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  1. Hi there. Here is the kodi log you asked for https://logs.tvaddons.ag/pta4vzukw Hope this helps Thanks Showtyme
  2. hi this is the log from cinemavision tonight. I can only get 1 movie into the que by pressing q on the movie. If or when I press q to another movie only that movie then in the que not the first one. https://pastebin.com/vSjs2Tku thx How do I get a kodi log? Thx
  3. Hi again. Getting a bit frustated. Working on this all afternoon. I re read most of the guides regarding setting up cinemavision in case I missed something. btw the skin I am using is esturary. It ran fine with cinemavision until a few days ago and then all these problems started. Even when I am in cinemavision and I load my sequence there are problems. Either the whole sequence doesnt play or only parts of it. Weird because I havent changed the sequence at all and before it worked awesome. I will try other skins and let you know my results. Thanks Showtyme
  4. Hello As of a few days ago. I would pull up cinemavision and in the next window the movie that I clicked on would be in the que. Then when I clicked on another movie and went in the cinemavision window the next movie would be there and so on. If I press q or n the movies would not be in the que. Now when I go in the cinemavision window only the movie that I clicked cinemavision on will be in the que. No other movies will show up in the que. Am I doing something wrong? I have not changed my modules or sequence. This just changed by itself Showtyme I just checked again in Kodi. When I type q to select a movie and then n to bring up a playlist in Kodi I see the movies in the playlist. When I open cinemavision I see the movies in the que. But when I click play in cinemavision it doesnt play. When I go back to the playlist in Kodi. The movies are not in the playlist and a short audio file of on the movies is only in the playlist. Weird. Thanks Showtyme
  5. I have tried updating content on cinemavision. No help. I reset content database. No help When I go to cinemode. Only one movie is in the que Cannot get another movie to add to the que. Thanks Here is a log from today a few minutes ago. Also my whole sequence is not starting. only a few modules are working. Also on the lasted version. updated from the repository today. https://pastebin.com/Yk9AEwMm Thanks Showtyme
  6. Hi this is the lasted log https://pastebin.com/jG0YyW5E Thanks Showtyme
  7. hello Which app folder do I clear to stop getting errors when trying to use Cinemavision. The moderator explained this to me about a year ago and it worked but I have forgotten how to do this since I havent had the error in a long time I use windows 7. Thanks! Showtyme
  8. I use an Optoma HD20 projector. Soon to be upgraded to the HD37
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