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  1. Thanks for the reply, I think this add on is great when it works and completes a home theater move experience. If there's something in the works that is an improvement upon CV, i'd like to be a part of it. I sent you a message. I have conditions set for the sequences in the CV addon which works....well enough, until multiple conditions are true and then it falls apart after that. Thanks for the reply, If i make any headway on this I'll be sure to post.
  2. Ok, Now that I've figured out how to launch a movie using powershell with kodi Json, I am trying to specify an experience...which i assume means a 'sequence' ...according to the documentation the code listed below should work, but it doesn't. Can someone else see what might be missing? Am i using the wrong flag for launching a specific sequence? I'm trying to pick a christmas movie and launch a christmas sequence #Starts a cinemavision sequence $data = @{ 'jsonrpc' = '2.0' 'method' = 'Addons.ExecuteAddon' 'id' = 1 params = @{ addonid = 'script.cinemavision' params = @(@{movieid = "$pickedmovie"}, @{experience = "christmas"}) } } $json = $data | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 $url = 'http://'+$hostname+':'+$port+'/jsonrpc' $mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($username, $secpwd) Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Credential $mycreds -Body $json -ContentType application/json -Method POST -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication
  3. in typical fashion, I figure this out 10 minutes after i post for help. I've spent days/weeks/months/hours trying to achieve this and i finally have. I'll share to spare anyone else the headache of having to go through this. My ultimate purpose for this is to integrate this in home assistant via script. Script Outline: This script is designed to parse through ALL movies that have not been watched (playcount less than 1) , of the list of movies that have not been watched, a random movie is selected and the movie ID is stored into a variable to then pass to the cinemavision api call. Assumptions: You will need to have mapped your sequences based on genre type so Kodi already knows which sequence to play when a movie ID is passed to it. If the script fails to play a movie, it means that no sequence (again, based on genre) has been mapped for that type of movie. What you need to do: in the username password and host name variables, you will need to provide the sign on that you would typically use for logging on to the web interface for Kodi for each call, there are 2 calls. #Returns a list movie and movie ID #required param ID $username ='username' $pwd = 'password' $hostname = 'ipaddress' $port = '8080' $secpwd = ConvertTo-SecureString $pwd -AsPlainText -Force $data = @{ 'jsonrpc' = '2.0' 'method' = 'VideoLibrary.GetMovies' 'id' = 1 params = @{ properties = @( 'genre', 'playcount', 'runtime' ) filter = @{ field = 'playcount' operator = 'lessthan' value = '1' } } } $json = $data | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 $url = 'http://'+$hostname+':'+$port+'/jsonrpc' $mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($username, $secpwd) $webreq = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Credential $mycreds -Body $json -ContentType application/json -Method POST -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication $webreq $unwatchedfulllist = ($webreq.content|convertfrom-json).result.movies|get-random $pickedmovie = $unwatchedfulllist.movieid #Returns a list movie and movie ID #required param ID $username ='username' $pwd = 'password' $hostname = 'ipaddress' $port = '8080' $secpwd = ConvertTo-SecureString $pwd -AsPlainText -Force $data = @{ 'jsonrpc' = '2.0' 'method' = 'Addons.ExecuteAddon' 'id' = 1 params = @{ addonid = 'script.cinemavision' params = @{movieid = "$pickedmovie"} } } $json = $data | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 $url = 'http://'+$hostname+':'+$port+'/jsonrpc' $mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($username, $secpwd) Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Credential $mycreds -Body $json -ContentType application/json -Method POST -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication
  4. I am trying to launch a movie sequence directly based on the movieid, but i cannot seem to figure out how to pass the params in a powershell format to cinemavision. I have it most of the way there, but the documentation is just not clear enough on how to send a movie id. If i can send a movie id and launch the sequence, cinemavision should know what to do from there as i have CV set to pick a sequence based on the movie genre. the code below, only seems to launch the editor, how do i launch a movie? $data = @{ 'jsonrpc' = '2.0' 'method' = 'Addons.ExecuteAddon' 'id' = 1 params = @{ addonid = 'script.cinemavision' params = @( 'experience' ) } } $json = $data | ConvertTo-Json -Depth 100 $url = 'http://'+$hostname+':'+$port+'/jsonrpc' $mycreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential ($username, $secpwd) $webreq = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $url -Credential $mycreds -Body $json -ContentType application/json -Method POST -AllowUnencryptedAuthentication
  5. Correct, just something that I hadn't tried yet, and thought that i would to see if it would work. ...I knew it wouldn't but thought i would try anyway.
