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  1. Wow...how time flies. Just came here to let you know we are using these next weekend for our first Movie night in our new outdoor theater and I read this comment from nearly two years ago...of course I have an excuse for not finishing. I was in a nasty car wreck that I had to recover from first. Anyway we finished the theater this past weekend and had a family movie night and we are hosting a party for my son and his friends to watch Elf next weekend and these will be on exhibit.
  2. I used trivia slides from other "similar" movies and other stuff. The only slides from the movie were non descript ones such as the title of the movie coming from Casablanca. The other slides were things such as LA Confidential and actor scrambles using actors from the movie. I couldn't think of any short videos to play but I too use the Disney and Looney Tunes DVD's for shorts for my son's movie nights. Also the 1940's Superman shorts work well too. We also have a Woody Woodpecker and Yogi Bear DVD of shorts animations as well. Pixar Shorts of course lead into Pixar Movies and likewise with Dreamworks shorts and movies. My son enjoys the Dreamworks Music videos as preshow shorts as well. For kids I'm set I just need to get things set up for grown ups. I wish I could select different folders for Trivia slides in each sequence. As it is I need to physically exchange the slides in the folder and then load Cinema Vision to rescan. I wish I could set up at least two different folders as Trivia - one for kids and one for grown-ups.
  3. All right I need some ideas. I am having some friends over tomorrow night to watch Usual Suspects mainly because they have never seen it. I'm going all out and putting my setup on display and I was planning on putting some slides together but since they've never seen the movie I don't want to risk ruining anything. So my thought was to take random slides from the Classic packs, such as the 1995 slide from the Blockbuster set. I'm thinking just grabbing random mystery movie types from those sets and throwing them in together for the event. Maybe some random movies staring the same actors...that sort of thing. I'm curious if anyone has any other ideas. Possibly for shorts as well.
  4. MC slide 16 has a misspelling on answer #4. I believe it should be Turtle. These look great though.
  5. For sure. This year we are finishing off the back yard for our outdoor theater. The more glow stick slides the better.
  6. Love what you did with the colored ornaments for group play. It's similar to what I did a year ago with the Christmas light set. Thanks for picking up my slack.
  7. I was strictly a Nox guy for the longest time but earlier in the year I bought a pi3 to play with and fell in love with Titan. I used a tiled front page and large icons in the menus which allows for excellent use with my HDMI-CEC enabled TV remote. My family loves it as well. It's nice being able to turn on the pi and before I get to the couch it's booted, TV turns itself on, and switched to the Kodi source ready to go.
  8. Well our All-Star Season lasted about a month longer than I expected. We went all the way to our districts Championship before our team ran out of gas.
  9. Great news. As for your developer...I'm sure what ever it is it will be a nice addition.
  10. Just checking in to let everyone know I'm still alive. I'll be working on more slides soon as my son is making requests. Playoffs begin today so our season is wrapping up and after All-Star season is over I'll have more time.
  11. Since I've mentioned that there was one thing I'd like to see other than trivia slide multiple folder selections I figured I should post about it. For our family movie nights we have a routine...During trivia slides my son sets up the TV trays, then he settles in and watches a couple shorts (Classic 7 min Disney, Yogi Bear, Tom and Jerry...etc) while my wife and I finish up dinner. The way I have my system set up is that I have two seperate directories for animated shows and these shorts. They are all scanned into my library. such as... Animated Shows\Ultimate Spider-man Animated Shows\Justice League Animated Shorts\Disney Classic Animated Shorts\Superman (1940) I tried setting directory to Animated Shorts and 2 random but I get nothing unless I set the directory to Disney Classic and 2 random. But then I get two Disney shorts only. I'd like if you could do a directory node that would scan recursive from the target directory as my default family setup.
  12. I thought I saw a post about the next round of development starting and this is one of two things I'd REALLY like to see happen. Either the full tagged version or just the ability to select a different slide folder.
  13. Thanks guys. Been busy coaching baseball so my time has been limited. I've not disappeared though.
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