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  1. How broad do the guides have to be? I figured out how to set the level on my dimmer switches using SmartThings but can't do much beyond that. So my guide would only be for a particular use case. I'm not a developer so I relied on the help of others within the Smart Things and its not really my own work, but I could certainly combine all the the things I learned into one guide.
  2. Hot Damn it worked perfectly! Thank you so much! One thing I had to do was go into my File Manager in Kodi and add the path to my CInemaVision content directory as a source. After that I was able to browse to and select the action file. Is this the intended behavior, or should I just be able to select the action file similarly to how I select a video file when adding a video bumper?
  3. I have a SmartThings Hub at home and would like to send it commands to dim my lights during specific parts of my CinemaVision sequence. I followed a tutorial here to create URLs necessary to dim to the appropriate levels. Now what do I do? Do I need to create some sort of batch/script with the URLs inside or can I access the URLs from directly within CinemaVision?
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