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  1. Yeah I know how to change resolutions within Kodi. So what you are saying is, that I have to change both display and picture at the same resolution? What if I play 4k media?
  2. Greetings everyone. I am a big fan of Cinemavision. I use it quite often in my cinema. I just got one trivia related question though. I am looking to insert some of my own images into the trivia folder. Let's says they are ads for some brands. The only issue I got is. When one add follows up the other. And if the first add isn't full width I see the second image underneath. Is there a way to avoid this. So that Cinemavision loads one image at a time. Hopefully somebody has the answer to my issue
  3. Hello everyone. It seems this issue still exists. I cannot use your method for 100% because i got files that are also in mkv format. Does the '' Kodi-DisableRefreshRateSync.cvaction '' Action not work with the combination of madVR/dsplayer? Perhaps there is a somewhat newer solution that i don't know off?
  4. Hello everyone. How is everyone doing in here? I just upgraded my Hue Light system with a light strip. Now i created a new group only for that light strip. But I am having dificulties only putting that light on. No matter what i fill in the <hue-light-group>. It always putts on all the lights. Here an overview of the two groups { "1": { "name": "Cinema", "lights": [ "5", "6", "7" ], "type": "Room", "state": { "all_on": false, "any_on": false }, "recycle": false, "class": "Recreation", "action": { "on": false, "bri": 254, "hue": 14957, "sat": 254, "effect": "none", "xy": [ 0.5196, 0.4365 ], "ct": 484, "alert": "select", "colormode": "hs" } }, "2": { "name": "Screen Light", "lights": [ "8" ], "type": "Room", "state": { "all_on": false, "any_on": false }, "recycle": false, "class": "Hallway", "action": { "on": false, "bri": 254, "hue": 14957, "sat": 254, "effect": "none", "xy": [ 0.3868, 0.5371 ], "ct": 258, "alert": "select", "colormode": "hs" } } }
  5. Thanks for the reply. Sadly i don´t have any logs anymore. My audio was having issues with Kodi. so i removed Kodi. with these issues i also saw something like an external script error. This might be something to do with the lights. I will try to create a clean install with a CinemaVision scene including lights and will give an update if i get the same errors again. Regards. Tim
  6. Would be nice to receive a reply by now.
  7. I got it working. Only i get a weird error. I tried to create a new file, but the same error. I don't get that error with my previous set up cvaction files. This is the error: https://imgur.com/a/sTDi0
  8. Hi there. i was also struggling with the tutorial on CV. Now this explanation was way better in my opinion. I got it running and i wanna thank you for the big help out there. I just got one question. Is there any way i can create a custom color for the Action files? And whats the easiest way to accomplish this?
  9. Hi there. i just brought myself i Hue starter set. I am having the same issue as u do. Sadly Huemote, seems to be only available for IOS. I am using Android. I was wondering if u got everything worked out. And maybe we can get some help with this that would be very nice. Kind Regards Tim
  10. Hello. As the title says. I am looking for a light system with the most options. I mostly gonna use it with CinemaVision. I mostly want the lights to be dimmed and On/Off on certain sequences. I only checked Philips Hue for now. Which looks like the way to go. Since there are guides on CinemaVision dedicated to Hue. I would like the opinion from people from CinemaVision, that all ready use something like Hue
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