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  1. You can access the guides here: https://cinemavision.tv/guides/category/cinemavision-kodi-add-ons/
  2. Ok, I get what you are after now. I ran some tests and Hi is being passed to globalsearch. I guess it no longer allows for variables to be passed to it this way. That's a problem with the guide then. The add-on Video Screensaver may be an option. It gave me errors though, so I'm not sure if it is fully working or not. I'll look into it further.
  3. You are probably correct. The good thing about downloading the trailers ahead of time is that if it slows down at least that isn't affecting your movie watching experience.
  4. @kiboy6 I have tried 10 trailers a day for the past 10 days and haven't encountered any that didn't stream properly. I'm not sure if it is a network issue, a file issue, a scraper issue or a hardware issue. One thing that I did notice is that you are using a different version of CV than what I normally use. I don't think there is any difference in the trailer portions of these, but you may want to try this version and see if it behaves differently. Also, you may want to consider using this program that was posted in the chat to download trailers: https://github.com/aag/apple_trailer_downloader
  5. Here's the guide to configure CV:
  6. Download the files individually. Here are instructions on how to install them: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on_manager#How_to_install_from_a_ZIP_file
  7. The arg would just be: ActivateWindow(10025,"smb://192.***.*.**/HomeServer/Videos/Movie Trailers/",return) If you are wanting to add trailers, why don't you just put them in the CV trailers folder or add a video to your sequence and have it pick a single video or randomly from the folder?
  8. You are correct, the arguments are the string being passed. The problem is that this doesn't really do anything for you as written. The following would open Chrome in windows to the CV site: command://C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe cinemavision.tv Here are a few example action files: https://cinemavision.tv/files/category/27-actions/ What do you want your action to do?
  9. I bet they'll have some great deals on TVs for Black Friday. We need you on the 19.
  10. What version of CinemaVision are you using? Have you updated the content in CinemaVision? CV was created with the expectation that you'll primarily have static content or go back into it to configure when you add something and update the content. If you don't want to do that you'll have 2 options. The first is to use the service. I haven't tested it in a while and don't know if it works properly in 18. I know it doesn't work in 19. The other option would be to name our files trailer1.type, trailer2.type, etc. And then just overwrite the files when you add new ones so that CV's content list won't need to be updated. Let me know if this works or if you need more help.
  11. Is there a reason why you are using Kodi 18 and not 19? You should be able to disable the Skin Helper Service, but I don't think it is the cause of the issue. It looks like you are a few version behind on it. Here is the latest version: https://github.com/kodi-community-addons/script.skin.helper.service/archive/refs/heads/master.zip On my end I need to try to get things set up in a way that I can recreate the issue to try to better understand what is going on. I've had days where iTunes trailers are slow and buffer, but they have never buffered to the point where they won't load at all. I'll talk about it with the developer @DexDeadly and see what we can come up with. What are you referring to as the feature intro? Is it the ratings or do you have the video set in one of the bumpers? In the log it looks like you don't have any files for it to display. Here's the section: [VideoBumper] u'Trivia Intro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [Trivia] 10m [VideoBumper] u'Trivia Outro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [VideoBumper] u'Courtesy' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING [VideoBumper] u'Theater Intro' - Random - No matches! - NOT SHOWING Do you have the file in the correct location? Have you updated the content in CV?
  12. I tested the trailers from the log in my system and there aren't issues with the specific trailers, so there's no way to make CV avoid them. I still need to look into it further. Also, I noticed that every time you play a trailer you are getting errors for Skin Helper Service. I don't necessarily think that's the reason for your problem, but it is an issue.
  13. What version of CinemaVision are you using? Post logs of a time that it played fine and a separate log when it didn't and we'll take a look.
  14. I'm not aware of anything that will allow you to edit the Atmos files. It is a crazy process to make them and they require a license fee, which is why you don't see any editors. Most things will convert it to 7.1 or whatever. Let me know if you find the file(s) and I'll be happy to help out in any way I can.
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