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    Is there a way to prevent foreign trailers? "Making Of" featurettes, too. Every time I run a movie one to three out of six are either of those. Thanks! -Phil
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    This is a neat bumper. I've been able to find movies on their site released at some theaters in this format, but do any Blu-Rays (or other sources) actually offer this soundtrack at home? Do any receivers decode it currently?
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    I'd also like to know if this is possible. I had the same problem. I've also had videos run that looked like a sneak peak rather than a trailer with no indication of what movie it was. The kids got too bored with it, so I just ended up disabling my trailers.
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    Had a family emergency that prevented me working on slides for the past 6 weeks or so. Things are settling down a bit so I can start working again. I'm going to put Pinocchio on the back burner for now since since there are a few new movie series squeals out that I've been keeping up with slides on in the past, namely Star Wars and Underworld. So I'm starting work tonight on Star Wars: Rouge One. Since things are still a bit crazy I can't predict a release date.
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    I had an idea especially for people with scope (2.35 or 2.40) screens. Most of the bumpers I noticed are in 16:9 which is normal because that is the standard but for people with scopes screens or who may want to do that later it can be an issue. I wonder, if possible, when running a sequence it can detect of the movie is in scope and play all the appropriate video bumpers and trivia in scope. Basically I have some Dolby trailers in 2.35 and 16:9 so if the movie is 16:9 or 2.35 it will play the bumpers and movie trailers in the same format as the movie. In the same instance, I have two types of Dolby bumpers. One is the regular Dolby 5.1 bumper and the other says Dolby Surround 7.1. Say the movie is in Dolby TrueHD 7.1 it can play the Dolby 7.1 bumper rather than the regular one. Just some ideas I wanted to throw out there I would like to see implemented. I don't know if it's possible to do now or not but it would be really cool to see. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions to add on to this, feel free to comment below. Thanks
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    Just added my +1 to the plex forums! https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1314698#Comment_1314698
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    I noticed yesterday when I was attempting to set up Cinemavision at a friend's house copying my Cinemavision directory/setup to their server/host computer and then setting it up on a FireTV Stick that the scripts wouldn't transfer. I kept getting "parsing errors" when I attempted to bring up my scripts. As near as I can tell based on some other behaviors (although I suppose it could be something else), the problem is that some of the data appears to be internally set to use my computer's hard drive name (e.g. "MegaMovies") and since my friend's drive is called something else (let's say "StarDrive") the scripts fail. This did not happen setting CinemaVision up on a second FireTV at my own house (server name obviously is the same). Somehow, this seems to have consequences even beyond the script itself when moving things over to a new computer host because when I select a video bumper and set it to "directory" (e.g. to select random Disney/Loony Tunes cartoons; I'm suing "shorts" for something else entirely). I see my drive names appear on my friend's computers despite new scripts and I'm not sure how that's happening. Even on my own FireTV, it doesn't show the master list of drives or devices, but just my Media drive that I have CinemaVision stored on. I've noticed even on my setup that I cannot select any "directory" outside the one that the Cinemavision directory is setup on. I don't know if this is due to some kind of setup config in Kodi itself or the CinemaVision plugin.
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    True story, this is already on the list. We were trying to figure out how to crack it a while back. The issue is that we can't control the media people use, so we're not sure when credits roll. We thought about using the last chapter as a marker for this behavior, but wanted to find a way to make that more accessible to people who didn't rip their movies with chapters intact. The Kodi database doesn't have a timestamp for credits rolling, but there might be some external source that we could use or something. That's definitely on our list to look at for this development round.
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    I believe I found an error in the Guide for skins. It repeats this twice with two different bits of code one of which shows the code for running, but says it returns the Name: This property returns a value of True if CinemaVision is running. !IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(script.cinemavision.running)) This property returns the Name of the Module running currently in the Sequence. !IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(script.cinemavision.running)) This property returns the Name of the Module running currently in the Sequence. Window(Home).Property(script.cinemavision.module.next.name) As you can see, the code is identical for the running and first "Name" with the second name a couple of spots down with code that appears to make more sense (i.e. ...next.name)
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    After hours of playing with this stuff, I finally figured out what was locking up the skin mods using: <visible>IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(script.cinemavision.running))</visible> The guide on here suggests putting the line before the <controls> line. This locks up every skin I tested it with. I played with all kinds of settings (finding that false values or any values other than true or yes would get rid of the busy indicator, but nothing would do that AND keep it working when not using CinemaVision). But it locked up on true values so how could it ever work? I tried putting this at the start of the file too (right after <window>). Same thing. Well, I eventually had this nagging suspicion that the place it needed to go was somewhere else in the script and in fact, that was the case. This worked for Confluence and ConZeitGeist and I'm pretty sure it would work with all of them. You want to put it here instead: <controls> <control type="group"> <visible>IsEmpty(Window(Home).Property(script.cinemavision.running))</visible> <left>1070</left> <top>640</top> .... etc. I'm attaching a dialogbusy.xml file (from Confluence) here for people to easily look at to change whatever skin you like best to hide the busy dialog DialogBusy.xml
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    Does anyone have an Isengard compatible modified Confluence skin that has suppression support added to get rid of the "working" busy indicators? I've had no luck finding a downloadable skin for Isengard to modify and changing my Mac Isengard confluence skin results in my FireTV Kodi locking up on a restart for some unknown reason. All I changed was the Dialogbusy.xml file. I figured maybe there was something in the Mac file it doesn't like. I can't stand most of the other skins out there and Arctic Zephyr was almost tolerable but I still got the busy indicator on the final load of the main movie (Metropolis suppressed it completely). I tried modifying Xonfluence, but it gave a "dependencies not met" error (as does the newer Confluence for 17.1 download). I can't use 17.1 Krypton because something they changed in the engine kills some of my movies (iTunes sourced ones) that play fine in Isengard and given the attitudes of the developers there, I imagine there's almost no chance it will ever get fixed (they don't even respond to bug reports anymore). ... Edit: Nevermind. I finally figured out how to get it working in just about any skin (see this post in another thread): https://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/947-skins-with-cinemavision-support/?do=findComment&comment=3571
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    Hi this is the lasted log https://pastebin.com/jG0YyW5E Thanks Showtyme
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    To set Pause, Resume and Abort functions, browse to the Actions menu in the CinemaVision configuration and set the file paths from there.
