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  1. Thanks Ragnarok. I will definitely add it as a feature request in the forum and hopefully it gets noticed. I tried to look, but it would be nice if you had a quick 2-4 minute video just highlighting what Cinema Vision is capable of. Something to really catch the eye and peak interest for those that don't want to sit through a 33min long video like what is currently available. If you are on their forums, i go by the same handle as well. jdastas Thanks again!
  2. Hello all, Question for the Devs. I've been a long time Kodi user and finding myself leaning towards switching to Plex. My reasons are mostly due to the several issues I've had with Kodi for a long time and finally I just decided to switch to a more polished but more simpler offering. With that said, I am curious if the developers have reached out to Plex for integration and if that is even in the conversation for the future. Thank you for this awesome tool and keep up the great work. Best Regards, - JD
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