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  1. Local media on a flash drive. I'm using a Nvidia Shield
  2. I ran a sequence yesterday and throughout playback, some video bumpers were constantly stopping and buffering during the sequence. anybody know what would be the cause of that?
  3. Did anybody get this to work? I been tussling with this for a while. So I created a sequence with just audio bumper module and feature. I played a Dolby Atmos movie with the sequence and it still gave me the Dolby TrueHD video? I have atmos in the filename and the atmos track is the only audio track. What could possibly be wrong?
  4. welp i was wrong. It seems to do it on certain sequences like I created a new sequence and it doesn't do it but on an older one I have it does on my videos. I'm thinking about starting over cause this just seems weird.
  5. It's stopping and buffering. Like I have a trivia intro video and it stop and buffers constantly now. I have not done any updates because CV does not work on Matrix. Update: So I tried it directly on my TV which is OLED and no buffering....weird. I'm so confused now
  6. All of them. Seems to buffering the videos which is odd because they play off local storage. I use my projector mostly when I use CV.
  7. Anybody experiencing freezing and buffering during the sequences? I have not had it happen before but I have lately. I don't know if it the display I'm using or what but it buffers like its streaming from the internet and ruins the experience
  8. yea I miss CV as well guys. hopefully soon we will get some updates
  9. I have my Dolby atmos track as the primary track and a DTSMA 5.1 track as the secondary. I do have atmos in my filename as well. Now I do have some movies with just the atmos track an CV seems to trigger the Other audio bumper for some reason so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  10. I have mine on 2D i believe. My problem may be I have 2 different audio tracks in the file. Is CV choosing the bumper based on tags in the filename or the actual media info?
  11. If you don't mind can you be a little more specific of what you did and how you got it working again because I am still having issues.
  12. Getting the app working in 19 is the priority but I am happy people are bringing up the issues so they can fixed at a later date. Does Kodi now detect 3D audio formats automatically or does it rely on tags for that still?
  13. I been having this problem for quite some time and it was never addressed. My default track would be English Dolby Atmos and would always have a secondary DD 5.1 foreign language track. CV would always pick up the standard DD 5.1 track and play that bumper instead of the atmos one so its definitely a CinemaVIsion issue.
  14. Yea I hope we can find another developer soon. I am willing to contribute as far as funds. I really like this addon for my theater room. Many bugs tho that need to be sorted out especially since 19 is about to come out.
  15. how would I do this with a streaming service like Spotify, TIdal, Youtube Music or Apple music? These are paid subscriptions and I can't access the playlist url
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