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  1. I don't have anything solid to add on to this -right now-, but I will be looking at this myself here in the near future. My house is largely all Tradfri stuff including the room I plan to use as my makeshift home theater so this is definitely on my agenda to solve.
  2. Jumping back in to mess with CV again especially now that Librelec has solid 4k HDR+bitstreamed audio support RPi 4 now. Got CV up and running fine with some of my old config and everything seems to operate fine. One thing I noticed and I'm not even sure if it was a thing at all or maybe it is some incompatibility with the Libreelec/RPi 4 combo. But at the start and end of the trivia slides module, it doesn't fade in/out despite this being set in the config. It just cuts straight to the next module. Thoughts? Haven't had a chance yet to get a test setup going on my PC to replicate.
  3. Thought I'd add this as a tip here as I found a supporting github repo recently and was able to get some nice python scripts going. --- So I use mainly Sengled brand smart bulbs in my house including their own Zigbee based hub as they have historically been cheap and easy to acquire from a number of retailers including Amazon as well as local brick-and-mortars like Microcenter and Home Depot in my neck of the woods. However using their own hub means there's no stock 'integration' or API options outside of their own app or Alexa/Google Home. Found a GitHub repo that provides a very clean 'API' of sorts for Sengled products that goes through their web servers and doesn't require migrating to a third party hub. https://github.com/vroy/python-sengled-client Here's a quick and dirty sample python script I wrote using this. It is largely using the examples right on the github page. REALLY easy to read and understand. import sengled api = sengled.api( # The username/password that you used to create your mobile account in # the Sengled Home app. username="***", password="***", # Optional path to persist the session across multiple process # starts and reduce the number of logins. #session_path="~/sengled.pickle", # Prints details of the api request/responses when True, defaults to false. debug=True ) api.find_by_id("ABCDEF1234567890") \ .on() \ .set_brightness(100) \ .set_brightness(95) \ .set_brightness(90) \ .set_brightness(85) \ .set_brightness(80) \ .set_brightness(75) \ .set_brightness(70) \ .set_brightness(65) \ .set_brightness(60) \ .set_brightness(55) \ .set_brightness(50) \ .set_brightness(45) \ .set_brightness(40) \ .set_brightness(35) \ .set_brightness(30) \ .set_brightness(25) \ .set_brightness(20) \ .set_brightness(15) \ .set_brightness(10) \ .set_brightness(5) \ .set_brightness(4) \ .set_brightness(3) \ .set_brightness(1) Which basically just makes sure the selected bulbs/groups are brought up to 100% and slowly dims down to 1%. It also supports their smart plugs and color changing bulbs in addition to the barebones single color/temp dimmable bulbs.
  4. Apparently my internet died middle of the day while I was out. All should be good now.
  5. I'll go ahead and create a second torrent then just for CV stuff in that case. Makes it easier and if CV admins object I can just take it down on its own. Should be able to post that up here within the hour as well. --- Ok. So just going over again what I have. Here's a sheet of what all downloads were available from DemoWorld. Highlighted green files are what I was able to grab from The Wayback Machine and are included in the relevant torrent linked below. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v65tOokgNaeRS0dDAXDZBbXtjpjEzqYEdxWWWtrQYUo/edit?usp=sharing CV video collection: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:UN7UNLNYOVPAH344PZYPQVYGTQEXBNLZ&dn=CinemaVision&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fsantost12.xyz%3A6969%2Fannounce DemoWorld/DemoLandia/TheDigitalTheater collection: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DPTM5Z6X5BJYAMGMZF4KRN3EHPLG3MTH&dn=HT_Demo_Videos&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fsantost12.xyz%3A6969%2Fannounce I'll leave these up and seed as long as I can and these will remain on my NAS for the foreseeable future. If any admins/mods have any issues with this, please let me know and I'll remove/make changes as requested. The intent is merely to have reasonable backup copies and access to this stuff especially after the loss of DemoWorld.
  6. Here you go: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DPTM5Z6X5BJYAMGMZF4KRN3EHPLG3MTH&dn=HT_Demo_Videos&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fsantost12.xyz%3A6969%2Fannounce
  7. Yeah, if anyone can get a hold of him that'd be awesome and an easier method. In the meantime I should be able to post a torrent magnet link shortly of what I have (if there's any objections from mods/admins let me know). Will try and keep it seeded for a while. Out of respect of the guys here at CV I'm leaving out the content from this site even though most of it is duplicates of what was posted at DW. That said it's all easy enough to grab from here. And I'll maintain copies in the worst case this site goes MIA down the line.
