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  1. I think I realise what the issue was. I had the trailer setting to match the rating the of feature, however much of my library (for some reason) is rated as 'NR' . So, I amended the setting to 'None' and it worked perfectly. Need to investigate why they're being scraped as 'NR' (perhaps as I want 'gb' ratings) however not an issue with the awesome CinemaVision add-on! Thanks for your assistance.
  2. I absolutely love this add-on, works perfectly with limitlessled add-on I'm also running. Unfortunately, I can't get the iTunes trailers to work. I've searched for guidance on how to implement the trailers, but haven't found anything that helps me. The video bumpers either side of the trailers work, but the trailers do not run. Are there any tips/things to try to get this to work? Is there a guide explaining the various options in the trailers configuration? Thank you
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