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  1. Matt


    I really wish I had the time to do something.
  2. It is a separate branch.
  3. Matt

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    I can understand the confusion in that. The New Announcements is primarily an automated feed. I don't think we've posted anything about updated to CV there in a long time. We have been posting about the updates to CV for the past 2 months in this thread: Since then, @Ragnarok is just starting to post on the Kodi site to let people there know what it going on. The approach may be a bit odd, but things are moving again and that it a good thing.
  4. Wonderful. And yes, many thanks to @rdsp for all the work to get CV running again.
  5. That was my fault. I have updated the file to state that it is 1.1.1a10.
  6. Awesome. That's great to hear.
  7. CV has been updated to include the latest round of fixes.
  8. Matt

    Check Apect ratio?

    I would love to see aspect ratios integrated into CV, but I don't think it will happen. ☹️
  9. I have created a new version of the CV add-on to include the change by @rdsp. I will update the file when other issues are resolved.
  10. Version 1.1.1.a10


    This version includes the fix for Kodi 18.1+ by rdsp. This fix may help some people use CV.
  11. Matt

    Kodi Leia 18.1 with 1.1.1a8 Error

    There is nothing new that I can share right now.
  12. Matt

    can't get it to run, help?

    There are issues with CV and 18.1. You will unfortunately have to downgrade if you want to use CV.
  13. Matt

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    CV is Ragnarok's baby. There are other people that help support the site or content, but Ragnarok is the person in charge of the development. We just play a role in support. I Wish I could say that we'll have a new version out soon. There are people that support CV in various ways, even if life has gotten in the way.
  14. Matt

    KODI v18 Support?

    I don't think v18.1 support is right around the corner. If you want to use CV I recommend downgrading for the time being.
  15. Matt

    Has the site been hacked?

    Thanks for pointing that out. The site wasn't hacked. The is the text that we use when designing something. It should have been removed before going live. It should display properly now. Thanks again.

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