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    Starting my next trivia slide project, Disney's animated movie, The Jungle Book (1967). I've always said I'd never do cartoons, but figured we need more CV branded family oriented content. I'll be working primarily on Disney animated classic titles between keeping up on the series I've done in the past as new sequels come out i.e. Star Wars, Underworld etc.
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    I know its been a while... but did this ever go anywhere? I am thinking of using Insteon switches in my theater and would love to be able to control them with CV.
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    Hey Bill. So right now, it's a bit cumbersome. You'll have to manually move any trivia slides that you don't want to use into %CVROOT%\Trivia\_Exclude. CinemaVision will ignore slides in that directory. Once you've done that, you'll need to do a content update so CinemaVision picks up the changes. Our developer will be adding the ability to specify a Trivia directory shortly which will make what you're trying to do much easier, and much more user friendly. Barring any unforeseen issues, we should have a test version available in the next week that includes this change, as well as the ability to play a Sequence based on metadata like Genre, Director, Studio, Rating, Date Range, and more.
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    Alright, what i was doing wrong was not to Update the library in the settings of CinemaVision. After i had updated the content its working now! Thanks a lot This is sooo much fun now
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    Hell, they've made enough Saw movies you could use the title screens to create a countdown.
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    mguebert many thanks this fix the Problem
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    Nice I'm hoping to get started on some Rom-Coms as soon as I can figure out which ones I can stand to watch the 2-3 times it takes to do a deck
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    This would be cool before a "Saw" movie
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    yes i did but didn't noticed it before because the reply is on top anyway TY
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    Godi, Please try this # Turn off refresh rate sync {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Settings.SetSettingValue", "params": {"setting": "videoplayer.adjustrefreshrate", "value": 0}, "id": 1} change to http://username:password@
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    If you're launching CinemaVision using the Cinema Mode button from the Movie Information screen, it currently only works in a specific case. You can not hit I from the home screen (on a movie shown in a Widget) and launch CinemaVision using the Cinema Mode button there. You can browse to your movies, and hit I on a movie there and it works just fine. It just won't work from widgets. We submitted a fix to Kodi a week before 17 released, but they have yet to merge it into the code. Hopefully it makes it into 17.1, though. We're currently looking into how we can add the Launcher to the context menu on widgets. Right now, it only shows up on Movie content items. We should have something soon.
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    see my previous post? http://user:password@kodiip:8080 also the chrome extensions: Simple REST Client to find out what port you're using properly 8080
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    i have the same Problem. Can anyone please help? Here my Screen of the failure
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    Hi all, We truly enjoy this add-on and right now i think that is almost perfect. But there is always room for suggestions from the average couch potato isn't it? We do use the Random movie add-on sometimes and it would be wonderful if both could combine. Select a secuence with a random feature from favorites or just random thanks, keep up the good work
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    That sounds about right!!
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    Version 1.0.1


    This set was built for 2016 film Star Trek Beyond. The deck contains several different types of slides including: · Film Fact Slides 10 · Multiple Choice Slides 27 · Question & Answer Slides 21 · Quotes Slides 5
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    Just finished Star Trek Beyond trivia slides. They should be up by the end of the weekend. I also completed the beginner work out plan and move on to Arnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint to Cut. And let me tell you, Arnold doesn't mess around, these new workouts are kicking my ass http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/arnold-schwarzeneggers-blueprint-to-cut.html
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    Hi not sure if this is somthing already planned for the future. But is there a way to evaluate some metadata fields / variables of the selected movie file in a action script ? For example I would like to extract the movie aspect ratio, and trigger the motors which control the screen masking and projector zooms if movie is in 21:9 My Hue lights already work perfect, so this would turn the cinema near perfection... Thanks a lot for your valuable addon! regards
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    We treat shows like Sherlock and Young Indiana Chronicles as movies for movie night in our theater...would it be possible to allow them to be used as features in Cinemavision as well?
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    I hope this helps someone else- I don't know how to organize a specific set/theme of video bumpers to create a seamless experience. The only ways that I know of are to specifically state which files to use (not really flexible) or to only have one theme in the \Video Bumpers directory. The latter is more flexible but file management comes into play. So... I wrote a batch file that does the file management for me. The content directory structure that CV uses is not modified. The batch file just moves files into them (deleting any existing ones). It takes them from one (the source) directory of everything that is contained in \Video Bumpers (i.e., no trailers or trivia slides are manipulated). It can handle any theme (by name) including random bumpers, if desired. The source directory looks like this: <theme name>_<bumper type>*.* E.g.,: Nineties Tech_Trailers Intro it doesn't matter what goes here.mp4 Nineties Tech_Trailers Outro.mp4 Nineties Tech_Countdown (a really cool one).mp4 -etc. for any other "Nineties Tech" bumpers Halloween_Trailers Intro it doesn't matter what goes here either.mp4 Halloween_Trailers Outro.mp4 Halloween_Countdown from 1956.mp4 -etc. for any other "Halloween" bumpers It handles random bumpers by copying multiple files of the same bumper type and letting CV pick from them... You can use the theme name "Random" or "Whatever You Want To Name It". Random_Theater Intro (the red one).mp4 Random_Theater Intro (the blue one).mp4 Random_Theater Intro.mp4 -etc. for any "Random" bumpers The important thing here is that all video bumpers in the CV content directory will be deleted and replaced by whatever theme you specify. To use the example themes above, assuming that ALL of those files are in the source directory, you would type any one of the following: SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers "Nineties Tech" SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers Halloween SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers Random One additional feature(?) is that anything that uses a theme named STATIC will ALWAYS be copied. So if there are, say, courtesy bumpers that you always want to be potentially shown, name them: STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 1).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 2).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy - Gremlins (old).mp4 So if "Nineties Tech" is being used as your seamless theme, the following files are all candidates to be picked and shown by CV: Nineties Tech_Courtesy.mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 1).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 2).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy - Gremlins (old).mp4 The only things to change in the .BAT file are: LOG_NAME MY_CONTENT_DIR CV_CONTENT_DIR Change them before the first run and as long as content directories don't change, the .BAT file doesn't need to change. See the notes right after these constants are defined in the file for their specific syntax. REMEMBER- THE CONTENTS OF WHATEVER DIRECTORY "CV_CONTENT_DIR" IS SET TO WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING, SO SET IT ACCORDINGLY!! It's attached. Let me know if it helps anyone or if I reinvented the wheel. Also let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. -Phil SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers.bat
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    Sorry everyone Star Trek Beyond slides have been taking longer than expected. Templates have been created, the film has been notated and I'm about half done with writing up the questions. Probably another 2 weeks if I had to guess. On another note I've decided to get into shape and am at the halfway mark on this 8 week program. http://www.bodybuilding.com/content/the-ultimate-beginners-full-body-workout.html
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    Actually this tag link will bring up all of them on one page... http://cinemavision.tv/tags/lotr/