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  1. @Ragnarok So i downloaded 1.0.11 from the official kodi site and it fixed the error I was recieving but still cannot set content path. I believe this is a shield problem. shield doesnt allow kodi addons to write to internal storage and cannot seem to fix externals to not have "read only" attribute. I have been googling fixes on external drives with read only and have yet to find a fix. i have tried an external drive and 2 thumb drives and no luck to get permission from drives so kodi/cinemavision to write.
    Love this. Very elegant and classy.
  2. I have yet to receive update. I am only being shown 1.0.10 when I select "update" sorry for late response. too much work not enough personal time. lol.
  3. YaY. well once i get y addon fixed ill give it a try.
  4. Itd be great if you could save presets by genre. Dont know if its already a function and im just terribly new, but if its not that would be fantastic. Seeing as kodi seperates movies by genre, maybe integrate CV to do the same when watching movies.
  5. lol BUMP I am having the same problem. Just happened out of nowhere. happened yesterday for me too.
  6. Bump. Having the same problem on Nvidia's Shield TV. Once I set content path to the shield, Kodi informs me I do not have permission to use internal storage. Any work around for this?
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