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  1. Thank you, that looks much better than I was able to find on Youtube.
  2. I recently just upgraded and am enjoying downloading new files. However, many of the uploads are split, making it harder to download. For example, I want to download this trivia pack. Instead of a ZIP file, the author uploaded 29 individual slides (slide1_q and slide1_a, for example). For each of these, it seems necessary to click "download this file," accept the warning (only for file #1), and then download one file at a time from the list of files. Then you hit save and go back to pressing "download this file" again. It can be difficult to keep track of which files you have already when repeating the process 29 times. It would be great if the original author had uploaded a ZIP, but failing that, being able to click "download them all" and to get 29 files at once would be a benefit. I understand why the larger video bumper packs don't do this. After all, I don't ever download 3D bumpers that show up in the 2D collections. However, a "download all" would be great there, too, for those who want the entire pack at once and not in dozens of clicks. I hope this makes sense and that it's reasonably easy to implement.
  3. I recently installed CV 1.1.1a12 with Kodi 18.9 on my NVIDIA Shield. I keep having problems with trailers, but I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. The sequence originally had 3 trailers, and the 3rd trailer would always start with audio and a black screen, and then stop after about 5 seconds and drop back into Kodi. I tried removing one trailer and thought that was a temporary fix, but now sometimes the second or even first trailer will have the same issue. I made sure the Youtube plugin was properly configured, but I don't know what else to check. I never experienced this issue on my Linux box with Kodi 17/18 and CV, but the Shield runs into this about half the time. It kind of ruins the cinema experience when it drops back into Kodi and I have to start the movie again. Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?
  4. I like the Star Wars one, too. Have you seen it in HD? I see a lot of it on Youtube, but they're all grainy.
  5. I'm looking for something like this in HD. The specific style is a cell phone policy trailer where it's not immediately clear it's the cell phone policy. The audience is briefly tricked into thinking it's a real trailer, then the phone rings and it goes into a "silence your cell phone" bit. I'd love this exact one if an HD version exists, or anything else in the same vein. I've been searching a lot but not finding what I'm looking for. Does anyone have any good cell phone trailers that are like this?
  6. Sorry I just saw this reply. I'm away from my Kodi machine for awhile but will check when I can. As far as I recall, I didn't change trailer sources. It should be using whatever the Cinemavision plugin uses for a default trailer source.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I don't think that's the case here, because with match rating turned off I've been offered multiple G-rated movies. I'm just leaving it off for now and skipping any trailers that I don't want the kids to watch.
  8. I've come back to CV after a few years and am using 1.1.1a12 on my LinHES / Kodi 18.1 system. I have a fairly basic sequence that plays 10 minutes of trivia, 3 trailers, audio bumper, rating bumper, feature. I have no locally-stored trailers and haven't modified the default trailer settings. I'd prefer to have trailer ratings match the feature, but I'm having mixed results. If I select an R-rated movie, 3 R-rated trailers play just fine. However, selecting a G-rated movie "A Bug's Life" causes no trailers to play with both Rating Match Features and Match Genre turned on. Match Features on and Genre off results in the same trailer for Apollo 11 playing followed by a skip to the audio bumper and then feature. The youtube addon seems to be throwing an error here that might be related to my LinHES / Kodi version, but I'm not sure. I tried removing and re-installing the YT addon 6.6.0 without success. Paste of the log from starting the sequence on the G-rated movie to the end here. I tried disabling Match Features and re-enabling Match Genre. That played 3 different trailers before "A Bug's Life," one of which was a cartoon. None of those trailers happened to include the green MPAA rating card at the beginning, so I'm not sure if they were all G or not. I'd rather 3 trailers play rather than none or one, so I'm leaving match features disabled for now. Is there something else I can do to get this feature working? Is there some other YT addon I'm supposed to be using?
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