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  1. Hey guys! Been gone for a few months. Car accident, and massive back pain. Enough of my drama...lets talk movies! I cant seem to download anything. I was hoping to get a copy of the BTTF files.
  2. I didn't even think about having it play trailers from both our collection and from upcoming movies in theaters. That is an awesome idea McSwindler. I'm gonna go add that to our sequence. Asking this question to anyone. We are using Hyperion LED Lighting, is there a bumper out there that says something like "This theater/screen features Hyperion Lighting"? And maybe does some swirling colors or something along the edges to trigger the lights?
  3. I second this. We want to know if you can add a TIMED EVENT to the trivia. Movie Plays, and ends...Trivia starts, and goes until the next quarter (xx:15, xx:30, xx:45, xx:00)...Then the next thing in the sequence starts. Of course, if the movie ends with say 5 or less minutes to the next quarter (xx:30), it would skip to the quarter after that (xx:45), allowing time for everyone to get up and do whatever they want between movies, and still get back to enjoy some of the slides.
  4. Timmiejane


    I'm just curious of what others have done with their cvseq files. You know the sequence order of how things go from the moment you tell CinemaVision to start, until it ends. What do you have it do? What things do you show? Does it control lights? More? Personally I set up our cvseq to do the following: Action: Hue-TriviaLights (Turns 2 lights bright orange, and 2 lights bright yellow, and 4 Lux lights to 80%) Video: Trivia Intro Trivia (We play the trivia for 3 minutes) Action: Hue-CourtesyLights (Turns off the Hue lights, and the Lux lights down to 60%) Video: Courtesy Action: Hue-TrailerLights (Turns the front 2 Hue lights on to a soft white to match the Lux lights as they drop down to 25%) Video: Trailers Intro Trailer (We play 2 trailers selected from upcoming movies on Apple's list.) Video: Countdown (This is where the loop comes back to if there are still movies in the queue.) Action: Hue_FeatureLights (This turns the 2 front Hue lights to a very low and dull blue, and shuts off all other lights.) Video: Feature Intro AudioFormat (Most of out movies are in AAC for multiple platform support. We have recently been adding in various Dolby tracks for our new 5.1 system.) Feature Command: Skip, Empty, 4 (If there are no more movies, this skips ahead to the last Action in the sequence,) Action: Hue-CourtesyLights (Same Action as the one listed higher up on the list.) Video: Intermission (We have a random 10 minute intermission play, so we can take the dog out, make extra popcorn, potty, etc.) Command: Back, Full, 8 (This jumps back to the Video: Countdown, and everyone in the house yells, "The next movie is starting!") Action: Hue-SequenceAbort (Turns the lights back to our normal light settings.)
  5. Version 160126


    27 Questions with answers, done in a guess the picture format.
  6. I'm probably jumping the gun on this, and its not exactly what you where asking for...but for those of use who don't own the cards, and haven't downloaded them, we would need all the cards on screen. Here is my first visual attempt at making the game into a slide. Tell me what you think.
  7. This is more of a how to than an answer to the question. How I Got My Hue System To Work With CinemaVision or... For us who ain't tech savy... 1) Make sure your bridge is connected to your network and functioning properly. 2) In your browser go to www.meethue.com/api/upup this will tell you the internalipaddress of your bridge. It will be in a format similar to or 3) Next go to http://<internalipaddress>/debug/clip.html 4) In the URL type /api 5) In the Message Body type {"devicetype":"CinemaVision"} 6) Press the button on your bridge. 7) Click on Post. 8) You will get a long jumbled string of characters after the word username. Copy that string, its your username. 9) Use the username and your internalipaddress in the cvaction files. To change a group of lights, use http://<internalipaddress>/api/<username>/groups/1/action PUT:{"on":true,"bri":32,"sat":254,"hue":47000,"transitiontime":30} Change the /1/ to the group of lights you want to control. Changing it to /0/ will control all your lights. 10) If you want to control a single light, use http://<internalipaddress>/api/<username>/lights/1/state PUT:{"on":true,"bri":32,"sat":254,"hue":47000,"transitiontime":30} Change the /1/ to what ever number bulb you want to control. Hue Basic Colors: 0 = Red 12750 = Yellow 25500 = Green 46920 = Blue 56100 = Purple 65280 = Red
  8. I realize my problem with this first set. I did it all in PNG, i will make sure to redo this set, and do future releases in JPG. Size will be much smaller. Glad you like it.
  9. Timmiejane

    Where the Heart Is

    Version 160117


    My first set of screens made ever. This includes 6 QnA, 6 Multiple Choice, 8 Facts, and 1 Informational.
  10. Not sure where to upload and share content. This is the first pack I've made, includes 6 QnA, 6 Multiple Choice, and 8 Facts, for the movie Where the Heart Is. They are all at 1920x1080. If I'm putting this in the wrong place, please let me know. Where the Heart Is.7z
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