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    Stuck in Demo Mode

    Hello, I just updated Kodi to 18.1 Leia (official build) and also installed No Limits build on top of that. CinemaVision was working before but i cannot seem to get it out of Demo Mode. I have set the content Directory and tried loading a new sequence. It seems to load, but again, still in Demo mode. The content is being found and is structured properly. I have read in another forum post that was suggested that Apple iTunes plugin is an issue so i tried disabling it by following the given instructions, and I can move it up and down in the list, but disabling seems to be a no-go for some reason. I see that i can enable debugging, but I'm not familiar with the process of getting the logs to dive deeper so if someone wants to see some log activity I'm happy to provide, but will need walked through on how to get them. *update* I was able to disable the itunes plugin, but still getting the same behavior. I dove into the kodi.log file This is the absolute last entry in the log file that mentions CinemaVision; prior entires are a running tally of loading videobumpers, audiobumpers, trivia slides, etc. 2019-03-19 07:54:35.933 T:6320 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -]: Previous save loaded If it's loading the previous save, by that logic I should be able to load another configured sequence to get it out of demo mode and I cannot. It really does look like a gui issue, It appears that the seuence is loading, all of the paths are correct along with the attributes, but functionality and my ability to alter the sequence in any way is obstructed.
  2. shredder

    Trailer feature

    Hello I am trying to configure the trailers option in Cinemavision. I can see 3 options. Kodi Database, CV Trailers Folder, and Apple iTunes. I have no interest in manually Downloading trailers to my local machine so, CVTrailers Folder options is out. When i try Kodi Database, I seem to get a black screen that does not advance and eventually kicks me back to my movie library (I prefer not to watch trailers for movies I already have anyway) and lastly, the apple iTunes trailer. I don't have the applie itunes app installed because apparently support for that app ended a couple years ago and I am not able to find a workaround to get that app installed. I do host all my movies on plex and it can supply trailers, but not sure if there is a way to integrate this. So I guess my goal or question is. Is there a way to get apple iTunes installed and working these days, or is there a way to get plex trailers feature working inside Cinemavision, or is there another workaround to get trailers to stream from the internet for new movies?
  3. shredder

    Red inactive status on sequence page

    This helped me too, thank you!
  4. shredder

    Grunge Countdown (HD) (DD5.1)

    This would be cool before a "Saw" movie

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