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  1. I don't want to use a scene on resume, I want to turn them completely off using the Power Off setting for that 'Group', as a scene can only go down to 1%. I will keep playing with it. I can get it to work in the cloud debug window but for some reason I can't translate it properly into the action file.
  2. Have you done one for 'resume' that turns the lights back off after a pause? I can seem to get the format for the power:off command right
  3. Looks good to me Great job Grenessa & Ragnarok! Ragnarok - you need to do a quick edit of the LIFX Guide subheading, it still says Philips Hue in there. What's the CLIP API Debugger? Is that left over from the Philips Hue docs as well?
  4. Where did you put it..... can't seem to find it anywhere?
  5. PUT: Try scene_id instead of scene_uid ? Whilst it is only a test api key. Maybe delete part of it from your quote for me in case someone decides to confuse me during testing :-) (I have already done so in my original post) Yep that's how I worked it out in the first place :-)
  6. I have never used actions before. I am testing it in the Add-On configuration field for 'Execute Action on Sequence Pause' and using the 'Test' button. Is that ok for testing? Anyway, in the Parse window I get: HTTP Response{"Error":Invalid JSON} It's ok, sorted it out, see below: ------------------------- # Activate a scene https://api.lifx.com/v1/scenes/scene_id:cd6d6596-2896-4c2e-962e-ce2ac9727eef/activate HEADERS: {"Authorization": "Bearer c8e39a 4098730"} PUT: {"duration":20.0} This worked! (So your sample didnt have the right format for the PUT?) also forgot to point out used scene_id instead of scene_uid (not sure if that is relevant yet)
  7. No worries....... I haven't had these long but have set up a few scenes.
  8. I have some lifx bulbs. Can anyone suggest where to get info on how to incorporate control of these into CinemaVision? I presume some sort of script file is required but really don't know where to look to get started. If someone can point me somewhere where I can read up on this, that would be great (or is there a sample script around here?)
  9. I have a Mitsubishi HC3800 with an Intel NUK5CPYH Nuc (OpenElec 6.0.0 via SD Card) HDMI through a Denon AVR890.
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