  6. So After this post I said (what the hell) and tried to update from cv ver 111a10 to ver 1.1.1 from the Kodi Repo and now i just get a black screen whenever a sequence plays. I don't think it's just me. I think this add-on is programatically broken. I appriciate your help in continuing efforts of support for this OTA, but at the end of the day you are not the DEV I paid for this software to support and continual development of this add-on....this is a prime example of the reason I have reservations about paying for dev'ed programs from indie developers ....they get the money and then just end support and slap all the users in the face who supported it. Perhaps there is a reason for the dev to be AWOL, but as an end user, I don't care. If there is an option to have my money back for this, I would like to chase it because this program is useless and for those it still does work correctly for it is only a matter of time until it becomes useless for them as well; consequently rendering any downloaded content from this site useless as well. I have wasted far too much of my time trying to get this to work and I'm done with it....not angry, just filled with apathy towards it. Now the question is, Does anyone know an alternative to CV that would perform the same (or Similar) Functionality for video sequences? I'm looking for a workaround at this point. *update* still refusing to admit defeat... I reinstalled 111a10 and followed the install directions on another forum post. after the reinstalling, the queue editor somehow became re-enabled so i was able to see what sequence was populating. I've been able to all but confirm that the issue exactly starts when even a single sequence has "Auto-selection" enabled and or criteria set on any level. If I leave autoselection disabled on all sequences and select the sequence from the queue editor after selecting a movie, everything works...seemingly consistently. I do not think this is a "me" issue, I am all but certain this is a program issue. so that piece is broken.
  7. After my last dive when trying to set up CV I figured out the issue to a point where i was just frustrated enough to table it for a while and circle back later, now is later and perhaps i had forgotten everything i learned last time. After some more tinkering with it tonight I believe it's not a video issue...it's with the auto-selection conditions.....again.....I just absolutely do not understand the logic involved when setting conditions...which is really sad because this seems like a pretty strait forward and basic thing to do. If i turn auto-selection on every sequence and let it roll, it works and i get the default 2D sequence....which does make sense because the program would just be selecting whatever defaults are available and running it. However, when i Enable auto selection on just one sequence and set the condition to be based on a single tag (for example, and the movie does in fact have that tag) everything breaks...no default sequence, no movie specific sequence, nothing. example being Movie: Star Wars Tag: _CVStarWars I just simply don't get it, I would like to think it's the code that's flawed and not my thinking, but i just really don't know, this is driving me insane. sorry for the rant...it's just that this seems so freaking simple and should not be this difficult to understand, but it is.
  8. I don't understand why this is happening, but I have downloaded a 4k Christmas video from this site, when i try to launch a movie it throws an error and says check the logs.....the weird part, is that other (non-4k) video files work. Why would this happen? Here is what i see in the Kodi.log file after running the video 2020-12-09 08:26:28.369 T:27980 WARNING: XFILE::CWin32SMBDirectory::ConnectAndAuthenticate: Can't connect to "\\Aries\tvtunes.nfo" without username and without password. Error code: 53 2020-12-09 08:26:29.731 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -]: Version: 1.1.1a12 2020-12-09 08:26:30.165 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -] (API): Rating Systems: 2020-12-09 08:26:30.165 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -] (API): MPAA: [G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17, NR] 2020-12-09 08:26:30.165 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -] (API): FSK: [18, 16, 12, 6, 0] 2020-12-09 08:26:30.165 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -] (API): DEJUS: [18 Anos, 16 Anos, 14 Anos, 12 Anos, 10 Anos, Livre] 2020-12-09 08:26:30.165 T:33008 NOTICE: [- CinemaVision -] (API): BBFC: [R18, 18, 15, 12, 12A, PG, U, Uc] 2020-12-09 08:26:30.286 T:33008 ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<-- - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS! Error Type: <class 'lib.cinemavision.exceptions.EmptySequenceFileException'> Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\addon.py", line 18, in <module> player.begin(args=args) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\player.py", line 102, in begin e.start(seqPath) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\experience.py", line 986, in start return self._start(sequence_path) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\experience.py", line 998, in _start self.processor = cinemavision.sequenceprocessor.SequenceProcessor(sequence_path, content_path=cvutil.getContentPath()) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\cinemavision\sequenceprocessor.py", line 1251, in __init__ self.loadSequence(sequence_path) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\cinemavision\sequenceprocessor.py", line 1345, in loadSequence self.sequence = sequence.loadSequence(sequence_path) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\cinemavision\sequence.py", line 1385, in loadSequence return SequenceData.load(path) File "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\script.cinemavision\lib\cinemavision\sequence.py", line 227, in load raise exceptions.EmptySequenceFileException() EmptySequenceFileException -->End of Python script error report<-- 4k video files selected Showing all criteria set to ANY Plays just fine inside the CV add-on selecting cv from a movie menu Throws an error upon playing I see this information at line 227 in "Sequence.py" but i have no idea what it means, i don't speak py @classmethod def load(cls, path): with util.vfs.File(path, 'r') as f: dstring = f.read().decode('utf-8') if not dstring: raise exceptions.EmptySequenceFileException() obj = cls(dstring, path_name=re.split(r'[/\\]', path)[-1][:-6]) obj._loadPath = path return obj
  9. yep, I was pretty much experiencing the same behavior where it would just skip the trailer altogether. I think maybe i could leave kodi trailors enabled for movie trailors that I already have...which seems pointless imo...but if the end result ends up flooding possible content with only animation based movies when expected, then i guess that could be considered a win. Either way, happy for this to be considered sorted now since i'm getting successes where i expect them and failures where i expect them......still not sure what the hell was going on before, but whatever, it's working now I really wish there was a way to segregate gene content on a persistent basis that says "even though this move has genre classifications x, y, and z it is being played from the action library at this time; therefore, play the action trailer/sequence". probably easier said than implemented...but that's my idea.
