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  1. powervixen

    New User - Cinema Vision addon won't work

    I tried to use Kodi Log Uploader and I got an error. Something is definitely funky with my Kodi box! Ugh!
  2. powervixen

    New User - Cinema Vision addon won't work

    Thank you. I'm still having issues, but it worked once. I queued the movie, selected CinemaVision, and when I pressed play, it launched a new movie trailer. Then the screen went black, and now each time I can't get anything to work. I will load content tonight, and see if I can figure out how to get the log file uploaded from my external kodi box. I can't seem to find where on the box the file is stored. Definitely going to keep trying!
  3. Hi there, I'm a new Kodi user, and I'm trying to figure out why the Cinema Vision addon won't work. I followed the set-up CinemaVision instructions provided, placing my local content on a networked external hard drive. In the addon settings, I directed the location to be in the same folder. I pressed update content, and the folders are there. I am using the default 2D sequence until I know it works. When I go to the menu and select CinemaVision, the screen launches with the movie queued, and the option to select the sequence. However, when I press play, it crashes and gives me a check log error. Since I am on a Kodi TV Android box, I don't know how to attach a log file for review. (Again, I'm very new to Kodi). Not sure where I might be going wrong. Please help! MK

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