeat the editing of the files for the rest of the actions you want to set up. After you save the files be sure to update the path locations for them in the CV addon. By using the actions files with CV you will not need any other addons to control your Hue lights when you use CV addon to watch movies. If you have problems or questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them,
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    Since I last commented on this thread about 2 years ago, I think using itunes trailers is fine but.... even when i have it set for 720p I do get some buffering at times. Any news on downloading trailers? I know cinema experience used to download the trailers during the trivia. this worked great and would love to see this added to cinema vision already!!!
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    That should be relatively easy to do. Here's a step by step: Open the CinemaVision Add-on Settings and browse to the Content menu. Set your Content path to point to the directory where you'll store all of your content. Based on your requirement to play one random video out of all of your content, put all of your videos in one directory under the directory you've chosen as your Content path. Note: You're welcome to create your own directories for content, and do not have to use the default directories. Open the Sequence Editor by running the CinemaVision Add-on. Press the C key on your keyboard to bring up the context menu. Select New to create a new Sequence. Now lets design our Sequence. You mentioned you wanted a randomly played file from all of the videos you have. Set your Sequence up like this: --- Here's a breakdown of how to set up the Modules in order of appearance: V Edit the Module and change Type to Directory, Directory to the directory you put all of your content in. T Edit the Module and change the number of trailers played to meet your needs, disable all of the scrapers except iTunes. F No action needed for this Module. C Edit the Module and change Command to Back, Argument to 3, and Condition to Feature queue is full. Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction. Don't forget to save your Sequence. This guide will teach you our terminology and outline what each Module does in the Sequence in detail. Hopefully that helps clear some things up for you. Which guides are you having trouble with? What specific things do you find non-intuitive about CinemaVision? It makes it difficult to improve the add-on with no actionable information from our users. As far as I'm aware, nobody has come to any of us with issues regarding the user interface, or user experience. There are certainly more effective ways to ask for help. I'm going to move this thread to the Add-on Support forum so others can easily find it if they need help.

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