  10. After completely rebuilding my kodi setup and really the only major change was changing from the MQ7 multi-mod skin to the MQ8 multi-mod skin (which has presented a NEW set of problems; That I'm leaning on the skin modders on the kodi form pretty hard to fix their broken ass mod releases) , i believe this is working as it should now. I still get some wonkey results when selecting an animation movie, but i highly believe that it is due to the fact that i have "Match Feature" and Match Genre" enabled, and i have multiple genre tags ...so for example when i select The Lion King, i would expect to see an animated trailer or a cartoon trailer of some sort, but instead i get an action movie trailer regarding bank heists and what not. If anyone know of a way (aside from deleting extra genre info from the .nfo's ) to narrow the skope of trailer selection, I am all ears. But as far as an actual issue being present, I believe this has been resolved.
  11. quick note, I have been using the Aeon MQ7 Multi Modded build. due to it's all around instability, I'm currently in process of rebuilding kodi almost 99% from scratch, with the exception of the base-install. I'm upgrading to MQ8 multi-mod skin, after i get things re-set up (i'm about half way now) I'll reinstall CV and see if it sorts itself out from there.
  12. Disabled feature intro Movie tested, "Aladdin" Test1 - Preshow plays, trailer plays, fails back to library Same movie test, no changes to CV Test2 - Preshow plays, trailer plays, fails back to library No config change, movie tested "Beauty and the beast" Test3 - Preshow plays, trailer plays, Courtesy plays , mpaa bumper plays, movie plays Disabled courtasy, Movie Tested" Aladdin Test4 - Preshow plays, trailor plays, mpaa bumper plays, movie plays No changes to config, Movie tested Aladdin again Test 5 - CV fails immediately with an error "check logs" Test6 - Preshow plays, mpaa bumper plays, movie plays No config changes, movie tested Aladdin Test 7 - Fails with an error, Check CV log I've uploaded my kodi log, lemme know if you need a debug log or a log from somewhere else. Maybe something else remarkable, not sure, could be the way i have it configured, but the TMDB trailer scraper always seems to play the same Junglebeat trailer for 2020....I have it set to newest, but i thought there would be more variety in the trailers than just 1 new movie...so maybe that part is functioning correctly and I just need to adjust the config...but I also through it might be a breadcrumb on a possible issue. kodi.log
  13. Sequence Trailers intro-->Trailersx1-->Courtasy-->Feature Intro-->Features--> Feature Outro Test 1 - preshow plays, trailor plays, failed at courtasy bumper (Molton Stone - Courtesy (UHD)(DD5.1).mp4) Symptom Audio no longer works, slow video play back; restarting kodi Relocated all Molton Stone - * (UHD)(DD5.1) files to an excluded directory Test 2 - Preshow Plays, trailer plays, courtasy plays, fails back to library symptom - no audio or video issues present this time,continuing Test 3 - Preshow plays, trailor plays,courtasy plays, fails back to library Disabled courtasy Test 4 - Preshow plays, Trailer plays, fails back to library Disabled trailers Test 5 - Preshow plays, fails back to library Disabled Feature intro Test 6 - Preshow plays, plays MPAA bumper, Plays feature - Successful Enabled trailers Test 7 - Preshow plays, Trailer plays, Plays MPAA Bumber, plays move - Successful Enabled Courtasy Test 8 - Preshow plays, trailer plays, courtesy plays, mpaa bumper plays, feature plays - successful Enabled Feature Intro Test 9 - preshow plays, trailor plays, courtasy plays, fails back to library see what i mean. the results are kind of all over the place.
  14. At this point I'm not even sure where the fault is. I removed the audio bumper entry completely and i still get wonky results with tmdb trailors. another behavior it's doing is the sequence simply stopping altogether after a tmdb trailor is finished playing. Once the trailor is over it kicks me back to the kodi media library. For audio bumpers, I thought they had to be structured in the way listed below...which is how i have the folder structure for audio bumpers set up....is this incorrect? -Audio Format Bumpers -Auro-3D -Dolby Atmos -Dolby Digital -Dolby Digital Plus -Dolby TrueHD -DTS -DTS-HD Master Audio -DTS-X -Other -THX
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