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  1. i guess i could be solving the problem by myself... i checked the option "fall back to 2d bumpers" and now everything seems to be working
  2. alright... sequence should be audio format, trailer, courtesy, audio format, audio format feature... instead of the whole sequence only the courtesy video is played and after that, the movie starts... here is my log: http://pastebin.com/H0MPfXx1
  3. Yeah thats true, and i guess i wont be using a 3d sequence that often... but would be cool if i would get it running I have created my own sequence featerung a courtesy video, 2 audio format video, 1 trailer and afterwoods the feature it self. My content is updatet and i picked out a 3d movie that is also marked as 3d in my labory. but as i said, only the courtesy video will be played and after kodi jumps back to the movie selection list.
  4. Ok the good news first.... With v. 1.0.6 the addon starts and plays the intro Sequence in 2d as intended.. But i can Not get the 3d sequence running... the inkl Video thats played is an Courtesy Video and afterwoods i end up in my movie labory again
  5. Hey, So i will Check in the kodi repository of there is v 1.0.6 available and give IT a try... I will Post my experiences afterwoods Thanks for you Hard work
  6. ah ok cool thanks a lot for your work... you guys doin a great Job
  7. there is probably nothing i could do to avoid the Crash of the addon, isnt it? I also found out that it is no longer Skin specific... because with confluence it is not working anymore as well
  8. ah ok cool thank you :)... do you think it is a Problem with Titan Skin in General?
  9. Tanks for you answer. I already uploades my log File so developers can be aware of the problem In my oppinion the issue is caused by a incompatibility with the Titan skin... or did someone experience conema vision working with titan? Would be very nice of someone would have an idea because i would live to User cinemavision.. I also made a log file so that someone maybe can Interpret the occurring error: http://pastebin.com/8sGEs6mJ Greetz So long Wasntme
  10. hey there, i have downloaded cinemavision and i think it is a great addon. i installed it correctly and also set up the Folder structure in the propper way. So i created my intro and also checked my sequence... everything was played correctly. but once i hit the Cinema Vision button in my movie database it instantly crashes showing "Cinema Vision error" on the Screen. I am using Titan media browser... i also checked if the Problem persists with another Skin... with confluence everything works as intended... does anyone have an idea?
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