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  1. Paynemaster

    Philips hue

    Hello everyone. How is everyone doing in here? I just upgraded my Hue Light system with a light strip. Now i created a new group only for that light strip. But I am having dificulties only putting that light on. No matter what i fill in the <hue-light-group>. It always putts on all the lights. Here an overview of the two groups { "1": { "name": "Cinema", "lights": [ "5", "6", "7" ], "type": "Room", "state": { "all_on": false, "any_on": false }, "recycle": false, "class": "Recreation", "action": { "on": false, "bri": 254, "hue": 14957, "sat": 254, "effect": "none", "xy": [ 0.5196, 0.4365 ], "ct": 484, "alert": "select", "colormode": "hs" } }, "2": { "name": "Screen Light", "lights": [ "8" ], "type": "Room", "state": { "all_on": false, "any_on": false }, "recycle": false, "class": "Hallway", "action": { "on": false, "bri": 254, "hue": 14957, "sat": 254, "effect": "none", "xy": [ 0.3868, 0.5371 ], "ct": 258, "alert": "select", "colormode": "hs" } } }
  2. Paynemaster

    Philips hue

    Thanks for the reply. Sadly i don´t have any logs anymore. My audio was having issues with Kodi. so i removed Kodi. with these issues i also saw something like an external script error. This might be something to do with the lights. I will try to create a clean install with a CinemaVision scene including lights and will give an update if i get the same errors again. Regards. Tim
  3. Paynemaster

    Philips hue

    Would be nice to receive a reply by now.
  4. Paynemaster

    Philips hue

    I got it working. Only i get a weird error. I tried to create a new file, but the same error. I don't get that error with my previous set up cvaction files. This is the error: https://imgur.com/a/sTDi0
  5. Paynemaster

    Philips hue

    Hi there. i was also struggling with the tutorial on CV. Now this explanation was way better in my opinion. I got it running and i wanna thank you for the big help out there. I just got one question. Is there any way i can create a custom color for the Action files? And whats the easiest way to accomplish this?
  6. Paynemaster

    Philips Hue Set Up

    Hi there. i just brought myself i Hue starter set. I am having the same issue as u do. Sadly Huemote, seems to be only available for IOS. I am using Android. I was wondering if u got everything worked out. And maybe we can get some help with this that would be very nice. Kind Regards Tim
  7. Paynemaster

    Which light system too choose?

    Hello. As the title says. I am looking for a light system with the most options. I mostly gonna use it with CinemaVision. I mostly want the lights to be dimmed and On/Off on certain sequences. I only checked Philips Hue for now. Which looks like the way to go. Since there are guides on CinemaVision dedicated to Hue. I would like the opinion from people from CinemaVision, that all ready use something like Hue

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