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  1. Hi Guys, Of course I also share the loss I feel not having CinemaVision available anymore. It is the best add-on for a Home Cinema experience like that of KODI. Its strange to me that KODI developers have not picked up on this work. Don't they use this at their houses? I would be happy to invest some money together with other interested to support a developer to keep this project alive. We have the source codes, so only need a motivated programmer. Well until we know more about the future of CinemaVision, I would suggest to start transferring files like Trivia's, video bumpers, created by users and uploaded to this web site, to a backup location before the site goes offline. If not mistaken the domain name will expire in beginning of 2020, however not sure how long we have for the hosting. I like to suggest for everyone that still has access or has already files downloaded to upload them to a second dedicated server so we all can access it. 1. Does anybody know a good free host for these files to backup to? As they are big, we would probably need to create a couple of accounts. 2. We could add these links tot the CinemaVision Add-on on the KODI forum. Does anybody like to take ownership of setting up this free account for us to upload the files to? I am happy to be the first to upload the video bumpers and trivia slides I have. ps. Does anybody have the James bond trivia slides (https://cinemavision.tv/files/file/625-james-bond-trivia-movies/)? For some reason I have difficulties to download them all. Maybe this someone can upload them to the new backup site.
  2. Hi guys, I am getting stuck here. Please help me solve this very easy problem. :-) I have had detailed contact with the code developer of the hardware tool Cinemavision is talking to. We identified that the problem is with the way the automation script within CinemaVision is executing the given code trigger in the body. Below I will show you what code is used to succesfully excecute the "Switch Projector ON" trigger through a REST Client (https://www.getpostman.com): On the attached screenshot (Postman) you can see the REST Client instruction we excecute. On the attached screenshot (Powon) you can see the body code that is executed to switch on the projector. Please pay attention to the CR in the shown code. The CR is needed to have the execution be successful. We tried everything within the "action file", however none of the changes we made was succefull in switching on the projector. This is the response/question the developer had for CinemaVision developer: Can someone please help fix this problem as its the last thing needed to integrate the home cinema. :-) Thanks guys, appreciated!
  3. Sorry, code was lost in the post. The body code should state: <CR>*pow=on#<CR> CR being the Carriage Returns
  4. Thanks DexDeadly!! I will let you know how it went. :-)
  5. Thanks guys!! Appreciated. :-) I am going to read through the guide and test is. May I assume that the sleep command will also be on a command line separated by a single line above and below? In coding, what would be generally a good amount of milli seconds to start of with while testing?
  6. Hi, Hope someone can assist. I have the attached script made to be triggered to switch on and change certain lights within the room through a home automation box called Homewizard.co.uk however it seems to give random an error. With every run some urls give the following error response, however, it changes, so sometimes the same url is successfully executed and sometimes not when running it again. (please note the url's are working correctly, as I can enter them in an IE browser and execute them without errors. I have contacted people that know about the Homewizard and they told me that the Home automation box has problems with receiving to much request in a short period of time. So They advice to give after every command a very short pause before going to the next command. 1. So is there a way to add a line of next that would allow me to pause the followup command in the list with x milliseconds? 2. If no pause code can be given in the cinema vision script, is there a way to have the list executed through PHP with a delay? and if so, could someone give me the correct line of code within the PHP script so I can build on that? My knowledge of PHP is limited. :-) The error that is sometimes given: ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): <aantal regels met KODI files geeft hij terug> ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine(",)) many thanks for any help test.cvaction
  7. Thanks for the quick response! Fingers crossed. :-) looking forward to it. Enjoy
  8. Hi, any update on the possible intermission feature running inside a movie? Looking forward to it. :-)
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