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  1. Also just found this link generator for hub commands: http://www.smarthome.com.au/smarthome-blog/cat/insteon/post/insteon-hub-http-commands/
  2. Been doing more research... I found an article about "Insteon Direct Commands" - playing with those on Postman is now letting me turn to control Insteon scenes and also individual devices. Just did a quick test and I was able to turn on my living room lamp by running the cvaction file. Apparently I was trying to make this harder than it needed to be. Explanation of direct commands for device control: http://www.richstevenson.com/2014/01/06/insteon-direct-commands/ Explanation of direct commands for scenes: http://www.richstevenson.com/2014/01/07/insteon-direct-command-part-2/ I can try putting together a guide ... it's pretty darn easy - once you get the basic format of the links the missing info comes from those articles and the iPhone/Android apps that control the Hub.
  3. Thanks! I tried to make it sound like I know what I'm doing in my request for a key... so we'll see The examples on the API show the commands being sent to insteon website - which makes no sense so I'm assuming that's just an example. I've tried putting in the address of my hub and using Postman to send out commands and the hub doesn't respond to the request. I tried with some of the requests that should list scenes and things and it just doesn't connect. Tried the same with the ISY action examples, those didn't do anything either - but those commands look like they are specific to the ISY device. The on and off commands aren't the same as what is listed on the Insteon site, and the link structure doesn't follow the same format (/rest/nodes/etc) I also installed Wireshark thinking maybe I could see where commands were being sent when I used the Insteon app on my laptop - but I realized 2 things: 1) I have no idea what I'm looking at but nothing seemed to be going from my laptop to the hub's address 2) the app clearly relies on a connection to Insteon servers so I'm not likely to see anything anyway!
  4. If I'm understanding the information in that link - I need an API Key to be able to send commands to the hub? I sent a request to get an API Key... if I am able to get that maybe it is possible to make this work.
  5. Thats the same one I was looking at - the commands used in it are different than the commands in the ISY cvaction files, that's where I was getting confused. Reading through the Apairy is like trying to read Japanese for me to be honest - I 'm a medical guy, so coding confuses me but I'm a pretty fast learner. It seems like that link is is what is needed for the Hub 2 - they mention the Hub 2 in the commands area. I could help out - but keep in mind it will be like having a kindergartner helping LOL!
  6. Just curious if anyone has worked on setting up cvaction files to control the Insteon Hub2? I looked at the previous thread about Insteon control and found the example files for using the ISY994 controller for Insteon things - but those files don't appear to use the same commands as the new Insteon hub based on what I can see in the API. I tried following along with the guide to see if it would work anyway - but it doesn't appear to be the same. Don't let my mentioning the API fool you - I have no clue what I'm doing with programming or coding, I was just hoping to find someone that had done it so I could learn how to set it up myself. Ideally I just want to be able to set up scenes on my hub and control them with cvaction files. Seems like it should be easy enough - but reading the API documentation didn't clarify anything for me. I mean I know that commands do what, but I don't know how to create a string to use them or what to do with the string.
  7. I know its been a while... but did this ever go anywhere? I am thinking of using Insteon switches in my theater and would love to be able to control them with CV.
  8. Okay... oddly now CV suddenly won't play... worked fine then next time I hit play it stopped working. Can't play from the movie info screens or the sequence editor. What the heck!! EDIT: turned off iTunes previews and its all better now.
  9. Alrighty then... figured it out. I added back only the "stills" folder and had a string of bad images show up. I took another look at the files and realized that several folders had files with names that started with a "." - when I tried opening them in Kodi it showed the black and "subliminal" image I'm currently going through and deleting all of those files - and I'm confident that the problem will be solved.
  10. In going through my "stills" folder which contains a few additional folders... I have found a whole bunch of files that are not JPG files. Some are text some are "DS STORE" files (whatever that is). These are all files that I THOUGHT I deleted before. I'm currently deleting them all and then I will do a test run of the trivia and see what happens.
  11. Okay - these are all of the trivia packs I have installed: I am currently going through all of the folders again to look for "odd" files.
  12. LOL @OTA Good one @Ragnarok Would I need to run the trivia, have the error, then run a debug log for it to show the information? I'm at work right now, so when I get home I will come up with a list of the trivia slide packs I have installed - there are a lot of them. When I went through the folders in the past none of the thumbnails looked like that - and with it happening 4-5 times in one slideshow it didn't seem like it could be just one file. "Before" there were "thumb.db" files in some of the folders, I thought that they were causing the strange images, but I removed all of those. I'll post up a list when I get home. Thanks!
  13. I have had an intermittent issue when running the trivia slides on CV where slides will sometimes show up as a strangely sized black slide with white splotches - here is what it looks like (the star wars slide is the previous slide that showed normally, the next slide also showed normally): I have gone through all of the folders of trivia slides and removed any non image files from the folders, thinking that those may have been the issue. I THOUGHT that helped, but last night out of 5-6 minutes of doing a test run I had this happen 4-5 times. When I cleaned up the folders I also checked the file names and made sure they were all properly set up for questions/answers and things like that. I'm kind of at a loss on what is going on here. I know I could remove every folder slowly add them back to see which folder makes it happen - but it is very random and I have a lot of different slide sets loaded so that option is low on my list. Any suggestions?
  14. I have the same problem with my HK AVR... quite annoying.
  15. No projector here... just a large DLP TV at the moment. I'll give the suggestions a try tonight and see if it helps I thought it was just my HK AVR that was doing it - good to know I'm not the only one.
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