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    I tried googling to see an example but no luck. From memory there is just a black background and the rectangle in the middle. If you go all black starting at the edge of the curved rectangle, you should be on the money. There is obviously some wording above it along the lines of "This film has been rated..." but honestly if you just flash the symbol you will cover the AU bases. Oh and apart from hardcore porn, nothing has been rated X in Australia. We only just got R18+ allowed on video games because we are so censored!
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    There may be a way to specify where it extracts that i don't know about, but there's no interface to the Unzip program that comes with a Mac. If you double click on a zip file, it just extracts where it's at. I do know that it also doesn't compress in a version PCs like either (I had to get a separate program to make fully PC compatible Zip files in order to edit Kodi skins and zip them back up again). VLC had the option for PNG in it. I did notice that the 3D videos ratings seemed to have some kind of distortion in the right channel. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not (letters appeared to bend as it played). I don't have a 3D projector to test it yet (will be ordering a 1080p 3D one in the next month or so to replace my aging Panasonic 720P model). It could be the refresh rate. My Panasonic plasma (living room system) can adjust its refresh rate so I could try it and see what happens, I suppose.
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    If you are streaming from iTunes, could it be iTunes serving up 720p for their own reasons? E.g. Your bandwidth or your method of accessing their site.
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    If MoviePoster was written in .NET, the port to Linux is significantly easier now with the release of the .NET libraries on Linux (and .NET core). I'd actually love to see that as well, it makes more sense to run MoviePoster off of a PI instead of my XP (WES) based thin client.
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    Ok well I have some excellent news! Using the DVDPlayer merits within Kodi DSplayer version I have managed to tell Kodi to use DVDPlayer for MP4, Mov and MPEG files such that DVDPlayer plays all the CinemaVision items and only use DSplayer for my MKV movie files. Yay!!!!! This means I can use MadVR with just my main feature MKV movie and I get full DirectX11 10-bit output and 4k upscaling with NGU. Good times! Also by using DVDPlayer for all my CinemaVision items including the .mov trailers I can use the settings within Kodi's menu system relating to DVDPlayer to stop refresh rate changes for different frame rates in trailers but the MKV movie files adhere to madVR settings which changes the refresh rate if necessary but only when the MKV movie files plays. 99.9% of my movies are all 23.976 so this I don't really have any refresh rate changes at all! So the great news is that the DSplayer Kodi version 17.1 does still have DVDPlayer within its system that can be used by using DVDPlayer Merit options in the menu system. I am extremely happy to say that this appears to be working perfectly! I guess if 18+ versions don't support cinemavision then I will not be changing until such time that it does. So I am very confident that my research/testing/trials and tribulations should allow many users of cinemavision to successfully use the DSplayer version of Kodi with madVR DirectX11 10-bit output for their MKV movie files and DVDPlayer for the cinemavision files and the trailers. It is important to note that I still think it is necessary to re-code the dummy files to 1080p 23.976 to stop a refresh rate change when starting the movie but I haven't tested that yet. It is also worth re-coding the cinemavision files to 1080p 23.976 to reduce judder in the sequences as I have my desktop set to 23.976. Finally I was using a directory with trailers all in 23.976 but now use kodiDB and apple trailers to play a few trailers and whilst most are 23.796 some are 25 or 29.97 etc which can cause a little judder for the non 23.976 files as I have set DVDplayer to not change refresh rates with my projector as otherwise I lose signal for 10-12 seconds. I hope this helps lots of people
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    I'm using this controlled by a SmartThings hub. It's running eight LED can lights in my theater. It was only $29 when I bought it though.
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    Hey there! We created a handy guide to help understand what Action Files are currently capable of. You'll find it here: Is there any documentation for the Vera API that you have access to? I'd be happy to help build some Actions, but I need to know how to interact with Vera to do it. A while back, another user helped me build a group of Actions for their Vera controller (of a different make). I've attached them to the post. Let me know if those work for you. VeraActions.zip