  8. So ultimately this is what I've been able to grab from the Wayback Machine from Demo World: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v65tOokgNaeRS0dDAXDZBbXtjpjEzqYEdxWWWtrQYUo/edit?usp=sharing Overall it has the entire list of download links posted earlier in this thread and what is hilighted in green is what I've been able to grab direct from Demo World's archives. Now there are a couple other sources that have duplicated or may have even more than what DW had. First off is obviously CinemaVision's own collection of files. There's also DemoLandia and TheDigitalTheater. These are the main sites I've focused on and also grabbed copies of their content. The naming is making it a bit difficult to compare to DW so I am considering just leading off with the collection of files from each individual site and post them as-is. That said the initial posting is likely going to be in torrent form to make it easy to get out there. I need to see if there's a way I can post this to the Internet Archive proper and not have it buried behind Wayback Machine archives.
  9. Good news: Looks like the Wayback Machine has archived many of the logo/poster downloads. These were ones that seemed like they'd be the hardest to track down. Working on them slowly. The downloads seem to be intermittent but some work after a few retries. Once I have things a bit better organized I'll probably post a sheet here comparing what should have been on DW per the file list linked above and what I've been able to acquire.
  10. Just came across this thread and sad to see the site go and would have worked on grabbing the important stuff (bulk media, trailers, demos, posters, logos, etc..) if I had the chance. Thankfully it seems a large chunk of it is already posted here at the CV site. Maybe want to consider reaching out to a user by the username /u/ctrlaltd1337 on reddit as he's posted a few times in /r/DataHoarder about having this stuff archived but at last check is just finding a place to upload or potentially torrent it. Additionally someone's posted a text file of all the download links that were listed around the site (which would mainly consist of demos, trailers, posters, and logos): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/352106286655078401/677042304808255491/demo-world.txt I'm probably going to take it upon myself in the meantime to compare what I have and fill in from here at CV's files section and compare to the above listing and get a good idea of what is missing if anything. EDIT: Upon further inspection, it seems a lot of this content could have been duplicated on other sites. I'm going to continue to dig into it further to see what I can track down.
  11. Subject TL;DR. Coming back to play around with this addon some more and had a thought regarding my own setup. Namely for movie nights/hangouts it would be cool to run the trivia segments first in a sequence and let it run continuously with no set duration while people get settled and then using a remote of my choosing (app/web/IR/etc) hit next to move to the next segment in the sequence and continue as normal. While trying to set this up I noticed you are only able to choose between 1 and 60 minutes of duration. Any idea if it is possible to set this to 0/infinite? Maybe possible via a config file and not via the UI?
  12. Long story made short I am working on a project for a potential future (personal) event and trying to nail down some of the final functional details involving CV. Mostly everything seems pretty straightforward. Been watching progress of CV off and on and really like what I see and the progress being made. 1) Is there an easy way for specific movie titles in my library to run two of them back to back with no intermission or bumpers in between and after those are done continue on as normal, potentially rolling through additional bumpers and intermissions and into other features? Reason for this is a few features in my library have some associated short film content (completely separate from CV's 'short films', these are currently acting as their own separate features in my movie library) that I'd like to run straight after those movies with no interruptions. Muxing/merging into a single video file is not an option due to differing audio codecs. 2) I have some short films I'd like to run as intermission videos but I'd like to run them in sequence if at all possible. They are episodic and named as such so I have 'Episode 01', 'Episode 02' and so on in those files. So after the first movie run Episode 1, then after the second movie and next intermission do Episode 2, etc.. Along the lines of those two, if it helps I'd also be perfectly willing to 'pre-build' my own playlist of all the segments CV would run through and specify which content to run for features/bumpers/short films but don't see an easy way to do so. About the only thing that would need to be left to CV's own functionality is the Trivia portion obviously. On a side-but-unrelated note, I am also curious what people have come up with regarding cheap/inexpensive dimmable lighting that can be controlled through CV? Seems there's been a lot of cheap smart bulbs coming on the market lately but either proprietary software support or a proprietary wireless protocol necessitating their own hubs. One set of bulbs I have right now is the Sengled Element bulbs. Pretty cheap at $9 a pop for the basic 60W warm white dimmable versions. $40 gets you their hub and 2 of the mentioned bulbs. But sadly no third party software support other than Alexa/Google Home integration (is there any way to take advantage of this?). It does appear to be standard Zigbee but the cheapest option to integrate it into any third party software like OpenHAB appears to be a $50 Zigbee USB dongle on Amazon.
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