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    UPDATE Download CinemaVision 1.1.1a9 which already contains a more comprehensive fix for this issue. If this isn't working for you, please post your Logs which are very helpful in trying to figure out what other problems exist. Before you start. This fix involves changing code. Don't worry, its very simple and you don't need to know how to code. It's been tested on Kodi 18.3 running on Windows 10 and OSMC on a Vero 4k. It should work everywhere though. It is not a guaranteed fix. I have tested sequences with Actions, Trailers, Video Bumpers and Audio Format Bumpers and these are working. So, 1. First make sure you have the development version of CinemaVision 1.1.1a8 installed. If not, download from here and install. 2. Find your addons folder within kodi. This will change depending on what OS you have. This link should help you find kodi's main directory. 3. Go to addons/script.cinemavision/lib 4. If you have any files with the extension .pyo inside this folder, delete them. Don't worry, these are not important. 5. Now open experience.py - To make your life easier, consider installing something like Notepad++ or Sublime3 to edit this file. - At this point you can backup this file to somewhere else, though the change is insignificant and should break nothing. You can also reinstall the addon which will revert back any changes. 6. Go to line 882 and delete it. That's it. Do not comment the line as kodi will create those .pyo files again which may break this fix. This should be the line of code you have just deleted. self.playlist.add(self.fakeFileNext) Now check your code against this one to make sure you've done it correctly def playVideos(self, videos, features=None): self.playlist.clear() rpc.Playlist.Clear(playlistid=xbmc.PLAYLIST_VIDEO) volume = (features or videos)[0].volume if volume != 100: self.volume.set(volume, relative=True) self.playlist.add(self.fakeFilePrev) if features: for feature in features: self.addFeatureToPlaylist(feature) else: for video in videos: pli = self.getPathAndListItemFromVideo(video) self.playlist.add(*pli) self.videoPreDelay() rpc.Player.Open(item={'playlistid': xbmc.PLAYLIST_VIDEO, 'position': 1}, options={'shuffled': False, 'resume': False, 'repeat': 'off'}) xbmc.sleep(100) while not xbmc.getCondVisibility('VideoPlayer.IsFullscreen') and not xbmc.abortRequested and not self.abortFlag.isSet() and self.isPlaying(): xbmc.executebuiltin('ActivateWindow(fullscreenvideo)') xbmc.sleep(100) self.hasFullscreened = True DEBUG_LOG('VIDEO HAS GONE FULLSCREEN') 7. Save the file overwriting the existing one. If you can't, make sure to save it with the same name and extension and then replace it. 8. Enable debugging in CinemaVision Advanced Settings Restarting your system after these changes is recommended but not necessary. If you've done everything correctly in this order it should work.
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    I’m going to use ADBlink to make a complete backup so I can restore the shield quickly if it doesn’t work out. It’s free and easy. So the risk in my case will be minimal - it’s just time consuming. But worth it I think to see if it will work with the latest updates. Their are fixes I. 18.3 (for example - 18.0 doesn’t store changes to the screen ratio. So every time I start a movie, I have to do a “video calibration” - that was supposedly fixed in 18.3) and stability improvements I’d like to have - but I enjoy cinemavision enough that I’d rather be on a half-baked version of Kodi than give up CV. So hoping with rdsp’s work I’ll end up with both! I'm planning on reporting back after I get this done this weekend.
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    CV has been updated to include the latest round of fixes.

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