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  1. Hi , In addition to my previous question, I have set a bunch of actions file following the steps described in this topic, but when I try to lunch those for test in Cinema vision, I have the following error message "This action is not set or not yet applied". You will find enclosed the files for review. Thanks in advance for your help. Guillaume Hue lights off.cvaction Hue purple.cvaction Hue red.cvaction
  2. Hi there, Very interesting topic ! I was wondering if, to make it easier, it would be possible to assign, within an action file, a light profile (or scenario, I'm not sure the correct term) previously created with the hue app ? What would be the way to write the PUT section in that case? Many thanks for your help. Thanks Guillaume
  3. Hi all, I'm coming back to you regarding this topic Still have this buffering issue with Itunes since now a long time. The only workaround I found is to default the trailer quality to 480p in order to minimize the buffering but you can imagine that I can't be satisfied with this because a video with that quality on a very big screen really looks poor ... I can see in the latest december release that you have integrated TMDB as a new trailer scraper, which I think is a smart move as this one is already integrated with Kodi. When do you think this release will be delivered as stable ? Can you update us ? Thank you very much . Guillaume
  4. Eventhough I'm not a CV specialist, as a first level of help I would recommand the following to be checked: In the trailer section of the set up : _ Item "Prefer unwatched over priority" must be activated _ Item : "Source content order" : select "newest" I hope this will helps. Regs Guillaume
  5. Hi all, I've been doing some testings and my guess is that it comes from Itunes ... I tested several trailer addon Itunes based, and they all buffers whereas youtube for example never buffers... I tell this as maybe a lead to investigate... Thanks Guillaume
  6. Dear all, I'm facing exactly the same itunes trailer buffering issue, I can't figure out why. Moreveover, I have no issue streaming 1080p TV and plays trailer from youtube with the dedicated icon menu in the librairy. I can't understand why I'm having this issue. I'm looking forward this issue to be investigated and fixed. Thanks guys. Regs Guillaume
  7. Hi Ragnarok, First, thanks for the assistance, always appreciated. So I've retested accordingly today, and I'm glad to confirm Elfman's statement : Every thing is now ticking like a clock, including the issue with the hidden queue. So , well ... thanks Have a nice week end Guillaume
  8. Hi, I'm not sure to understand : At first I tried to install from zip the file you provided me with, but nothing happened, and the version didn't change. So, even if I was not very confident with that, I extracted the zip file, and replaced the script.cinemavision directory in the user data , addon data by the one I extracted. Maybe Shall I remove the initial version from the addon first before install from ZIP? I didn't think about doing that... I'm confused, and don't know really how to proceed Please guide me Thanks in advance Guillaume
  9. Hi, I implemented the update you mentionned, and something interesting happened. After the update, I tried out of the box to run the 2D default sequence from a movie, worked perfectly Then I set my content path in order to retrieve my sequence. Launched my sequence from a movie : error message Launched the 2D default sequence : black screen for almost two minutes, then only one trailer and audio bumper then the feature. My kodi log are enclosed in case. Any guess ? Thanks Guillaume PS : As I have a projector, if I can get this to work, I should be able to help you with projector issues... 01_KODI.log
  10. Hi, I'm back with this issue, and since the last Libreelec update, no way to get addon working at all. I tried to re do the steps you told me, but nothing appears to be able to make it work... Here are my logs if you can find something, I'm your man. A few ago before the update, I faced another wierd issue, is that whatever the movie I launched, cinemavision put into the queue only one movie, always the same, and not movie I selected. I tried to remove the movie from the queue and select again another movie, but still always the same movie in the queue. I launch the cinema vision sequence and at the end, the feature played was the one in the queue so not the one I was wishing. Do you know when the update will happen in order to solve this ? Thanks Guillaume 01_KODI.log
  11. Hi there, Here is something that would be nice to have, is to enable to launch a video on condition. For example, THX trailer are stored in the THX movie : if the movie is Terminator 2, then at the THX trailer moment run the THX T2 trailer, same with Shrek, otherwise, if any other movie then then play anyother trailer than those two. The same way, you may have for instance a super hero oriented cinema intro, that could be linked to that kind of movie you have in your librairy. So you could have a default intro, then others intros linked to movies. The way I would the imagine that feature is more global, and something where you could create conditions within the different possibility of video launching that would enable to kind of customize the sequence according to the feature. That's all for me Thanks Regards Guillaume
  12. Sorry to get back to you again. Here is another input. I ran a bunch of testing and if I activate the queue, then I have this intermediary queue screen, when I see my movie, the sequence's name and so on. With that it's working. I check the others versions , it's working fine whether the queue intermediary screen is set up to show up or not.
  13. Hi there, So by following your instructions, unfortunately, the exact same issue is still there. If I launch a movie from my cinema vision context menu icon, I have an error message. Here enclosed the log file. I have difficulties to understand why when I launch my sequence from the addon (Execute/context menu/play), everything goes perfectly, including the trailers, everything. Thanks in advance for your support Regards Guillaume 01_KODI.log Found something that might be interesting : I have the issue only on Libreelec distribution (Linux base, new distribution which is very similar to Openelec), which is what I used as an HTPC. So, I tried with my others devices on windows and Android, I don't have this issue. Hoping that it's helpfull. Thanks Guillaume
  14. Hi there, I have set a personal intro using cinema vision addon. I did include a feature in it. When I launch my personal sequence from the addon (to test it), it's working fine. But if I launch a movie using the cinema vision icon in the context menu, then I have a "cinemavision error" I enclose the log for investigation. Thanks in advance for your support Regards Guillaume 01_KODI.log
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