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  1. dyhometheaterguy

    Saving Sequences

    duplicate post
  2. dyhometheaterguy

    Saving Sequences

    I'm using the latest update of cinemavision on nvidia shield and whenever I create a new sequence from scratch, I use the same sequence to make a new one so I don't have go through the whole process again but when I save it from the original one, it does not save it correctly for instance, say I make Superhero dolby atmos, then I make superhero standard it saves it like Superhero Dolby Atmos (Superhero Standard) which is weird. I have to create a whole new sequence in order for it to be correct. Also, the sequences are not in alphabetic order anymore but that's not as big of deal. I have all my content and sequences saved on a flash drive that's connected to my Nvidia Shield if that helps with an answer.
  3. dyhometheaterguy

    Hue Lights

    I noticed that. I did try those files but something did not work correctly. When it comes to sequence of lights to select it has me confused
  4. dyhometheaterguy

    Hue Lights

    Can someone give me a more simply update guide of how to add Hue Lights to your sequences and how to create the action files? The guide is a little confusing and it's not working for me
  5. dyhometheaterguy

    Streaming services and CinemaVision

    I wanted to open up a discussion about this with the recent unveiling of Disney +. With streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and now Disney plus becoming a force in the market for watching movies, is there a way to implement Cinemavision in these services so we still get the same movie theater experience?
  6. dyhometheaterguy

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Which version of Android are you using on your Nvidia Shield might I ask?
  7. dyhometheaterguy

    Different Trivia and Music for sequences

    I was thinking you could point to a trivia folder in the sequence like you can do with music. Does not seem like it would be difficult. I just did a Kids/Disney sequence the other and forgot to change it out and it is playing Pixar slides during a horror movie. So what is would be is I just have to take slides in and out every single time?
  8. dyhometheaterguy

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I found out out my nfo files where affecting what audio format was telling Kodi so it would play the right audio bumper once I played the movie for a couple of secs.
  9. dyhometheaterguy

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I think I figured out what was going on, I first noticed on movies that had DTS-X that the wrong bumper was playing. First, I had my files named with DTSX instead of DTS-X which caused problems so I when back and changed it and it still was playing the wrong one. Then I played the movie, went back and used Cinemavision and it played the correct audio bumper. I believe it has something to do with the fact that I scrape all my movie metadata with a Media Manager. Funny this just happened with me on my Nvidia Shield where I can't pull up any context menu. Is this a known issue that just happened?
  10. dyhometheaterguy

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I know this is gonna sound like a stupid question but how do I do that? lol
  11. dyhometheaterguy

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    anybody having any issues with CV playing the wrong audio bumpers? I noticed now my atmos and DTS-X movies no longer play the correct audio bumper even with the indicator being in the file name. Any thoughts?
  12. I asked this on the Kodi forums but I figured I would get a faster response here possibly. Is there a way to have different trivia and music for sequences? For instance, I want to have a Star Wars marathon before The Rise of Skywalker comes out so I am planning ahead. I just want Star Wars music and Star Wars trivia to play before the movie. How is this possible because I don't see the option to change that when you edit sequences. Possible update maybe? any ideas? Love this add-on btw
  13. dyhometheaterguy

    Check Apect ratio?

    Is this still something this still being planned to be integrated in CV in the future?
  14. dyhometheaterguy

    Streaming movie with CV

    Is it possible to use CV with movies from streaming services like VUDU, Google Play, Apple, etc? Through Kodi possibly?
  15. dyhometheaterguy

    trailers .nfo files

    I just downloaded the lastest update to Cinemavision and I noticed this in the update notes: Trailers: Content scraper will now read genre and rating from .nfo files How does this work and how do I add them to the trailers folder? I assume I can put a genre for the trailer I download in the folder and it was analyze it from the actual movie genre to determine which trailers to play

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