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  1. dyhometheaterguy

    Check Apect ratio?

    Is this still something this still being planned to be integrated in CV in the future?
  2. dyhometheaterguy

    Streaming movie with CV

    Is it possible to use CV with movies from streaming services like VUDU, Google Play, Apple, etc? Through Kodi possibly?
  3. dyhometheaterguy

    trailers .nfo files

    I just downloaded the lastest update to Cinemavision and I noticed this in the update notes: Trailers: Content scraper will now read genre and rating from .nfo files How does this work and how do I add them to the trailers folder? I assume I can put a genre for the trailer I download in the folder and it was analyze it from the actual movie genre to determine which trailers to play
  4. dyhometheaterguy

    Trivia Folders

    I would like to know as well. I have to remove and change trivia for every sequence and I know it can be much easier
  5. dyhometheaterguy

    Raising the lights during credits

    How are using .nfo files to run your sequences if you don't mind me asking? And I also have been waiting to have this feature implemented into CV as well. Any suggestions?
  6. dyhometheaterguy

    still alive?

    Is this project still alive? I have not noticed much updates or anything lately and we are mid-way though 2018
  7. dyhometheaterguy

    New Atmos Bumper

    I believe he is talking about this video
  8. dyhometheaterguy

    Trailers from Youtube/iTunes scraper not working

    I too have had the same problem with iTunes trailers that just stop playing during a sequence and buffering constantly. It really does ruin the experience. Now bare in mind, I do download my trailers to a folder, or several folders actually for each genre and to be honest, I like it better that way because I have more control over everything and also because the quality is better with 5.1 sound. The only thing I need, which is a feature I have been asking for quite some time as well, is that the trailers I download to be able to read the movie feature genres and play the appropriate trailers for that particular movie based off the genre which is something Cinema Experience could do and I loved it. iTunes has been very inconsistent for me with the constant buffering (I have very fast internet as well; 100 Mbps). Any insight on of if any this will be included in a future update and how we can fix the iTunes trailers issue?
  9. Is there a way to just download the trailers to the computer beforehand that way there would not be any buffering?
  10. dyhometheaterguy

    Bumpers in Scope (2.35:1, 2.40:1)

    Hey everyone! Could it be possible to get the preshow video bumpers on the site in scope format for people who have scope screens (2.35, 2.40)? I noticed that most if not all the content being made is in 16:9 HD, UHD and 3D. I would love if would get in different aspect ratios as well. Thanks guys
  11. dyhometheaterguy

    Intros by Genre

    Will this include movie trailers we've downloaded in the directory not from iTunes anytime soon?
  12. dyhometheaterguy

    Scope content and 7.1 sound

    Great! Can't wait to see it happen. I actually have not seen any scope bumpers that I am aware of on the site. Is there a list somewhere? What about 5.1 vs 7.1 audio detection? Is that something that will be added as well? Thanks
  13. I had an idea especially for people with scope (2.35 or 2.40) screens. Most of the bumpers I noticed are in 16:9 which is normal because that is the standard but for people with scopes screens or who may want to do that later it can be an issue. I wonder, if possible, when running a sequence it can detect of the movie is in scope and play all the appropriate video bumpers and trivia in scope. Basically I have some Dolby trailers in 2.35 and 16:9 so if the movie is 16:9 or 2.35 it will play the bumpers and movie trailers in the same format as the movie. In the same instance, I have two types of Dolby bumpers. One is the regular Dolby 5.1 bumper and the other says Dolby Surround 7.1. Say the movie is in Dolby TrueHD 7.1 it can play the Dolby 7.1 bumper rather than the regular one. Just some ideas I wanted to throw out there I would like to see implemented. I don't know if it's possible to do now or not but it would be really cool to see. If you guys have any ideas or suggestions to add on to this, feel free to comment below. Thanks
  14. dyhometheaterguy

    streaming music

    How to use streaming music from say Pandora or Spotify to play during the Triva?
  15. dyhometheaterguy

    transition from trivia and slight pause

    Ok i got the background music taken care of. Apparently I have the music visualizer on so I turn it off and now I have nothing popping up in the sequences anymore. Now I still get a slight pause on every video that plays on my pre-show. i set a video delay of about 2000 ms but I don't think that helped any. Also, just to make note of, my local trailers are not being played from the content folder even though they are being recognized in the content scan. Here is my log http://pastebin.com/xdr1hqEk

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