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  1. I wouldn't say its useless but there are definitely some bugs that need to be addressed and fixed whenever time permits. There has not seem to have been a major update to this in some time.
  2. I am actually not using audio detection in the traditional sense. If I have an atmos movie on the audio bumper tab I just select atmos rather than let it detect because I was running into problems with it thinking it was just standard dolby digital for some reason on auto-detect and yes I do have atmos in the filename. I still have not figured out why that is happening either.
  3. Glad someone brought this up because I am having issues with this as well. I tag my movies by Genre-aspect ratio-sound format. Example if I have a movie like Avenger: Infinity War, it is tagged Superhero-2.35-Atmos. If I have another movie like Harry Potter that is just in 5.1, its Fantasy-2.35-5.1 For the most part, I can get a sequence to show up but if say I have movie that is Superhero-2.35-7.1 the other sequence that is atmos will show up rather then the correct one. I also use TMM to manage my media.

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