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  1. bitteractr

    Adding "Directory" Video bumper

    I update content every time the editor starts so it's not that. BUT, you're saying it only updates the root CV folder, yes? That's what it looks like. So I can't have the Directory pointed to anything OUTSIDE of the CV folder. I can make up a new one or whatever I want INSIDE it but can't access anything on the outside? But isn't that what the trailers do? They access the trailers that have already been downloaded to their respective movie's folders. Sorry if I'm being obtuse but it's just bugging me that I can't figure it out. It's become something of a mission now to understand what I'm doing wrong.
  2. bitteractr

    Adding "Directory" Video bumper

    Thanks, Phil. I've gotten it to play a single file but I was trying to do something more. I was trying to get it to randomly play one of about 150 different cartoons at each time a movie is watched. I pointed the Directory option to the correct folder containing all the files but it would simply skip this and move on in the sequence. It only seems to work if I out them all into the CV Short Films folder and, unfortunately, I can't have duplicates of that many files on that drive. It's not a huge deal but I just can't figure out why it wouldn't work. Just kinda bugging me that I can't figure it out. thanks! Justin
  3. Hi! Great job on this! I know others have asked this but I'm not finding any answer. If I want to play a short film before the movie that is stored somewhere other then my CV folder, how do I do that? I have tried using the "Directory" option in Video Bumpers and chosen the correct path but it just skips it when I go through my sequence. I'd like it to play one of my Looney Tunes cartoons that are stored on another connected drive (although already scraped and integrated into Kodi). Could the problem be that they aren't all in the same folders? Thanks!

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