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  1. We're actually pretty modular when it comes to ratings. We associate a foreign rating system with MPAA using an XML file that tells CinemaVision how to behave. This is the XML for the British BBFC ratings: <system name="BBFC"> <region>GB</region> <rating value="185">R18</rating> <rating value="180">18</rating> <rating value="150">15</rating> <rating value="125">12</rating> <rating value="120">12A</rating> <rating value="80">PG</rating> <rating value="0">U</rating> <rating value="0">Uc</rating> </system> It should be pretty easy for us to add in the Australian rating system. The biggest downfall we have is coming up with ratings videos. Do you happen to have examples of what you all see in theaters? If you do, I'll put together some ratings cards and we'll get the format added. If you have 1080p full resolution videos of the bumpers, that's even better.
  2. It's still on the list, and pretty high up the list, but we have to build that framework into the CinemaVision Service add-on so the Kodi team allows us into the repository. The CinemaVision Service add-on is currently available as a development release, but that feature hasn't yet made it in. Right now, it does scheduling. The next two features to add are making CinemaVision the default play option in Kodi and dynamic intermissions.
  3. Currently, For Atmos, DTS:X and Auro-3D they do. Everything else automatically passes through if you have your AVR and Kodi configured for the audio format. Once Kodi supports the newest audio formats, we'll drop the filename tagging and just use detection like we do with the other audio formats.
  4. Sorry for the late reply! We have planned support for adding a language setting to the new TMDb Scraper, but I wanted to get some folks testing it out and get feedback right out of the gate. Very glad you like the scraper, and glad you figured out where the setting was! Keep me posted on your experience with the new scraper.
  5. He's actually right on the money. While there's not a pre-defined directory for them, I tend to create a Coming Soon and Now Playing directory under the default Trailers video bumpers directory and set the Source in the Trailers Module to one of those directories depending on what I'd like CinemaVision to play. In my Sequence, I tend to have both a Coming Soon Trailers Module that plays trailers for newer movies from a streaming source, and a Now Playing Trailers Module that plays trailers for things in my library. As for Preshow Entertainment videos, I usually just put those in the default Trivia Intros directory.
  6. Sorry for not being around to answer this for you. You did exactly what you should do. We're going to be expanding the functionality of locally stored trailers in the future. Right now, you lose out on some of the features that select your trailer based on rating or genre. We'll also be adding download options in the future.
  7. Hey there! This is a feature we'll be adding to the CinemaVision Service add-on soon. Originally, we'd planned to add it in to the main add-on, but the Kodi team asked us to split that function out into a Service add-on. It was a requirement to get CinemaVision added to the official Kodi repository. There's not a clean way to do it manually, unfortunately. I expect the CinemaVision Service add-on to be release with CinemaVision 1.1.1 in the coming weeks.
  8. Hey there! You'll find the CinemaVision Service addon available only on this site, for now. We haven't yet packed in some of the features we want to see at launch, so we haven't pushed it to the official Kodi repository just yet. I might've updated that guide prematurely, and have been a bit side-tracked with the family medical stuff I've been prioritizing over CinemaVision. I'm hoping we can finish up one more major feature request for the CinemaVision Service add-on and push it to the official Kodi repository when we push CinemaVision 1.1.1.
  9. Hey Dave! Sorry, I've been dealing with family medical stuff and my focus shifted there. Work has continued, I just went radio silent for a while. All of those features you mentioned are currently in the works, and each is pretty high on our list. The first two are low-hanging fruit that you'll likely see soon, maybe even in the final 1.1.1 release. The third one is a much more complicated feature that would require some database integration to identify what trailer is playing, then call back to a database to get all of the relevant metadata and processing that. We do have an overhaul of a much more customizable trailer system planned, but that feature is going to take considerable development effort so it's going to be a while.
  10. Give the latest development release a try and let me know how it looks. If it's doing the same (or similar) stuff, shoot me a debug log again and I'll take it back to our developer.
  11. Hey Dave! Try the latest development release for me and let me know how it goes.
  12. Give the latest development release a try. It's still not going to be 100% functional, and you'll likely find bugs, but it will be better on Leia.
  13. Unfortunately, there's not a solution for that yet. We're toying with replacing the dummy video bumpers (that we insert between videos) in a future release to help with the refresh rate change but we've found that our choices are limited due to Kodi not supporting other formats. We still have some tricks up our sleeve, and hopefully one of those works reliably so we can put it in a future release and solve this issue for good.
  14. I promise, nothing has stopped, I just went radio silent to deal with some family medical issues. We're coming out of the woods, I think. Development continues, and once I catch up I'll get back to creating content. The gang is still all here, and we're not going anywhere. If you choose to hold off on renewals, it won't cost you any more money than if you renewed right away. We were never out to make a buck, just to pay for development. It doesn't make sense to penalize people for putting us on hold when their priorities change.
  15. Hey there! Let me preface this by saying that I might need you to post a debug log for me to tell what's going on here. The KodiDB trailer scraper pulls the YouTube trailers for the content that you have added to your library, so that's not going to be what you're looking for since you mentioned you'd rather show trailers for movies that you don't have in your library. Given that, you'll probably want to disable that scraper in your Trailers Module. The iTunes trailer scraper keeps getting broken by Apple. They do weird things to prevent applications like ours from successfully pulling trailers (especially in HD) from their website. As an answer to that, we've been able to add a new trailer scraper that you'll currently find in the development build. CinemaVision 1.1.1 will come with the TMDb trailer scraper, which in our testing has been more reliable and has better quality than the iTunes trailer scraper. Unfortunately, there's not yet a Plex integration (though that's something we're very interested in) for CinemaVision. Feel free to ask for that over on the Plex forums. I know they have bigger fish to fry than us, but having users request a feature usually gets that moved up on the list. We've talked to them in the past, and they simply didn't have development cycles to take on integration, but that was a year ago.
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