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  1. Can't wait to get home on Monday and try all this. Hopefully I won't have to badger you too much for help, amazing job thanks very much
  2. When you say a bridge is that the wifi box that runs the easy bulb set up, I wonder if the cinema vision add on will include more action options in the future
  3. Cool, typical I'm away from home till Monday and I really wanna try this out, thanks for your work on this I'm sure it's gonna benefit lots of people
  4. Any input would be great as I haven't got a clue where to start!!! I've never had to input codes etc so it would be great to learn something as well, thanks
  5. It looks like the problem may be that the api address may now be invalid so I'm gonna try the milight one if I can find it as it is basically the same system rebranded as the iOS remote app works on the bulbs Limitless is the same as well
  6. Still no luck, I'll have another crack at it tomorrow, thanks for your help
  7. Does this work straight from the app or do you need an automation add on to sync up with it to work, below is the what I'm getting when I press test
  8. whats the group id is it the name ive given the bulbs?
  9. Sounds cool I'll work on it tonight thanks As I said before I'm a complete newbie at this, where do I input this data and do I have to activate anything before entering the add on in Kodi or is it all done via the add on itself.? The bulbs themselves have been linked to my sky hub via their own wifi router by using the free iOS app from easybulb.
  10. Hi, I'm a complete novice on the programming of lights etc using the cinema vision add on and a complete A to Z setup guide would be fantastic to integrate my new easybulb plus lighting for dimming ,black out , all on to sync up with a sequence. I am running android on a m8 box, And Kodi 6, I have access to a laptop to download any files but don't even know where to begin, any help would be fantastic, thanks
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