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  • News

    Never Say Never Again Trivia Slides Released

    This week’s James Bond trivia slide release is for the 1983 Production of Never Say Never Again. The slides follow the plot of the film testing the viewer’s knowledge of details and events that take place in the film. The deck includes 67 total slides including in various categories…
    Multiple choice 11(x2)
    Question & answer 14(x2)
    Factoids 8
    Quotes  9
    The deck can be downloaded in the Trivia Slides/Fusion/Complete Decks section or by the following link…

    Mad Max 2 Trivia Slides Released

    We have released the next set of slide in the Mad Max series. It is available to members of the Red Carpet Club. This set is for the 1981 film Mad Max 2 or The Road Warrior as it is known in the US. The slides test your knowledge of the films plot as well as providing some background info on the film.
    The multiple choice questions can be used with glow sticks for group voting if trivia participants are so inclined.

    Diamonds are Forever Trivia Slides Released

    This week’s James Bond trivia slide release is for the 1971 EON Production of Diamonds are Forever. The slides follow the plot of the film testing the viewer’s knowledge of details and events that take place in the film.
    The deck includes 72 total slides including the following categories:
     Multiple choice 12(x2)
    Question & answer 12(x2)
    Factoids 16
    Quotes 8
    The deck can be downloaded in the Trivia Slides/Fusion/Complete Decks section or by the following link…

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 1.0.0b1 Release Candidate

    We're quickly approaching the 1.0 release of the Kodi CinemaVision Add-on! We suggest doing a manual uninstall & reinstall of the add-on at this point, and reconfigure your settings. Doing so will help weed out issues carried over from previous beta releases. From here on out, it's just bug fixes. All of the features that are in our 1.0 release are in this release candidate as well.
    Some new things we've added:
    Strings have been localized, which means we'll have translatable versions when we get in the official repository Actions can now be checked for proper syntax and tested without running the action in your sequence Version and sequence information has been rearranged and is now more prominently displayed in the Sequence Editor More details have been added to the Playlist Editor including genre, audio format

    Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Trivia Slides Released

    I’m happy to announce the 2nd set of Star Wars trivia slides have been completed and are available to supporters for download.
    This set was built for 1980 film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The slides follow the plot of the film testing the viewer’s knowledge of details and events that take place in the film.
    The Multiple Choice questions are designed to be used with glow sticks if the viewers are so inclined.
    I’d like to personally thank Polargeek for donating this fact template design, Matt for donating his quote template designs and both Polargeek & Dexdeadly for proof reading the deck for errors.  
    The deck contains several different types of slides including:
    ·         Film Fact Slides 25
    ·         Multiple Choice Slides 50(x2)
    ·         Question & Answer Slides 37(x2)
    ·         Quotes Slides 31
    For a total 233 slides.
    The slides can be download in the Downloads/Fusion/complete decks section of the website or by clicking the link below…

    Casino Royale Trivia Slides Released

    This week’s James Bond trivia slide release is for the 2006 EON Production of Casino Royale.
    The slides follow the plot of the film testing the viewer’s knowledge of details and events that take place in the film.
    We decided to mix it up a little with this deck and release two versions. The first includes the standard modern era theme associated with all the decks from Timothy Dalton to Daniel Craig. The second theme is credit style. This style incorporates the beginning credits’ artwork as a backdrop for the trivia.
    The decks includes 75 total slides including in various categories:
    Multiple choice
    Question & answer
    The decks can be downloaded in the Trivia Slides/Fusion/Complete Decks section or by the following link…

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.50 Beta

    Well folks, this is it. Barring any major bug issues, this will be the last beta version before the 1.0 release. Please download and test it, as we've made a pretty big change. Our sequences are now JSON instead of XML. CinemaVision can still read XML, so you don't necessarily have to recreate your sequences, but it will add stability going forward. The other major addition to this version is the ability to test Action files for syntax errors. You can do this for your pause/resume/abort actions from the add-on configuration, or inside of the action module. That functionality will grow over time to include more error checking and reporting, as well as allow you to test your actions without actually running the sequence.
    It's been a long road so far, but I'd like to take the time to thank all of the people in the community that submitted feature and bug requests to get to this point. I'd also like to thank those who have joined the CinemaVision RedCarpet club, and taken some of the burden of cost off of us. For those who would like to join the RedCarpet Club, just click the banner on the right hand side. The sooner we reach our goals, the sooner we move on to the next phase of development!

