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    Unfortunately not. Now I just have mediahuman download trailers from youtube to a 'recent trailers' folder and tell cv to play 2 randoms from there. I set up a script to delete everything in that folder to delete anything more than a month old every night.
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    "Sign" the "petition" below and let's ask the team at OSMC to include a working version of CinemaVision for KODI 18.1+! If anyone can do it, they can, and it would make the best KODI-based player on the market even better: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/bundle-cinemavision-add-on-with-vero-4k/79354
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    Well, the thing is we don't really have a rating bumper before the movies in theaters, but we do have bumpers before trailers. These can be seen in this playlist I found here: The first 6 videos represent what we see in theaters, from G, PG, M, MA, R and CTC, which is more common than the rest. This is the closest thing we have to ratings bumpers in theaters, however I noticed in this same playlist other custom bumpers someone had made for their own home theater. Happy to have a go at making my own little bumper in photoshop but it's just the backend stuff in terms of adding the ratings to CV that i'm not too sure on how to do, wasn't too sure what to do with the values in the rating xml, but hopefully you get a good idea of what the OFLC looks like with these 6 videos
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    We're actually pretty modular when it comes to ratings. We associate a foreign rating system with MPAA using an XML file that tells CinemaVision how to behave. This is the XML for the British BBFC ratings: <system name="BBFC"> <region>GB</region> <rating value="185">R18</rating> <rating value="180">18</rating> <rating value="150">15</rating> <rating value="125">12</rating> <rating value="120">12A</rating> <rating value="80">PG</rating> <rating value="0">U</rating> <rating value="0">Uc</rating> </system> It should be pretty easy for us to add in the Australian rating system. The biggest downfall we have is coming up with ratings videos. Do you happen to have examples of what you all see in theaters? If you do, I'll put together some ratings cards and we'll get the format added. If you have 1080p full resolution videos of the bumpers, that's even better.

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