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  1. I think I'm good to go on my situation, happy for this issue to be marked as solved. Thanks OTA for your assistance.
  2. I've enabled this trailer, but does not seem to be playing trailers once enabled during the sequence. It either skips over the trailer section, or the sequence stops completely and kicks me back to the movie library. *update/correction* after a few attempts to replay the sequence without changing any settings it seems to work...but it's flakey...for example sometimes i will get a black screen with audio playing and then after a few seconds the sequence just dies. Or it will play 1 trailer instead of 2 and jump to the next configured bumper in the sequence. or sometimes the sequence will just quit as soon as it gets to the step to start playing a trailer
  3. I have my trivia slides organized into subfolders, if you set the path at the .\trivia\ layer, it will read all, if you set it to one sub dir below, it will read only those set of slides
  4. Alright, I believe that I may have just figured it out this time. Hopefully long story short, I have about 8 sequences in total configured. I never much worried about coniditions in the past so i just left them all to default settings, which is auto select and all conditions were "ANY" on 7 of the 8 sequences. I had the thought that while setting a condition on a disney only sequence is true, another sequence set with all conditions to "ANY" may be equal or more true than a specific movie type. So i disabled auto select on all other sequences and verified that the Disney sequence can be picked up (assuming this would be true at the time because it's the only sequence that wasn't disabled). Then I picked another sequence at random and gave that one a specific condition to only play during the "action" movie genre. I tested that, and a different sequence played. So in short, I think that only 1 sequence can have the the autoselect on and conditions all set to "Any" and that would be functioning as the default sequence. Then all other sequences would have to contain a more narrow scope than all conditions being set to "Any" to be picked up automatically Would these be accurate statements?
  5. alright that's a little more seemless now, thank you for that, still only getting the default sequence to play and not conditional settings
  6. After doing some additional looking and thinking, I still don't understand what the point of setting a "condition" is if i still have to manually select CV and the sequence anyway? Even when going into the CV menu option in the movie info screen, I still have to select which sequence I want to use. Perhaps i have some documentation to read, but as of this moment, this seems like a pretty useless feature.
  7. Aeon MQ7 mod for Leia by MarcosQui Mod by Latts Ver - 6/21/2020 Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what is Cinema Mode? But to Answer your question, I would suppose I'm just pressing "Play" as that would be the default action assigned to the selection of a movie in a library
  8. It only runs if I kick it off manually via the context menu while I'm in the library. I tried loading the default 2d sequence, setting all conditions to any and it still doesn't kick off when selecting a movie. ....Only when I am in the library, select "C' on the keyboard to bring up the context menu, select CV then play, does it kick off the sequence. Come to think of it, this has never worked automatically....so is there a plugin or something that i need to get CV to recognize the conditions? There is no errors in the logs which leads me to believe that something has not been added yet...
  9. Interesting. Ok I'll check setting it as a "tag", Thank you for checking that. *update* I tried setting the condition for a "tag" function using the tag "Sultan" as that is listed as a tag in TMM for Aladdin and I seem to get the same result?...The movie just plays as normal when selecting it from the library, no CV sequence. Maybe worth mentioning ? I'm using CV ver 1.1.1A12
  10. Thanks for the reply, no sequence plays at all when i select a movie to simply play from the library. For right now, I was only testing animation(disney movies) For example, I was testing Aladdin; which the studio is listed as "Walt Disney Pictues" , So i set the Studio condition to the same in CV. I would expect CV to play the sequence when i select Aladdin from the library without any manual selection from a context menu. Is this how it "SHOULD" work or am i misunderstanding what autoselect really means? When movies were tagged, they were done mostly via Tiny Media Manager to create the NFO file, then the movie files were scraped first to read only the local NFO file; which i believe imports the "Studio" tag...unless a tag is referred to as something else? I did another test and broadened the scope to just Any movie to play and that also did not work. ....I'm sure it's something I'm missing or not understanding here....but I really have no guesses on what it could be. Hope this helps clarify Studio name presented in movie information Selection from Studio list in CV under Condition criteria Condition criteria in CV
  11. I've been using cinemavision to simply create a sequences for a while now. I've reached a point where i want to "set it and forget it" so I have gone through my entire movie collection and tagged properly and imported the database into kodi. I've reached the stage where I have set up a new CV sequence to only play when (for example) Disney movies, action movies, comedy movies, etc, are selected, CV pics the correct sequence based off of the genre or studio. My issue is that I've set the "autoselect" option to on" and set the condition in the menu to kick off based on the previously mentioned criteria. But this doesn't seem to work? ..... the only way i can get a sequence to kick off is by selecting "c" to get the context menu to come up, selecting Cinemavision, then choosing the sequence. Am I missing something somewhere or misunderstanding how this works? I thought the autoselect option would just kick off after the movie is selected in the Kodi library?

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