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    Hi, I had modified my default sequence to play three trailers. But every time I played a movie using the add on it only played one trailer. It wasn't till I modified the defaults that I was able to get it to play three trailers by setting the count in the trailers section. Thanks TimT UPDATE!!! Fixed: This was due to using Leia rather than Krypton. After installing krypton the problem has ceased.
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    Hi, if you look at the information screen for the movie, you will see a CinemaVision option. Click that to use it. It does not intercept normal playback.
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    Thank you so much! That did the trick.
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    Heyho, what do you think about to add a condition that checks if there is a video file within a kodi movie directory stored? In case there is only a .blueray textfile inside (source file on a disk) the condition might start an action that changes the video source on an AVR to play the file on a bluray player. So there is no need anymore to have two sequences that need to be selected manually before the movie starts (Sequence 1 in case file is located in the kodi dir and Sequence 2 if file is on a bluray disk). Secondly, does anyone know if there is a way to start logitec harmony hub actions from within a CV action file? i.e. change AVR hdmi source and play bluray. Someone told me thats possible via Ifftt but i was wondering if thats possible directly. kind regars, helge
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    Yes! That would be great! Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 10 met Tapatalk
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    If MoviePoster was written in .NET, the port to Linux is significantly easier now with the release of the .NET libraries on Linux (and .NET core). I'd actually love to see that as well, it makes more sense to run MoviePoster off of a PI instead of my XP (WES) based thin client.
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    Hey Justifier, Just wanted to thank you for your work troubleshooting the issue of Cinemavision/DSPlayer compatibility. Coming across your posts did indeed save me a huge amount of time getting things working. I'm not sure if you still visit these boards but I have a question for you if that's cool? I've configured things pretty close to the way you did, in as much as I use filter merits to handle all streaming material (apple trailers) as well as mpegs, movs and MP4s and I also re-encoded the three Cinemavision dummy files, however I only changed their frame rate to 23.976 and left their resolutions as is as to the best of my knowledge that shouldn't affect refresh rate. I was wondering if you are using any bumpers or files other than trailers? Despite my trailers now playing cleanly, my audio bumpers and film classifications are erratic at best and sometimes cause the feature to not play at all
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    Hi, is it possible to make the Audio Bumper detections a condition? Like: If DTS-HD is detected run "script1" & if TrueHD is detected run "script2" etc? I ask because I would like my Harmony Remote to change my receiver from DTS:NauralX to straight if the movie has Atmos, and back to DTS:NauralX if the movie have TrueHD or DTS-HD. Feel free to put this in the Request sections if this is not yet possible
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    Hello, Is there any way to get Kodi not to popup the video in the sequence that is playing when it starts. I would love to have it play with no indication that its switching to another file at all other than the fact that whatever plays next starts on screen. Keep up the great work, your plug in is a very worth successor to CXP and I look forward to using it for a long time. TimT UPDATE!!! Fixed: This was due to using Leia rather than Krypton. After installing krypton the problem has ceased.
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    Hi, I tried using the chat feature of the website and it appears quite dead, no offense. I know there must be a lot of people with knowledge of your add on who would love to share info with others or ask questions of others who use the add-on as well. You might want to think of setting up a discord channel so that people have a place to hop on and chat and talk about Cinemavision and the kinds of things people want to do with it etc. Also do you have any plans to create a Youtube channel?, I know some of the content such as demos of the themes and MPAA ratings etc are on there. Just a thought. Thanks. TimT
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    I don't see why not. Just setup the conditions for DTS-HD & TrueHD and reference your cvaction file for each.
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    I will try to help you the best that I can. For the action files that you downloaded, you will need to edit them so they will work with Hue. Save the files somewhere where Kodi can have access to them. I have mine in a folder called "actions" which is in a folder with the rest of CV folders and files. The first thing you will need to do is find the ip address of the Hue Hub. You can use this to find the ip address of the hub. https://www.meethue.com/api/nupnp Once you get your ip address you will need to go here http://<bridge ip address>/debug/clip.html Change <bridge ip address> to the address of your hub. For example This will open the Hue API page for your hub. On the Hue Hubs API page, you will see a line labeled "URL", make sure it says /api On the line labeled "Message Body" put in {"devicetype":"newuser"} Then push the link button on the Hue Hub. Within 30 seconds of pushing that, click on the button labeled "Post" on the Hubs API webpage. In the "Command Response" box you should get something that looks like this [ { "success": { "username": "IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL" } } ] Save the generated username in a text document, you will need it again. In this example my generated username is IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL. Now go back to the line labeled "URL" and change it to say /api/Genrated User Name Goes Here/groups Put your generated username where it says "Generated User name goes Here" Should look like this /api/IvLrovGs3so2zSIortEfEPYcH8dr8uJWR1k2trDL/groups Now click on the Get button, this will give you a response that will list your groups. If you don't have any groups you can create one in the Hue app on your phone. Groups will make it easier to control multiple hue bulbs at one time. Now open one of the cv action files so you can edit it. I am going to use Hue Trivia Lights for my example. You should a line in there that looks like this. http://<hue-bridge-ip>/api/<hue-bridge-user>/groups/<hue-light-group>/action PUT:{"on":true,"sat":255,"bri":160,"hue":10000,"transitiontime":30} Change the <hue-bridge-ip> to the ip address of the hue hub. Change the <hue-bridge-user> to the generated username we made. Change the <hue-light-group> to the name of the group you want to use. You should now have something that looks like this PUT:{"on":true,"sat":255,"bri":160,"hue":10000,"transitiontime":30} Save the file. Now go to Kodi and open the CV addon and open it. It should go to the screen you can set up the sequence. On mine, the first one is "Trivia action". Select edit and change the file path so it points to the file we just saved. Click on "Test" after you tell it where the file is at. If everything works correctly you should see your lights dim and get a new window that opens up and has a green "OK" which means the test worked. You can select no to "run abort action". It won't work until you set that up. Repeat the editing of the files for the rest of the actions you want to set up. After you save the files be sure to update the path locations for them in the CV addon. By using the actions files with CV you will not need any other addons to control your Hue lights when you use CV addon to watch movies. If you have problems or questions please ask and I will do my best to answer them,

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