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  1. The program Metabrowser hits Apple's web site on a schedule you set and then downloads any trailers newer than that date, based on the resolution you set. It's mostly successful, but it has its quirks too. I'm not a programmer but I am thinking if you can stream 1, 2, or an arbitrary number of trailers from Aple in the CV settings, then it may be possible to save that stream. I know if the Apple trailer is at site (for example): http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/fox/alvinandthechipmunkstheroadchip/ then the default trailers is usually located at: http://movietrailers.apple.com/movies/fox/alvinandthechipmunkstheroadchip/alvinandthechipmunksroadchip-tlr1_h1080p.mov The URL pattern seems to be http:// movietrailers . apple . com / movies / studio / titleruntogether / titleruntogether - tlr1 (or 2) _ h1080p (or a720p) . mov Not sure how helpful that is, but it gives a start in where to look for movies. If the film is independent, then the word "studio" is replaced with "independent" in the URL
  2. Hello, CinemaVision is showing "R" rated trailers from he Kodi database on a "G" rated movie. I was able to skip the trailers, but confirmed that it happened twice one movie. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. Regarding streaming trailers being able to be stored.... how's that going?
  4. My apologies for the delay in replying. I actually reinstalled Kodi without Emby as a middle layer and also reset the watched status and it seems to be working fine now. Thank you for your help.
  5. Hello, I am no longer able to play trailers from the Kodi database in my sequence. I have not changed the sequence, but somewhere in the upgrade from 1.04 to 1.06, the local trailers stopped playing. The configuration settings and the file sequence both show the Kodi database trailers are enabled, but nothing plays anymore. All other trailers (streaming, video bumpers, audio, and from local folders) are just fine. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  6. I uninstalled CinemaVision a while back in order to try some different skin configurations and followed the directions about uninstalling the context menu launcher and the add-on in order. When I reinstalled it, I now have TWO context menu items for CinemaVision, both of which work fine, but I only want one. I managed to turn one off by editing an XML file in the CinemaVision folder(sorry, can't find it now), but I am afraid if I uninstall and then reinstall again, I'll end up with three context menu items. Is there a Kodi XML file that would be storing the context menu that I can edit instead?
  7. I have mine configured to do two trailers from one source, and then one trailer from my collection. You do have to set up multiple trailers as Rippmaster says, one for content from the web, and then one for content from the Kodi Database.
  8. Odd... I have Emby as a back-end and I don't have to do this on the Arctic Zephyr: Exploded skin.
  9. Thank you for considering it. That would be great. Or even all files individually, and then a zipped file would work (and likely be easier)
  10. So, when CinemaVision obtains the trailer from iTunes, is it streaming or downloading and storing it? If stored, that would be good as it saves on downloading usage later so I don't exceed my Internet usage monthly. If it is stored, what is the location? Thanks for all your help so far.
  11. I've noticed that many of the bumper files have 5 or more short video files as part of their set. Is there any reason that they cannot be archived into one file for download? If not, is there a way to use a download manager on the screen that pops up with all the downloadable files? Petty first world problem I know ...
  12. Follow up question: I use Metabrowser to grab "coming soon" trailers which are all downloaded to a specific Windows share. While Metabrowser has the ability to download metadata for the trailer, I do not have that enabled because it would mean putting each trailer into a folder of its own (more on that later). Q1: If the "coming soon" trailers are just in a folder with filenames like bare-tlr1_a720p or thejunglebook-tlr1_a720p, how will CinemaVision know which is appropriate to show? Q2: If I let Metabrowser download the metadata for the trailers, will it: a) honour the MPAA rating for the trailer? b) be able to discern that I want 2 or 3 random trailers from the parent folder and know enough to dig into the subfolders to play the trailers? Thanks.
  13. Yeah, I've found that Kodi and Windows share don't play nice together. Sometimes not at all. I don't want to map a drive, so I guess I can add the sources in
  14. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that when the program asks for a specifc folder to play local trailers in, it only allows you to choose local drives. I was able to fix the XML to point to the network share and it works just fine, but I am curious as to why the selection is restricted to local drives.
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