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    Not directly from Ragnarok (the arthor) but a mod here has said there's no ETA. I downgraded to 18 to get it working. Not sure what the Kodi team fixed in 18.1, but I never had a problem with 18, and I'd much rather have CV working than wait for a possible new version of CV. While the mod didn't say it's dead, his wording made me feel like it could be a long way off, if it ever comes. For it to work in 18 you need to install the CV developers build, which you can download from here. Everything seems to work for me, with the one from the Kodi repo I couldn't get it to do anything. I just re-installed 18 over my 18.1, not sure if this a suggested way. But, I backed up my database first in case it broke something. So far it's working normally. If worst case scenario, this add-on never gets updated. I'll keep an 18 install. I don't think I could function without CV lol. I hope everything's well with Ragnarok, and if he's just burned out from working on this maybe he'll pass it along to someone else. He's done a absolutely fabulous job since he took over when it was still Cinema Experience. I REALLY REALLY hope we see future updates. We don't even really need new features, just to keep it running on new Kodi versions as they come out would be so nice.
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    Excellent - I'm going to read back through the fixes to 18.1 and make sure there isn't anything major there and give it a try. Thanks for the info Otis!
  3. 1 point
    Yip. Like everyone else here I don't use Kodi, I use CinemaVision. I'd always hoped Ragnarok would port CinemaVision to Plex and I could have one shared system across all my friends servers. The fact that CinemaVision doesn't work with 18.1 isn't just unfortunate, it means my entire cinema experience is gone. I don't want a TV experience in my home theatre, I want CinemaVision! I'm happy to wait months and months for an update, I'd just like to know if an update is possible, all things considered. Love to Ragnarok in the meantime. If this project is over, it was a blast. I've never enjoyed movies at home so much.
  4. 1 point
    CV is Ragnarok's baby. There are other people that help support the site or content, but Ragnarok is the person in charge of the development. We just play a role in support. I Wish I could say that we'll have a new version out soon. There are people that support CV in various ways, even if life has gotten in the way.

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