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  1. Godi, Please try this # Turn off refresh rate sync {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Settings.SetSettingValue", "params": {"setting": "videoplayer.adjustrefreshrate", "value": 0}, "id": 1} change to http://username:password@
  2. Did you change the default web user from Kodi? and the password? That's the only thing I noticed in the screen grab
  3. You can set the refresh setting however you prefer, I have mine set to on start/stop. The only thing I noticed is that you changed the Kodi username and password for web control. That could be the issue.
  4. Has anyone else noticed a problem with refresh rate switching not shutting off? I have my system running Kodi 17 Beta 5 and in my sequences I have a cvaction file setup to turn off refresh rate switching, and then when the feature starts turn it back on. I do this because the desktop is running at 1080p 60hz and when the videos and trailers run they switch to different rates, which due to the slow lock on of my projector results in hearing audio but missing 3 sec + of video at each step. When I test my sequences in the editor it is changing the refresh rate switching as it should. If I set it to always and run the sequence the refresh rates still switch. But when I go back to the settings the refresh rate switch is set to start / stop. So CV is changing it, but it is not being respected if that's the right wording.
  5. Hello, I am using a mixture of Z wave and Insteon devices all being controlled via an ISY home automation controller and CV actions.
  6. Are you bitstreaming the audio through the HDMI connection. If you are the volume won't work
  7. You want the second cvaction disable refresh rate>>audio bumper x3>>trailer x3>>cvaction enable refresh rate>play movie and yes that is where you put your IP
  8. Try using a CVaction file to disable refresh rate switching until the feature film. IE Action Disable refresh rate switching play trivia play trailers enable refresh rate switching play feature. Search the downloads section for pre configure action files to disable and enable refresh rate switching. This will fix your problem. I had the same issue my projector was slow to lock on to the new rate and I would miss most of the video.
  9. JVoth, It is your isy username and password encoded in base64, this is what the postman plugin does for you.
  10. Jvoth, To make the individual dimmers work you need to append 1 to the module number. Login to your isy control panel. Find the module or dimmer you want to control. The address will be in the form 45 56 67 so the command in the cvaction file will look like this http://your isy ip/rest/nodes/45%2056%2067%201/cmd/DON/128 That would set module 45 56 67 to 50% brightness. The values for brightness are 0 - 255
  11. Great news, the more sources for HQ content the better. His site seems very out of date though.
  12. I made a sequence video showcasing CV. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B06e0ENXK_HKV1VEZjZuZGY4Zzg/view?usp=sharing Let me know what you think, it shows ISY lighting controls.
  13. I cannot really help, but I would recommend loading the titan skin back up, enable logging in the Cinemavision addon and paste the log to pastebin, it will help the developers determine if there is anything they can do to fix your issue.
  14. I struggled for a time trying to get this working, with a lot of help from DexDeadly, Ragnarok, and Winchy I got it working with authorization First using the postman plugin format a test url command such as Select get in the url header and below that under authorization select basic auth. Input your username and password. Select send to test if the command works. If it does press the </> button and it will generate the authorization hash. copy it into a HEADERS command such as this HEADERS: {"Authorization": "Basic= xxxxxxxxxxxx"} Note the spaces in the headers portion and the capitalization. These do matter. The 22222 would be a scene in the isy your controlling would turn scene 22222 off would turn scene 22222 on would turn scene 22222 to 50% brightness If you want to control modules directly the command needs %20 for any spaces in the url 2 2 1/cmd/DFON would be the url in a browser where 2 2 2 1 is module 2 2 2 to get it to work in the cvaction file the spaces must have %20 in them would turn on module 33 33 33 I hope this helps
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