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  1. Here is my log. Any idea what the problem is with my Sequence? I of course added the movie (The Fifth Wave) to the queue and then right clicked in Kodi and selected "CinemaVision" from the drop down menu. This is a great add on and I tell everyone on the net in Home Theater related forums to donate to this app and get it! I named my Sequence "Movienight" and I select the "2D" when prompted. I told Cinemavision to make this sequence the "default" sequence for my Cinemavision. http://pastebin.com/HQbNiXVw
  2. Has anyone used the Aeon Nox Scope skin with CinemaVision? I'm just wondering because I just tried it for the first time last night and my trivia slides are cut off at the bottom (the fourth option in the selection is cut off). I have a 2.35 screen so I thought I would try this skin out with CV. Any setting changes that I can play with to fix this?
  3. I created a customer Sequence called "Captain America" and I've never been able to get it to play. The error over and over after queuing a movie is "Cinemavision error: Check log". I probably messed up with something in the Sequence when I made it. Does the log show anything? I love this add on and I love learning every night through the old "trial and error" method of learning it just like every program. Here is my log file. http://pastebin.com/whaXpV0b
  4. That answers my question. This really is the coolest Kodi Add-on out there!
  5. This is the greatest Kodi Add-on ever made!! Thank you for answering and responding to so many posts so quickly and answering questions! I got it working with a simple Sequence that I made and I was just reading through the CV Add-on support forum and I notice this post below: http://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/316-movie-wont-start/ Posted November 21, 2015 Hi folks! Great addon you got here! ive configured the the cinemavision like i should and when i launch the movie threw the cinemavision context addon launcher (add to queue,mark,play in queue dialog) it starts the intro and the movie wont start and the screen jumps back into the kodi menu after the intro. I can see some errors in the log ive created but cannot locate them. Im on RP2 Kodi 15.2 Openelec 6.0 Aeon MQ 6 3.2.0. I would appreciate if you guys can help me with this! Thank you! http://pastebin.com/j99pYbQZ Based on what this member is asking, is there a way to change the "Queue" settings so that you do not have to right click on the movie and selected "CinemaVision" with regards to starting the Sequence you have made or do you always have to "right click" on the movie thumbnail and select "CinemaVision"?
  6. How do I add a Movie to the queu? Is it a Kodi defined queu? Where is the queue to tell it what movie to play and then how do I play the movie in the queue? Thank you for your help. You have been very patient with my lack of Kodi skills.
  7. I get no sound while my Trivia is playing. I went directly to the website via Internet Explorer to "Streamingsoundtracks.com" and I can hear the streaming soundtracks when I click on the "Live" button on the left hand side of the screen, but I get no sound at all while playing Trivia. Here is a screen shot of my Trivia module settings in the CinemaVision Sequence Editor: I for some reason can't upload any images to this post but here is the link to the settings for my Trivia Module.
  8. I followed the instructions for the "How to configure CinemaVision". I noticed that the instructions cover every module (for the sample sequence that the thread instructs you to create) except for the "Feature" module. (ie the instructions tell you what to do for the Trivia, Audio Bumper, Command etc, but not for the Feature module); Am I to assume that the Feature module editing is common sense and did not need to be included or are these instructions purposely not including doing anything with the Feature module in this particular instructions sheet? (by common sense, just go in and edit the Feature module and add your movie?) The instructions cover how to Add the "Feature" module, but it does not discuss how to edit the "Feature" module and add your Movie to it.
  9. I have not yet completely setup CinemaVision on my 2.35:1 scope screen yet, but I read on one of these posts that one guy had issues with the Trivia Slides not lining up (top and bottom of the slides were too far above and below the screen). Is that the case? I know that there is a Kodi Skin (Aeon Noxs) Skin MOD - ScopeNox - Aeon Nox for 2.35/Scope Projector Screens (Zoomed CIH) that is made for 2.35:1 scope screens but it is not listed as one of the skins compatible with CinemaVision. I know Kodi has a "zoom" feature but are the Trivia Slides 16:9 aspect ratio? Edit: Aeon Scopenox IS on the list of compatible skins that works with Cinemavision. My bad.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. I did create a keyboard.xml file that might have re-assigned the "C" on the keyboard in order to program my Harmony remote to Kodi. I'm at work too so I will check it out tonight. If that is the solution then you hit that fix like a laser beam!! Immediately you knew the issue if that is the problem. Wow! Also I do have the CinemaVision "Launcher" installed and in "Enabled" mode in my Kodi Add-ons ( I say this because that image your posted in your response looks like a CinemanVision "Launcher" type of window.)
  11. What could I be doing wrong here because when I select the "C" button on my keyboard at this point, the "New Sequence" windows/option does not come up? Image of the CinemaVision Sequence Editor Image of Text where you are instructed to press "C" on your keyboard to open the "Context menu" and create a new Sequence.
  12. Is there a link or thread that covers which Kodi Skins support CinemaVision? (because I may want to start CinemaVision from the "Movie Information Screen". ) Thanks for developing such a novel Kodi Add-on Scott (and team)!
  13. Hi all, I downloaded the zip file that is the CinemaVision download and extracted it into its own folder in the root of C:\ called "CV". I may be mistaken but I didn't see a .exe executable file and I watched the first few minutes of Ragnarok's youtube video where there is a "Launch" button. Is there an executable that you first click on or do you put the unzipped files into a certain Kodi directory and then go to the add "Add-ons" area of Kodi, where you will then see the CinemaVision Add-on after putting the unzipped files into the Kodi Add-on directory in Windows Explorer? Thanks!
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