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  1. yea I miss CV as well guys. hopefully soon we will get some updates
  2. I have my Dolby atmos track as the primary track and a DTSMA 5.1 track as the secondary. I do have atmos in my filename as well. Now I do have some movies with just the atmos track an CV seems to trigger the Other audio bumper for some reason so I'm not sure what the problem is.
  3. I have mine on 2D i believe. My problem may be I have 2 different audio tracks in the file. Is CV choosing the bumper based on tags in the filename or the actual media info?
  4. If you don't mind can you be a little more specific of what you did and how you got it working again because I am still having issues.
  5. Getting the app working in 19 is the priority but I am happy people are bringing up the issues so they can fixed at a later date. Does Kodi now detect 3D audio formats automatically or does it rely on tags for that still?
  6. I been having this problem for quite some time and it was never addressed. My default track would be English Dolby Atmos and would always have a secondary DD 5.1 foreign language track. CV would always pick up the standard DD 5.1 track and play that bumper instead of the atmos one so its definitely a CinemaVIsion issue.
  7. Yea I hope we can find another developer soon. I am willing to contribute as far as funds. I really like this addon for my theater room. Many bugs tho that need to be sorted out especially since 19 is about to come out.
  8. What needs to be done to get this plugin updated? and is possible to get this on Plex as well?
  9. how would I do this with a streaming service like Spotify, TIdal, Youtube Music or Apple music? These are paid subscriptions and I can't access the playlist url
  10. Is possible to have music playlists from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal during your sequences?
  11. Interesting could you explain how to do that with an action module? My receiver is connected to my network
  12. Yea I am bitstreaming the movie in Dolby atmos. I noticed the lower volume a lot with Disney properties (Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar) so I did not not know if it was a self contained issue. I am wondering now my system uses CEC. Is there a way to send a CEC command to my receiver to turn the volume up from CV?
  13. So I was watching Black Panther last night (RIP Chadwick Boseman) and I noticed the volume of the movie was a lot lower compared to the bumpers and trailers that played before it so I have to crank it up on my receiver several decibels. Is there a way to automate the volume in a sequence so when the movie starts the volumes goes to a specific level on the receiver?
  14. I’ve had the same exact issue too. I thought it was just me. So basically if I make a sequence, save it, then edit or modify it and save as a new name, it keeps the existing sequence name and puts the new name in parentheses. Example: Sequence: Family Scope 5.1 New Sequence after I have modified it and saved it as a new file: Family Scope 5.1 (Family Scope Atmos)
  15. I wouldn't say its useless but there are definitely some bugs that need to be addressed and fixed whenever time permits. There has not seem to have been a major update to this in some time.
  16. I am actually not using audio detection in the traditional sense. If I have an atmos movie on the audio bumper tab I just select atmos rather than let it detect because I was running into problems with it thinking it was just standard dolby digital for some reason on auto-detect and yes I do have atmos in the filename. I still have not figured out why that is happening either.
  17. Glad someone brought this up because I am having issues with this as well. I tag my movies by Genre-aspect ratio-sound format. Example if I have a movie like Avenger: Infinity War, it is tagged Superhero-2.35-Atmos. If I have another movie like Harry Potter that is just in 5.1, its Fantasy-2.35-5.1 For the most part, I can get a sequence to show up but if say I have movie that is Superhero-2.35-7.1 the other sequence that is atmos will show up rather then the correct one. I also use TMM to manage my media.

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