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.49 Beta

    We're one step closer to our 1.0 stable release, with this one! A new setting was added for the trailer scraper that now marks trailers as watched if the movie has been watched in your library, so they won't show. We also added another setting for the trailer scraper that ignores YouTube trailers in your library when displaying trailers. Moving from Demo Mode to Local Content now works seamlessly and cleans up after itself. You can also set the number of files to play for everything in the Video Bumpers module but single files. Please test this release and try to find some bugs for us!

    Mad Max Trivia Slides Released

    Today I am happy to release the first deck featuring the Mad Max series of films created and donated by Polargeek. These slides are available to Supporters for download. Thanks to Dexdeadly for his help with fine tuning the layouts.
    The slide can be downloaded in the Fusion/complete decks section or by clicking the link below…


    Quantum of Solace Trivia Slides Released

    This week’s James Bond trivia slide release is for the 2008 EON Production of Quantum of Solace.
    I’d like to thank Polargeek for donating his Quote skin to the project. The deck can be download by Supporters in the complete decks subcategory of the Fusion trivia slide category. Or by clicking the link below.
    The deck includes 69 slides several categories including…
    ·         Multiple Choice Slides
    ·         Question & Answer Slides
    ·         Quotes Slides
    ·         Film Fact Slides

    Star Wars: A New Hope Trivia Slides Released

    I'm happy to inform everyone that Star Wars: A New Hope trivia slides are complete and available to Supporters for Download. I'd like to thank Polargeek for Donating the Fact template and Matt for Donating the Quote templates. I would also like to thank Polargeek and Dexdeadly for help proof reading the deck for errors.
    I will be starting on Empire Strikes Back tomorrow I'm guessing that deck will take about 3 weeks before it is ready.

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.48 Beta

    This version adds a ton of functionality, fixes a few bugs, and changes the way we do some things. We now clean up streaming trailers when they're unavailable, and you can also determine how the trailers play by giving priority to new trailers, or even randomizing the trailers completely. Also new to this version is the ability to decide what the resume action should be. You can execute a specific action, or execute the last action that was run (to automatically set your scene back to its previous state).
    We did change some of the guts in this version, so we recommend a complete reinstall and configure from scratch. You're more than welcome to back up your userdata\addon_data\script.cinemavision directory just in case you need to roll back. Most sequences should be fine, with minimal modification, but some settings from older versions that no longer exist will need to be changed if you do not start from scratch.
    I've left the download of 0.0.47 up, because our developer is going to be at the Kodi DevCon until Sunday, and won't be available for bug fixes until next week. Please test out the new version, and let me know if you find bugs. If it's totally unusable for you, submit a log and reinstall 0.0.47.

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.47 Beta

    This is a bug fix version! This version should fix the issues with Action Modules creating errors, and an issue when shuffle is enabled for playlists. The next version will have several changes and additional features, but we wanted to get this stable version out before subjecting you all to more of that. Enjoy!

    CinemaVision Kodi Add-on 0.0.45 Beta

    This release finishes the work we were doing with trailer scraping and handling. We've added StereoscopyNews.com as a trailer source for 3D trailers, expanded iTunes trailers exponentially, changed the way we assign priority to all trailers, and a host of other things under the hood. We've also improved 3D detection and handling, as well as added a ton of window properties that skinners, add-ons and applications can use. Check the change log for more details.
    This release changed a bunch of things so some of you might have issues getting it installed over older versions. If you have issues, please follow the instructions here to manually remove the CinemaVision add-on and install the new version. Enjoy!

    Stripe Added as a Payment Gateway

    In light of the recent issues we're having with PayPal as our sole payment gateway we've added another option, Stripe. To learn more about Stripe, click here. We're excited to offer Stripe as a new option for supporters, and look forward to a long partnership with the company.

    Star Wars Trivia Slide Template Competition

    We've decided to spur creativity with a little friendly competition!
    The templates need to have some sort of placeholder for a screenshot and a reasonable amount of space reserved for text to be placed, and be 1920x1080, otherwise these are no restrictions on design.
    Two winners will be chosen for the Fact and Quote designs out of all the entries. The winning template will be used for episodes 4,5 & 6 and we may do another completion once we get to episodes 1,2 & 3. The deadline has not yet been set but I’m thinking no longer than 30 days from today.
    Submit your designs in this forum in JPEG format for all to see. And don't hesitate to ask questions. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!

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