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  1. I'm sorry I'm new to this process. How do I send you a log to address my issues?
  2. I keep getting the audio sound bite "Now Playing" during transition phases of cinemavision. what can I do to fix this?
  3. Any movement on setting up schedules in cinemavision and integration with movie poster? Would be really great to have these features. I would also once again like to acknowledge what a great job you are doing with this program
  4. Cinemavision is an awesome program, thanks to all involved. My suggestion is exactly what the topic states. It would be nice if Movie Quiz program can be integrated in the cinemavsion sequence. So that it becomes an stapler and compliment to the other trivia.
  5. Is there a way a verbal audio can be played before, at, or after the video bumper. For example when the bumper "Playing near you" instead of it being just a bumper text, it will also verbalize it, or bumper "Thanks for watching" text will be followed by a verbal exactly the same
  6. how do i get the ratings bumper to constantly work it doesn't seem to want to function most of the time
  7. don't know if explained myself very well but i have a large library of movies and was thinking how can i view a list of those or a few of them as a guide to showcase as now showing in some form of digital text, or video of what's playing in my library
  8. is there any info regarding reply of now showing intro , just would like to know if it can be done and if so what will i need to do
  9. if possible all or any of the content in my library that i choose to display through trailers, thumbnails or some nice written text that can be animated. showing this info for the features would be nice to intro movies that will be currently playing. if this can be done it would be awesome
  10. is it possible to import or add any of my movie library content id after viewing the now showing bumper intro or is this just for trailers, or better yet how do i show content from my library as now showing info with possible thumbnails and info about movies that will be line up to watch, if this makes sense
  11. jewelz700


    if i want to be an annual supporter at $20 annual why when i click that suport type it says $20 and then $10 annual
  12. jewelz700


    how can i get guardians of the galaxy(fusion) downloaded
  13. not a question but thanks for instructions on getting double feature to work part of prob i think was some items in one or two of the seq were keeping the full feature from running, after i removed those of which i forgot what they were it started working fine and hasn't stopped. also will be sure to use the support forum to post. thank you again
  14. hi, just checking to see if possible for u to give me instructions on how or where to go to create new bumper module and how i can access new file in the directory. the directory as of now only opens up to kodi main directory root that does not include any files of cinemavision. everything else still running well after downloading cinemavision updates it only gets better . thanks for ur help in advance
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