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  1. quebert

    Different Trivia and Music for sequences

    So I just figured out a super rigged work around here, it's a lot lot of extra work, but for someone like me who has a ton of free time I guess it's okay. So the time involved is definitely a downside. As is the fact it's no longer random. I usually let my trivia run for 1-2 minutes. For this I went with 1 minute. In video editing software I made a 1 minute video where I took and dropped the trivia slides into the time line. Then I added the music. Since I want themed trivia everything was Star Wars. Then I remade the video but put the slides in a different order on the time line. Then I made another 1 minute video and dropped other trivia slides in it. So now in CV instead of having a Trivia element in my sequence, I have a video bumper set to play a folder randomly. The down sides: as I mentioned already. This is extra work, depending on how much trivia you have, and how many different movies you want to make specific trivia for. It could be a super ton of work. And as I also mentioned, it's not totally random anymore. And will be limited to whatever you put in an AVI file. To counter this, I'll be making maybe 3 AVI's for each 1 minute video with the trivia in different orders so it seems more random. So for a movie like Star Wars where I have over 100 slides, I'll probably have to make like 90 videos. But like I said, I got time and don't mind wasting it lol. Another nother diwb side, I don't understand the conditional XML based stuff. So I still have to make a separate sequence file for each movie I want trivia for, and manually launch the sequence when I start CV before the movie. If anyone could point me to a tutorial how to automate this, I think it's possible any ways? I'd like to at least know if it is so I don't waste my time trying to do it unless it's a thing that can be done. Basically what I'm asking, if I play Indiana Jones is there a way to make CV automatically play a Indy sequence file I made? On the plus side: No need to copy trivia slides in and out of a directory every time before you start a new movie. I think for most normal people, this plus is way offset by the fact you have to invest so much time making AVI files lol. It was worth all the work to me, but for most this is probably way too much effort for the pay off. But, I thought I'd offer up my solution as there might be people out there who don't mind wasting endless time on a project.
  2. quebert

    Different Trivia and Music for sequences

    Yes, manually copying just the trivia you want into the trivia folder before you play a movie is the only way you can do this. If they make accessing the trivia slides like the music, where you can specify a file or folder in a sequence. You could just make different ones for different movies and not have to do anything really. Now OTA brings up something that you could look into. I don't know exactly, but it might be do-able with some tinkering. Trivia's a bit different than a video clip or slideshows though, as trivia has multiple slides per image. And I think you'd still be stuck because there's only the 1 trivia folder, most of the other elements you can specify as generic and point to a folder. The developer's back after he was gone for a good minute. Maybe he still has plans to do change the trivia to work like you're asking. That's just about the only thing CV doesn't have that I would love. If anyone knows of any sort of work around here, I definitely could be wrong and there might be a way to pull this off with some trickery.
  3. quebert

    Different Trivia and Music for sequences

    There's no way to automate this, the developer, or someone on the developers team said a few years ago this was a feature they wanted to add. I really tried to think of a work around here, but the best I could do have just the trivia slides for Star Wars in the trivia folder and point the music to a folder with just the stars wars music. You'd have to manually move trivia slides and music around every movie though. So it's not idea, but it's the only solution I could come up with. *IF* there's a way to do this using actions I'm all ears. I admittedly don't know a whole lot about what the actions do. But I believe it's to control stuff like lighting and external things.
  4. quebert


    Can't wait to see what you do, just an idea here. Make a PSD template so people could make trivia without knowing how to do graphic design. I'm kind of OCD so it would be slick if all my trivia looked the same. I've played with making a template many times, but I've just never fully liked what I came up with.
  5. quebert

    Trivia Folders

    *BUMP* also looking for an update here. dyhometheatherguy what exactly do you mean by remove and change trivia for every sequence? I was pondering making different sequences for each (like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Disney etc) but I realized since there's no directory selection for trivia. It wouldn't help at all here. Outside of manually moving all the trivia except what I want before I star a movie's all I can come up with. Is that what you're doing?
  6. quebert

    Are you guys fixing this for 18.1

    Not directly from Ragnarok (the arthor) but a mod here has said there's no ETA. I downgraded to 18 to get it working. Not sure what the Kodi team fixed in 18.1, but I never had a problem with 18, and I'd much rather have CV working than wait for a possible new version of CV. While the mod didn't say it's dead, his wording made me feel like it could be a long way off, if it ever comes. For it to work in 18 you need to install the CV developers build, which you can download from here. Everything seems to work for me, with the one from the Kodi repo I couldn't get it to do anything. I just re-installed 18 over my 18.1, not sure if this a suggested way. But, I backed up my database first in case it broke something. So far it's working normally. If worst case scenario, this add-on never gets updated. I'll keep an 18 install. I don't think I could function without CV lol. I hope everything's well with Ragnarok, and if he's just burned out from working on this maybe he'll pass it along to someone else. He's done a absolutely fabulous job since he took over when it was still Cinema Experience. I REALLY REALLY hope we see future updates. We don't even really need new features, just to keep it running on new Kodi versions as they come out would be so nice.
  7. quebert

    can't get it to run, help?

    This really sucks, but I can't complain because a free add-on isn't working. Seems to have the same exact problem for me in 18. I still have a 17.6 which I'll use just for my movies. Thanks for the reply, you saved me from probably wasting the rest of the week attempting to get it working lol.
  8. quebert

    can't get it to run, help?

    I tried a bunch of things and noticed something, when I run it and tried to create a new sequence I could hear the skins sound when I arrow around, but I didn't see anything on the screen. To test, I tried it in another skin and the same thing. if I press return it does bring up whatever I was hovering over. But, since I can't see what I'm selecting it's just random. I tried removing and reinstalling CV. Didn't help. I did see in my log I had a few repo's that might have been an issue. So, I removed everything I've added. Still no dice. I still have my 17.6 in another directory (I run portable mode always) and CV works fine and I'm able to create new sequences from scratch with no problem. My 18 has my database from 17, everything else seems to work in Leia, at least everything I use it for. I want to use CV, but I don't want to go back to 17.6 or have to start fresh with 18. I am about to install a clean Leia and see what CV does, gotta imagine it would work. But if it does, that means I need to figure out what's wrong with my install. *EDIT* Okay, I just noticed I'm running 18.1, I Googled 18.1 + CV and see a few other people having the problem I am.
  9. I use to use CV all the time on v16, don't remember if I ever used it on 17. I recently installed Leia and want to use CV again. I remembered how to set it up, but couldn't get it working. So, I followed the guide on here. The run options grayed out, and if I try to to a test run all I get is a big pause icon. In case the directory layout changed in a newer CV version, I let it create the content directories and I copied my files in manually. Files and directories are named the same as it was when it worked on my older XBMC setup. I can't get the script to run, so I'm not sure if a log will hell. but here's mine. Also something I noticed, when I do a "update content" it's not finding anything. It takes about 7 seconds and shoots me back to the options menu. I have about 16 gigs of trivia, and bumpers videos in my CinemaVision. Here's my log https://pastebin.com/M8qbasgdMy Pastebin log If it helps any, my trivia's named xxxx-x_a.jpg, xxx-x_q.jpg, right now every trivia slide's in the root trivia directory. Once I get CV working I'll organize it better. I'm pretty sure this worked great in the old XBMC. here's my directory layout \cinemavision actions audio format bumper music rating bumpers sequences trailers trivia video bumpers

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